SwaSan “sshhhhhhhh”koi hain.


he gys its my 2nd os i had already submitted my first os sawaragini sanlak i always love you in two parts Plz read it n comment.

a girl is standing on the road in a black gown its night and it’s a forest area she is waiting for someone her face is not revealed bcz of her hairs then suddenly a car comes to her she looks at the car n tries to stop it there is a guy i. the car he stops n looks at the girl and mesmerised she ask him that she is returning from party but her car got punctured n she don’t know how to fix it the guy came out of his car n says i’ll help u he starts his work he tells him His name us sanskar Roy he ask her name she tells kavita he fix the tyre n checks the machine n says u start the car she nodded n start the engine it gets start she says thanks to him at the time he gets a call she started the car an at full speed she hits the him he fell unconscious on the ground the car stops n door opened n then get closed someone’s footsteps voice is coming the guy looked up but found no one he at last get up but unable to stand som1 pat her shoulder from behind he turns no one is there he turn back he is shocked to see girl standing near him she stand n was going somewhere he was watching her then he observed his leg he shocked n losses control on his breath n died… …..

every1 claps says mind blowing shot u killed it sanky
Sanky get freshen up n comes out of his venity van reporters gethered near him n was asking si many question
1)sir we heard that it is ur fav film u hav ever worked for
S…yes its special bcz it is based on real story as said by everyone but i love to do a horror movie
R..sir di u believe in ghost spirit etc
S..no but my wife believes n i believes her
R..sir we heard u are taking break from shooting n going to Simla with ur wife
S..ya ur right we are going to my wife’s native place for sometime
R..where us she ?
S..she is coming oh there she is
everyone turns back n saw a angel in red n golden sarri she is looking extremely gorgeous.she came to sanky n kisses him on his cheek one reporter asks her
R..si mrs.swara sanskar Maheshwari what do u feel for mr.sanky
Sw..I love him more than anything n that is the truth…then sanky’s phone ring he picks it up n excuses him n swara from their n takes her to car
Sw..why did u suddenly took me from there
S..bcz if i don’t then they will never let us go from there n we are getting late for shimla
Sw… ya I’m so happy we are going there n rested her head on his shoulder they take the flight n reaches shimla they reaches shimla in midnight bcz no one should disturb them n went for swara’s house her father welcomes both of them shona’s eyes are filled with tears she hugs him n cries then they go to room n sleeps

Next Day
shona wakes up n goes down n make breakfast for everyone everyone had their breakfast .
Sw..dad i want to meet her
D..ha shona but u know situation
S..don’t worry dad i’ll be there
he nodded n shona smiles looking at sanky he gives him a flying kiss she blushes .after sometime they went to a room which is locked n goes inside the room is very dark a lady is sitting in chair holding a pick n crying as they enter the room she runs n hugs swara n cries suddenly jerks her n says why u came here it’s not safe plz go she will not leave u I can’t loose u plz go saying this she faints n his dad locks the door ahona cries vigouresly n sanky Consol’s her then she tell ahe will make her mom normal at any how
after 2 days shona was sitting in her room when som1 called his name shonaaaaaaa,,……..:-) she turns but not found anyone she takes out a pick n cries seeing that pick the pic is of two girls of nearly7 yrs she said looking at that pic i hav not killed u di i hav not i loved u so much how can i kill u she remembers her past
two girls are playing they are swaragini they are asking their parents to let them play in lake but they didn’t agree so both girls decided that they will go without informing them when they were going swara tella di u wait outside i will come ahe goes to drink water when she rags is going out with other girl she turns n saw that the girl is looking like her she was about to go there then the door of the kitchen gets closed she is again shocked she keeps on shouting n then she goes from there to lake side she then saw in lake a body is floating n she her di she shouts di n fainted their
she came out of her thoughts n saw was sleeping in her lap she kisses him on his forehead n sleeps

next day
Swara wakes up n does his breakfast alone as no one was there at home she again takes the pic n starts crying she opened her eyes n saw another girl in that pic she get panic n goes from their she searches for her phone but didn’t find it then she hears some voice she goes their she finds a doll there she pic it up n was seeing it very carefully n suddenly she is falls in ground as som1haa pushed her with full force

after some time sanky came to house he saw swara was not in house .he shouts his name but no answer he searches for her n finally he goes to terrace he was shocked to see swara was walking on the wall of terrace.he goes to her n pulls her down n ask her what she was doing what if anything happen to her she says with anger in her eyes what will happen i will die one day i have to die so why not today.
sanky is shocked by his answer he jerks her ahe came into senses n tells what happen sanskar what are we doing here? he again gets shocked n senses somthing wrong is going in.sanky is totally confused by swara’s behaviour she is behaving very strange n he was thinking n thought this is related to her past she thought he will find it out n only one person can tell him about her……


Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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  1. plzzz don’t desperate swasan…

  2. Yah plz hi I am a silent reader my name is alisha plz keep writing

  3. Yah plz hi I am a silent reader my name is alisha plz keep writing I r writting good

  4. Wioiw….nice I loved it…plz countiue….keep writing…aweaome part ireena now I know ur name…

  5. I thnk the story is adapt of movie alone…. swara has died n she is ragini who has taken place of Swara as she loved sanky….

  6. thanks shani for ur support

  7. when will u update next part…Ireena plz update it asap plz…

    1. thanks for ur support i had uploaded u will soon see them n sorry sujata actually i had not seen alone n its different

  8. I think your story is adapted from movie help but if it is adapted from movie alone then plsssss don’t make Swara negative

  9. Update d next part vv soon…i love horrors

  10. Superb yaar..awesome

  11. Is this from the movie help? Anyways nice one dear…..

  12. Wow horror stry … I like them very much…

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