Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 10) (The Proposal)

This is the tenth episode. (including that wrong update) Still feels great to be with you all. Today I wanted to know how many of you all read this ff. And if I should continue or not because I feel it would be pointless to write something which is not liked by many. I m not being selfish but yes whenever I write I want happiness and smiles on my face and I always wait eagerly for your response. Not so happy till date as I know there would many silent readers. Silent readers comment once don’t be so shy …

Okay talking about the epi I know it may not be liked Swasan fans but after every night comes a day. Remember that !

“Bro. Let me see. Who is the gurl who made Sanskar the Prince a king?” tells Laksh. He jerks Sanskar away and peeps at the other side.

“Oh. Shit. No way!” exclaims Laksh.

Sanskar : What?

Laksh : Bro. I don’t believe this. I had told you. She is mine. Swara is mine. You still…. Do you seriously like her.?

Sanskar hides his face.

Laksh : Bro remember Riya. We both liked her in 12th standard. But I sacrificed her for you. Now it’s your turn bro. Please I really love Swara.

Sanskar : I don’t love her anyways. So you can ask her out.

Laksh : Love you bro!
He hugs him tightly. Sanskar had tears in his eyes. He closes his eyes and hides his tears.
Sanskar walks away thinking”How to tell you Laksh. Riya was just any random girl but Swara she is special. I really love her. But I would always be there for you bro. Sorry Swara. I can never tell you what I feel for you. And I think You and Laksh are ..”
He sees Swara standing there. All his thoughts vanish as soon as he sees her pretty face and her adorable smile.

Laksh comes there and talks to her. Sanskar feels jealous. He is frustrated with his friends too. They all ask him “Sansky. What has happened to you these days. You don’t play football. You don’t come with us for gym sessions. And parties we don’t remember when the hell we last time partied?”
“Yes bro. Tell us. We might help you..”
Sanskar : Nothing much bro. Just a small and very very personal problem. Sorry I cant disclose it before you all..
“Its okay bro. Feel free to talk.. whenever you want us just give us a call. We would be right away for you.”


A few days pass and Sanskar starts avoiding Swara. Swara feels it is all due to their kiss but the reason was different. Sanskar was trying hard to hide his love. His long hidden love was making him weak. He wanted to shout out loud “I love you Swara.”

“I love you Swara. Would you be my girlfriend.”
Swara closes her eyes imagining him to be Sanskar. But the fact was that he was Laksh. She walks away in anger and Ragini quietly follows her. They both head to Swara’s place.

Ragini : Swara. I know what pain you have.. Why are hiding ir. Just blurt it out. You might feel better

Swara : No one can realise my pain. And Laksh! I don’t believe this.. How can he propose me?

Ragini : You know na he is a flirt. He will forget you soon.

Swara : What about Sanskar. He is irritating me a lot now. He is avoiding me since weeks. God knows what has happened. What is my mistake??

Ragini : Wait! He is ignoring you .. But why??

Swara : Be..because… We kis.. Kissed

Ragini : Kiss???

Swara : Yes. (hiding her face and burying it deep in her pillow)
Remember we went to Hell club. We had kissed there. Actually it was an accident but..

Ragini : Accident. I thought it was your and his passion which busted out. You always disappoint me babe.

Swara : What about Laksh?

Ragini : I think you should accept Laksh’s proposal.

Swara : What?? No!!

Ragini : Okay then. Get ready to be prey of the song Humari Adhuri Kahani.. Do you really want to spend some time with Sanky?

Swara : Yes of course!

Ragini : Then accept Laksh’s proposal. By accepting him you might get into his house. And remember they are brothers. So you would get to know the way straight to Sanskar’s heart..

Swara imagines Sanskar in front of her eyes. “I love you Swara..” says Sanskar. She replies “I love you too.”

Ragini brings her back to reality.

Ragini : So what do you think?

Swara : I don’t know. Let me think.

The next day at college Laksh was sitting in the cafeteria waiting for Swara. Swara enters. She sees Sanskar on on table with his friends and on the other table she saw Laksh. All alone. Waiting desperately for her answer.

Laksh : So Swara . What have you decided?

Swara : Actually… …

I know this was a bad update. I m also personally not happy with it. But I guess its important for the story. So keep reading to fund out What Happens Next?. And I know Swalak might not be a good idea. But as I say its only Swasan And Raglak…
Drop your feedback if you have read this. Thank you !

Next episode .. Swara will give her answer

What it should be Yes or No ?

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  1. it should be no plsss…..if swara would have loved laksh den it was ok to say yes…but she loves sanky…so pls swara should say no.

  2. Awesome pls continue
    really good ff

  3. really nice bt i dnt lyk swara accpt laksh proposal

  4. ohh sad that laksh heart get broken

  5. But its not good to play feelings of laksh….

  6. Only no…

  7. she says that she need sometime… till that v can date… but she ask sanskar n ragini to accompany with them… eventually raglak fall in love with each other… am I guessing right???

  8. Awesome

  9. plz plz plz no swalak only swasan it shud be a dream or so plz it is a straight torcher to me
    and also i am a silent reader of ur ff and i liked it firstally i read it from epi 5 bt it made me go crazy so i read all previous epi and always waited 4 d nxt so dont dissapoint us by stopping it it is amazing and i simply loved it

  10. hey plz continue ur ff i love it n plz make it swasan

  11. Hey happy with ur decison regarding swasan and raglak….I love these pairs.. 🙂

  12. Love ur ff plz plz it is a humble request don’t make swara to say yes to laksh

  13. Pls continue but no swalak..only swalak bonding if u want pls don’t make swara accept this proposal she should ask some time and to be friends and with this maybe sanky misunderstands swalak bonding into love but pls don’t make swara accept this proposal as it will be a heart break for lucky when he’ll get to know the truth behind this….it’s just a kind request yr

  14. dnt make her to tell yes….pls then it will b like playing with deir emotions….

  15. plzzz make swara accept proposal… sanskar should feel jealous… and he should confess his feelings….

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  17. I wish swara says no. Don’t do this to Sanskar swara. Please. Btw nice update. Really loving ur ff day by day.

  18. hey…it was going awesome till last epi…but it doesn’t make any sense if swara accept laksh proposal,what will she get by breaking laksh heart,what if someone do the same with her or ragini. its not at all right. sorry yar but i was really liking ur story till last epi but now if u r going to make swara accept the proposal then it won’t be good track. it was just my opinion.

  19. plz give reply as no…

  20. make it swasan yaar pls don’t accept the proposal..at last it wiil be betrayal na

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  25. Hii Anu… I am silent reader of ur ff…
    ur ff is awesome n I love it…

    Thanks… N make SWASAN only..
    SWASAN rockzzzzzz… Love u SWASAN..

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    Please just don’t do it,, plz… N also plz don’t make it love triangle…

    Only SwaSan and RagLak…
    SwaSan rockzzzzzzz.. love all all four n ur pairs…
    Thanks Anu… God nless u dear…

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