SwaSan Ss:A love story of a police officer 4shot (Shot 4)


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Shek- All the arrangement should be done on time i don’t want late work.
After all today is the Mehendi&sangeet of my daughter..

Swara with her frnds comes downstairs for her mehendi..
She sits and mehndi ladies applied mehendi on her hands.Everyone enjoying and celebrating the function but our swara is sad.Her eyes only searching for sanskar.Rahul is also present there and he is staring swara and he sees that swara is disturbed..But he don’t know why??

The girl who is applying mehendi on swara’s hand ask whose name will be written on ur hands..
But swara don’t listen.Just then sanskar enters from the gate and swara eyes shine with happiness and she happily says
Swa- Sanskar……
Sanskar see at swara with a fake smile and comes to her..
San- Hii swara how r u?
Swara stands up and says..
Swa- I am very angry from u.
San confusedly- But why?
Swa- u r asking why..I call u message u so many times and u didn’t reply one of my messages..
San- I am sorry..Actually i am busy in some imp work thats why?
Swa- ok i forgive u this time but if next time it will happen na then i will kill u..
San- ok meri maa..
And both burst in laugh..Rahul comes there and says
Rahul- whatsupp guyzz??
San- Nothing..ur fiance is angry on me?
Swara stops laughing..Rahul notice this but he didn’t say anything..
One lady comes there and says u all talk only or perform rituals.Rahul see swara’s mehendi is soo good.Search ur name in the mehendi..
All swara’s frnds saya yess jiju search search…
Swara give her hands and rahul search his name but he can’t find it instead of his name he finds Sanskar name..
Rahul- Here my instead of my name sanskar’s name is written..
Mehendi girl- Its not my fault whose I ask swara his groom name then she tell sanskar..
Both swasan is shocked and they stare eachother..
Lady- Dekho..Dekho on bride’s hand some other men name is written..This is bad omen..
San- Aree what r u saying.We r living in 21st century then also u believe in this omen type things..What if there my name is written.After all a human only does mistake.What if mehendi girl mistakenely written.Waise bhi whose name will be written on heart na from him only our marriage will happen.And she see at swara sadly I know on swara’s heart rahul name is written..kyun rahul.So common everybody just start the function yarr.Kyun aunty u will not dance in ur daughter sangeet.
Aunty- Of course..Oye dj just change the music..
Everyone cheers and again started enjoying.Some 2-3 performance also done and sanskar is hosting the whole function..
Then a sweet little girl comes to sanskar and says
Girl- Uncle..uncle u made all of us dance now we wanted to see ur performance..
Shek- Yess..sanskar beta tumne toh hum sabko nachaya ab tum bhi kuch kar ke dikhao..
Rahul- Yess sanskar i listen that ur voice is too good come on ek gaana toh banta hai..
San- But rahul..
Rahul- Come on sanskar for ur bf swara..
San see at swara and says ok..Sanskar takes a guitar and the lights gets off..

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhool na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha
Jaye tu kahi bhi ye soch na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha

Rahul offer swara to dance and swara goes with him on the stage.Sanskar see at them with painful eyes.

Tu jahan jaye mehfooz hooo.
Tu jahan jaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa.

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhool na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha
Jaye tu kahi bhi ye soch na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha..

Though swara is dancing with rahul but his eyesight only on sanskar.Sanskar is saying his heart conversation to swara through the lines of song..

Hamdard hai hamdum bhi hai
Tu saath hai toh zindagi.
Tu jo kabhi door rahein
Ya humse ho jaye ajnabi
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jo..
Tujhse mohabbat karte hain jooooo
Kaise karein hum usko bayaan

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhool na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha
Jaye tu kahi bhi ye soch na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha..

In swara’s eyes tears came but she somehow hides it..Sanskar see at swara and sings

Jaagi bhi hain royi bhi hain
Aankhein ye raato mein mere
Kyun har ghadi milte tujhe
Lagti rahe Bas teri kami.

Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Hum toh na samjhe tum hi kaho
Kyun tumko pakar tumse judaa.

Rahul spin swara but from his hand swara hands slip.She looses her balance and lands in the arm of sanskar.Both have a cute eyelock..

Baatein ye kabhi na tu bhool na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha
Jaye tu kahi bhi ye soch na
Koi teri khatir hai ji raha..

Tu jahan jaye mehfooz hooo.
Tu jahan jaye mehfooz ho
Dil mera maange bas ye duaa.

Baatein ye kabhi na……..

The song ends and everyone claps and both swasan breaks the eyelock..
The function gets over and its midnight.Swara is sitting in the garden and she is in deep thoughts..Rahul secretly comes and shout in her ears.
Rahul- bhoooooommmm…
Swara shouts and says Rahul…again u started..
Rahul teasingly- Ok i am sorry..Waise u look nice when u r scared..
Swara gives an u r impossible look to rahul.
Rahul- chillax.. By the way I met with sanskar today he is nice guy.. I mean how he handle the situation so nicely.What u say??
Swa happily- Yess..Rahul he is like this only.He cares for everyone’s happiness..
Rahul- hmm..tell me something more about him??
Swara dull face become bright – U wanted to know about him..
Rahul happily- sss…
Swa have shine in her eyes while telling about him – Where from i start??I mean from every angle he is too good.Too cute,handsome some times naughty..A perfect frnd he always keep me happy.U know our first meeting is so strange..And she talks about only sanskar whole night and in between she laughs whole heartedly…

Next day it is haldi ceremony of swara and everyone is applying haldi to swara..Sanskar infront of everyone smile and present like that he is very happy but inside he is totally heart broken.And to hide his tears he is busy in work..Then the haldi ceremony also gets over.

At night everyone gathers in the hall to play truth&dare game…
Arun- So guyzz as my frnd rahul and my sweet bhabhi’s marriage is tommorow.And we r gather here to enjoy this night so let’s start the game..So i will tell u the rules..This is a bottle we will spin it and on whom this bottle tip will stop will be given the task by us.
Everyone turns came and they choose truth or dare and play the game..The bottle spins again and it came on sanskar.Sanskar choose dare..
Rahul- I will give the task to sanskar..
Arun- Sure..
Rahul- So sanskar propose swara..
Everyone looks at him shockedly as well as surprisedly..
San- What r u saying rahul??
Rahul- Aree why u all r surprised its just a game and i wanted to see that Can anyone love swara more than me or anyone have dare to propose my swara in front of me thats it..And guyzz this is just a game..
San- But rahul..
Swa- Rahul I am going.. I am feeling sleepy..
Rahul- Oh come on swara..Don’t be shy see ur future husband first time demanding from u something..plzz..
Swa see at sanskar and then at Rahul..
Arun- Ok guyzzz lights off..
Swasan are standing in the centre of the hall..And a dim white light is coming on them..Both r staring eachother but can’t saying anything..
Rahul-come on yarr sanskar..
Swa- Rahul..plzz i can’t do it just stop it..And she turns back and goes but sanskar calls her and she stops..
San- Swara..I want to say something..
Swa turns towards sanskar..
San- u know swara when i saw u first time that time i think that u r the only one from whom my fate is connected..I am become mad..Every where only ur face is visible to me.I myself don’t know what happens to me.Then a big mistake is done by me.But ur heart is very big u forgave me.Then we become frnds.And in the way of frndship when i started loving u, i myself don’t know.U became my life my world.When i thought to propose u.When i thought to share my feelings with u.U gone very far from me..He becomes teary eyes and walks towards swara.Swara becomes teary eyes..Sanskar wipes his tears and says
San- But today swara i want to say something.That thing which i wanted to say u from many days..And he holds swara hand and bends on his knees..
San- I LOVE U SWARA..There is utter silence in the hall..I wanted to give u all the happiness of life.I wanted to live my whole life with u.I wanted to grew old with u.So say will u spend ur whole life with me? Do u love me?
A utter silence is spread in the hall.Swara jerks her hands and with teary eyes says.
Swa- No….I don’t love u…I don’t love u..And she rans from there suddenly a voice clip starts..Its swara voice..

Sanskar..What should i tell u about sanskar.He is very cute,handsome and sometimes naughty..Sanskar listen this.swara turns and sees that Rahul is standing far from them holding a tape recorder.And he signs her to go and hug him..Swara sees him teary eyes..Rahul signs that his & swara jodi is cool type. But her & sanskar jodi is perfect.A perfect couple.So go and hug him and say her feelings..The tape stops and now swara is saying.
Swa- He is very caring person..Cares for everyone’s happiness.And he is a very good frnd and..And a perfect life partner..
Sanskar smiles tears are there in his eyes..
Swara comes running and hugs sanskar tightly and says I love u sanskar..I love u so much..
San also hugs him back and say- I love u too swara…
Everyone claps for them..
Rahul claps happily and he also have tears in his eyes becoz he also loves swara..
Both swasan release the hug.And everyone is very much happy..
Rahul comes there and swara see him and she is going to say something but rahul interrupts her..
Rahul- aaa..swara i know u r going to ask when i record this.So when u r telling about sanskar to me then i on my recorder in the mobile and records it..And he comes to swara..
Rahul-Swara When i came here i don’t see that spark that shine on ur face.And someone says truth that the eyes are the mirror of heart.So i read ur eyes and finds that in these eyes there is only place for sanskar not me..Then how i will do injustice with u haan..So i made this plan but then also i am confused that did sanskar love u or not?Then i met with ram uncle and he tell me everything about sanskar.And i got to know that sanskar loves u more than me.He loves u at that extent that he sacrifice his love for ur happiness becoz he thinks that ur happiness lies with me.
But ye buddhu itna nhi samajh paya ki swara ki asli khushi main nhi ye khud hai..
San hugs Rahul- Thank u so much rahul..thank u..
Rahul- Stupid.in frndship no thank u and no sorry hmmm..Now only a last work is left..
Rahul goes towards shekhar and says- Uncle if for one second u consider me as ur son then plzz.Accept swasan and get swara marry with sanskar..
Shek teary eyes hugs rahul- U r grt rahul..u r grt…And he comes to swara and says
Shek- Where my daughter’s happiness lies there my happiness lies.Swara will marry sanskar only…

And next day Swara comes in bridal attire and sanskar come in groom attire both sits in mandap and gets married..Both are very much happy but rahul angrily says
Rahul- what yarr this is not fair?
Shek- what happen rahul??
Rahul with a pout face- Both wedding is completed and till now we don’t take any selfie.what i will send my to america’s frnd??
Everyone laughs at his antics and shekhar come on everyone come for a selfie with rahul..
Rahul takes out his selfie stick and Says smileeeee….
Everyone smiles and the photo gets clicked….

****Happy ending*****

Bye bye guyzz thank u so much for ur support and such lovely lovely comments.And i promise u all to give 4 shots and i completed my promise now its all ur turn to give me goody goody comments.Bad comments are also allowed..If my mind again pop up with new idea then i will come with another story.Till then bye bye to all my cute readers..And silent readers plzz today comment becoz its the last episode……..

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