SwaSan “sshhhhhhhh”koi hain. part 2


thanks shani for supporting n commenting u encourage me a lot love u.n sorry if some one feels it the story of alone i had not watch alone movie sorry n thanks for comment

sanky goes to swara’s father n ask him about her past
D…what past
S…swara ka past
D…she doesn’t have past
S…dad plz dont hide it she us behaving very strangely i have to do something then she will came back to normal
he tells him about her past(but they think swara pushes her in the lake u know why)
sanky after hearing it gets shock she tells that my shona cant do this
her dad says its true after that incident she is very afraid of going outside so wesent her to my sisters house for her safety
S…how mom got mad

D…after shona left she starts behaving abnormally she shouts she will kill her she is back n sometimes attempt to suicide
S…okk.dad i have some work i leave
sanky in car thinking about dad word’s he is very confused (himself):i think dad is hiding something dad will not tell bim the whole thruth he have to find another way
swarain house
she is watching the house carefully n when she found non one she goes in a room silently she open the door of the room n enters. it is swara’s mom room
she called very lovingly “MAA”
swara’s mom(ap) turns n spot swara ap is very scared she starts moving backward n swara devilishly smile n says
Sw…mom why are u scared I’m there na I will not let anything happen to u
A…leave her she has nit dine anything she is innocent
Sw..then what i have done i was also innocent na maa she is alive but we are dead then how can she leave is alone maa i will take her with me u understand
A…no plz leave her she is my inly child alive
Sw..then why u killed me i will never let her happy u know na why
she comes to ap she jerks her n swara comes to senses
Sw..maa she hugs ap .Ap too hugs her back bcz she knows that now she is her swara only
Sw..are u fine u know how mush i missed u
A…me too but promise me u will go from hear
Sw.but maa
A…plz go its not safe for u saying thus she gets her panic attack he fell swara calls the doctor. all gathered there what happen she tells him every thing(after ciming in her senses what happen she don’t remembered what happen before)
S…why u came here alone
Sw..i don’t know sanky why n when i came came here saying this she starts crying he consoles her says everything will be fine (he gets to know what is next step)
In midnight
sanky locks his room n goes to ap room she was not sleeping
A…u r shina’s husband na
S…haa maa
A…plz take her away from here she will kill him
S…who maa
A…my daughter……
she faints .
sanky comes out of room n directly goes to his room n sleeps

next morning he wakes up on saw swara sleeping he get fresh n write a note i have important meeting
he goes to kabrastan with some flowers n put it in raginis kabar(as swara’s dad was Christen.when he was leaving he saw a 7 yrs girl in white Frock when he saw her face he is shocked she is ragini he saw her in a photo which clicked at that day before her death she was the same dress she looked at him n says plz save my shona plz she was pleading i was numb for sometime n finally ask her who

she said with teary eyes “KAVITA”
saying it she disappeared he was not in his senses n he leaves from there n directly goes to dads office
D…beta u hear
S… i want to ask u something
S…who is kavitA
dad was shocked n tells him he doesn’t know her
S…plz dad plz its about ur shona olz dad tell me
Dad breaks down n tells she is my daughter .sanky is again shocked
S…what but swara never told me
D…she herself doesn’t know it

fb starts
shona mom is pregnent we were very happy n doctor told us we are going to have three children there is no place for our happiness
we decided if we will have girls then we will kept their name swaragita swara ragini kavita
when she was eight month pregnant she gets pain we rushes to hospital they took her to OT
after sometimes doc came n said she is very weak we have 2 options 1 we can save ur children but not ur wife
2 we can save ur wife n two children
without thinking i said i want my wife n two children.
my wife n 2children were safe but another one ….
we kept their name as swaragini ragini is elder.after 7 yrs we loss ragini everyone thought that swara accidentally pushes her but not kavita pushes her my third daughter.we get to know after raginis death that she is taking revenge of her death when ap comes to know that she becamce like this that’s why i never allow shona to come hear ….
sanky was shattered he thinks that shona is alone at home then suddenly his phone ring he lifts the call n suddenly phone fell from his hand dad look at him n says what happen he tells shona n goes from their dad follows him they reach home n saw swara lying on the bed n cut in her hand they goes to her
S…shina wake up olz what have u done to ur self
shina opens her eyes sanky hugs her n scolds her
Sw ..what happen sanky
she saw cut in her hand sanky how this is happen
sanky understand what happened he hugs her n says nothing will happen

at lawn in night
the dog was continuously barking looking towards shona
shona look at the dog in different manner sanky was watching it actually it is sanky plane to confirmed her doubt n he got his answer he take dog away from shona.

next day
when he went for jogging the dog is dead he shouts all came out seeing the dog all cries bcz he is there from many yrs everyone is connected to him especially shona but didn’t cry she said he is polluting our home n plz through him out of the house sanky comes to her n ask her why she is behaving like that she comes in senses she was going to say but she saw the dog n goes to him cries what happen to him n faints sanky place her bad n went he again goes to kabrastan someone patted his shoulder he turns n saw her but he is not scared
R…u want to save het na
R…i know u can only save her with ur love.
S…but how
R ..trust on ur self u will get the way trust god he will help
S…i cant understand
R…she needs peace in her life n when my shona gets happiness i will get peace remember my words she again went.sanky leaves n directly gies to a church when he was praying someone called him
S…yes father
F…so u wanted to protect ur wife
S…how do u knw
F…i know everything
S…what should i do now
F…fight fir ur love
F…i will tell u but it will be very painful for u
S…i can do any thing
F…u have to control ur feelings for her i know it will be very painful for u to see her in pain
S…ya i will
after sometime sanky reaches home shona is doing something her hairs are covering his face he goes to her but she didn’t looked at him he tells where is dad no response
S…what happen
swara leaves for room n sleeps sanky also goes n caresses her hair.

IN Midnight
sanky wakes up watches shona n goes dwn stairs open the door father come inside the house they goed to their room n ties shona’s hand n legs with bed n lock the door

shona wakes up n shocked to see herself tied to bed she shouts but no response she keeps on yelling then she again sleeps bcz of weakness
sanky is watching this from distance n crying
then father come they goes to her room father through some black soil on her n then sanky takes her in his arm n going somewhere suddenly they cane to the hospital where swara born they take to OT where ap was admitted sanky made swara sit on chair n ties her after sometime she open her eyes she keeps on yelling then after she starts she start shouting which is not her voice she shouts leave me otherwise i will kill everybody n she will not leave shona n her child
sanky was shocked to listen this ….


Credit to: IREENA(1223)

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