Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 11)

After reading this episode I m sure you would realise swara just said Yes to Laksh so that she could get a chance to talk to Sanskar who had always been avoiding her since the kiss. Moreover Swalak being in a relationship is just for namesake. Eventually they would break up.


Swara : Actually I thought about this (She looks at Sanskar and tHen at Laksh again.) I.. I.. (closing her eyes) I like you. Laksh. And I accept your proposal.
Laksh walks towards her and gives a hug. Swara feels uncomfortable and sees Sanskar’s face which clearly indicated he was not happy with this hug.

Laksh : I can’t believe this. I will die of thinking about us Swara. (smiling)

I love you so much so so so very much Swara.

Swara : Okay now I m getting late for my lecture. So see you !

In the lecture hall Swara waited for Sanskar but he didn’t come. “He is upset by my decision. Have I done wrong?” she thinks

Ragini : Don’t get carried away by emotions you emotional fool! Think about your bright future with Sanskar.

The lecture gets over and Laksh takes Sanskar with him.

Laksh : Listen bro. Today is an important day in my life. And without celebration this day would be like any other ordinary day. And you know Swara is special for me.

Sanskar: Yes. So tell me what I have to do?

Laksh : Okay I m planning a surprise for her. So you just keep her away from me. Take her for some homework or assignment or something. Just see to it that she and her friend Ragini don’t spoil my plan.

Sanskar : Okay.. Now you go.
He pushes him towards the exit. Laksh was about to fall but Ragini holds his hand. “Sorry and go now!” tells Sanskar.

Laksh leaves and Sanskar walks towards Swaragini. “So swara the scholar you are going to help me with todays assignment.”

Swara : Meh?

Sanskar : Yes you. Lets ride to my place. Okay?

Swara smiles and agrees right away. Swasan leave and Swara looks back and Ragini winks at her. “My plans always work!!” thinks Ragini.

Swasan were in the college parking in the basement. Sanskar takes out his bike and tells swara ro sit behind him. Swara sits behind him and keeps her hand on his shoulders. Sanskar looks back and sees her hands on his shoulder. Both stare at each other continuously without blinking their eyes.

A senior comes there and tells at them “Love birds. Carry on your romance somewhere else. This is not lovers spot.”

Swasan break their eye lock and get embarrassed at his comment. Sanskar immediately starts his bike and drives it outside. Swara hesitates to keep her hands on his shoulder. The drive was smooth until there is a medium sized boulder on the road which jerks the bike and Swara’s chest falls on Sanskar’s back. “Sorry” was her immediate response after that.

Sanskar : Its okay. Actually I m sorry. I should be careful before driving.

Swara : I m hungry.

Sanskar : Don’t worry. I m a fab cook. So just brush off the thoughts of hunger when there’s an awesome cook beside you.

They reach at Sanskar’s place. Annapurna and Durga Prasad were at home and Sujata had left for some important work.

Ap : Welcome! Who is this pretty girl. ?
(Pointing at Swara)

Sanskar : Badi ma. She is my friend.

Ap : Just friend na?

Sanskar : Ofcourse !

Swara : Namaste aunty.

Ap : Namaste beta. Please come in!

Sanskar : Okay Badi ma we have a lot of assignment to do. So..

Ap : Okay go to your room and do your work. And please no mess alright.

Swasan go to Sanskar’s room. “Wow. How can you keep your room so dirty. I don’t believe this at all. You boys all are the same… Huh…”says Swara.

Sanskar : Oh please. Miss hygiene freak!!!

Swara : Your mom was telling you not to create mess. I wonder who can create a mess in already such a dirty and filthy place.

Sanskar : If you have finished your lecture on cleanliness can we concentrate on our assignment?

Swara : Sure.

Both sit on the bed. Ap comes with the snacks and is happy to see Sanskar concentrating on studies. “I wonder when Laksh will get serious?” she thinks.

Sanskar sees Swara’s lustrous hair falling on her face. He slides them behind her ears “You look gorgeous with your hair open”

Swara smiles and says “Thank you!”

It’s 7 p.m. And Swasan had completed their assignment.
“Okay now what??” asks Swara

Sanskar : Nothing!

Swara : Lets have something outside. I m really hungry..

Sanskar : These snacks?

Swara : So you want me to eat this.
Looking at the Jain Samosa “I don’t like it… Still I had one.. Please please please!” Says Swara

Sanskar : Fine! But what??

Swara : Pani Puri?

Sanskar : Okay then!
They run together down and run all the way to the shop. On her way Swara collides with a lady and says “Sorry aunty!” And again starts running.

The lady was none other than Sujata who feels irritated. “The girls of todays generation… And that girl was so rude!!”

Swara and Sanskar go their stall and order for two Pani Puri.

Swara had the first one and gulps it down her throat in one go. Sanskar feels or too spicy. “Omg this is too spicy. How can someone eat this.!”exclaims Sanskar.

Swara : Marwari ha? And scared of ao little spice.

Sanskar : Okay then lets have a Pani Puri competition.

Swara : Alright!

The countdown begins and both start eating Pani Puri enthusiastically. They had already eaten three plates but still no one was ready to give up. At last the shop keeper gave up.

“Sorry sir and mam. You both have already finished all my Puri. Now time to pay!” says the shopkeeper.

Sanskar pays him and immediately gets a message. “Bro Delving Restaurant right now.” From Laksh.

Sanskar gets upset as he was enjoying Swara’s company.

Sanskar : Okay mam now time for your departure. I ll drive you home.

Swara: Awwh. So quickly todays day passed. Anyways Ty for the awesome day. I ll always cherish this.

Swara takes out her mobile and clicks a selfie with him. She sends the pic to Sanskar.

Swasan get on his bike. Sanskar drives home. “Sanskar my home is in the opposite direction.”

Sanskar : No wait! This is a shortcut.

Swara : Really?

The climate had become chilly so Swara wraps her hand around Sanskar’s back.

They reach the Delving Restaurant.

Swara : Why here?

Sanskar : Get from my bike.

Swara : But why?

Sanskar : Do as I say!

Swara gets from the bike and stands near the gate. Sanskar drives away. Swara stands there teary eyed. “I hate you Sanskar!”she thinks

Precap : Laksh and his big surprise.

Will Swara like it?

I know the end might be painful but don’t worry all will be okay between Swasan tomorrow. Till then keep reading and drop your wonderful feedback. And yes about Swalak .. through this Swasan will get closer …and not Swalak..

I read your comments and thought about changing the plot but I couldn’t write. I had actually fixed this story.
Laksh falling for swara and Swara rejecting him could also be a heart break. But if Swalak break up then Laksh might bring it on Swara and move on. That’s what was my opinion. Hope you all understand and m sorry to break your heart. Please keep reading as Swalak will end soon. Maybe very very soon depending on the response…

Eventually swalak relationship is important for Raglak in future too as through this Laksh would realise what true love is. He is only infatuated with swara and not in love. So no heart break but yes hard feelings would be there

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