Swasan : The Star Couple (Episode 1)


Swasan the best couple……………………
But how did they become one ?
Let us see this story. As cute as a fairy tale.
Swara : She is a shy scholar and loves her books, books and books. Pretty enough is her face which she hides begin those black nerd spectacles

Sanskar : A dashing rich handsome prince charming. The boy of every girl’s dream. A very enthusiastic football player and loves sports.

Laksh : Sanskar’s brother and equally dashing. Unlike his brothers he runs behind only girls. He can fall for any girl like seriously. Stays in London but .
Ragini : Swara’s friend. She always helps Swara with everything and Swara helps her with passing the exams.
Episode 1

The class 12 board exams.

A girl is seen writing the papers damn seriously. She notices a girl picking up chits from her pocket. The teacher sees the girl distracted from the papers.

Teacher : Swara! Concentrate on your paper.

The teacher notices the girl looking beneath. The girl carelessly sees the chits and slowly the teacher walks towards her.

Teacher : Ragini.

Swara immediately stands up and shouts “All is well!” The teacher immediately walks towards her. Ragini puts back the chits in her pocket. The teacher scolds Swara for her childish behaviour. The bell rings after an hour. All submit their papers back. Swaragini walk out together.

Ragini: Today you literally saved me!

Swara : Next time I swear I wont ever do this for you. Now please I m really scared about the results.

Ragini : Don’t worry you will as usual be the topper.

Swara : No way!
Results day.
Ragini comes running.
Ragini : My friend is the topper! Yay!!

Swara sees her happiness but asks her “What about you?” She pokes her nose.

Ragini : Seventy percent. Not bad at all.

Swara : With those chits you stupid.
She hits her forehead.
Swara : R.C. College my dream!

Ragini : I m also thinking about going to the same college.

Swara : Now I ll fulfil my dream of being a fashion designer.

Ragini : And me a wildlife photographer.

Swara : Wild girl. First lets party…

Ragini removes her nerd glasses. They walk together to a nearby Restaurant and have their hands on the delicious food.

Precap : Swaragini in their new college. Will the lovers collide?

I know this was short but I promise next one would be long enough. But before that tell me how the story is like .

Credit to: Anu

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  1. Bae this is awesiiii

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  5. superb intresting story..

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    1. Yep they will collide and have a fight..

  9. Interesting waiting for the nxt epi

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  10. very interesting start….but I want to ask swaragini r sister or not….

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