SwaSan Ss:A love story of a police officer 4shot (Shot 3)


Hii guyzz again Happy freindship day to all my readers..I am back with shot no. 3 and guyz this is bit emotional episode so if u like it plzz comment and tysm for commenting on my previous part..Here is the link for all previous part..

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Shot- 3
Another day sanskar goes to swara’s house for saying sorry..Sanskar enters in the hall and shekhar is sitting there doing some work.Sanskar comes to shekhar.
San- Sir..
Shekhar looks up and see sanskar and says
Shek- Sanskar..what happen early in the morning u came any problem.
San bow down his eyes- Sir.I am really sorry.its my fault that i arrested ur daughter without investigating carefully.
Shek – no problem sanskar its just a misunderstanding…

San happily- Thank u sir u accept my apology.And sir thank u for not suspending me..
Shek happily- No sanskar don’t thanks me.thanks my daughter becoz of her only ur suspension order stops..
San- yes sir.i want to thank her and say sorry also..

Shek- ok I call him..Swaraaa..beta swaraa.
Swa- comng dad..
Swara comes down through stairs sanskar sees her and felt guilty on his doings.
Shek- see beta.sanskar came here to say sorry to u..
Swara widen his eyes- hmm..sorry Aahhh no problem Mr.Sanskar..
Sanskar don’t say anything and stands there sliently..
Swa- Dad.I want to talk with Mr.sanskar..Can i take him with me..
Shek- yaa..swara.
Swa- let’s go Mr.sanskar..

Sanskar is just got confused and in confusion and worriedly goes with swara..
They came out in the garden and sanskar till now don’t utter a single word..
Swara playfully- By the way Mr.sanskar u dance very well..

San feels embarrased and in one breath he says- Swara..I am really really sorry I don’t know that u r shekhar sir’s daughter otherwise i never ever arrest u so i am really sorry plzz forgive me And thank u so much that u stop my suspension order..
Swa worriedly- Relax..relax sanskar first take deep breath..

Sanskar breathes heavily and swara gives him some water..
Swa- Sanskar u don’t need to be feel guilty if any other person is on ur place he will do the same..And by the way i like ur honesty that u don’t think of once anyone’s status what if i am Mla daughter u arrested me becoz u think i am a theif but seriously i am not any theif.I just go there to attend my frnds wedding..And suspension order i don’t want that a honest officer like u will be suspended.And at last i forgive u earlier..
San eyes shines like a bright star to see so much trust on him by swara.He felt very much happy.
San- So u forgive me..

Swa happily- yess..I think if u listen for once my talk then all this not happen and she laughs.
By seeing swara laughing sanskar gets mesmerised and a smile appears on his lips..
Swa- And one thing more if that theif will be caught na then surely u will make me meet with that theif.After all becoz of her i have a grt chance to spend some time behind bars.
Now sanskar laughs and says- u r very funny..
Swa shrugged- yess..I am and she also laughs with sanskar..

They talk for a while and became very good frnds..
The days passed like this and sanskar daily came to swara’s house amd they spend some happy time with each other.Shekhar also like sanskar they also discuss some cases with eachother.Sanskar now becomes a family member..Now sanskar started loving swara but he can’t express his feelings.Swara also likes spending time with sanskar..

One day sanskar thinks to propose swara.And he comes to swara’s house.Sanskar is wearing a white shirt & jeans with a dark blue blazer and he is holding a orchid flower bouquet in his hands.(Actually swara likes orchids very much..)

@Sanskar’s pov
Swara..Today i will say my heart talk to u.I fall in love with u at that time only when i saw u first time..Swara u r my life without u i can’t live.Today i will propose u .oh god i am feeling so much nervous.plzz god help me ok sanskar let’s go and say ur heart out..
Sanskar pov’s over..

Sanskar comes on his bike and park it and goes to enter in the house suddenly he listen a laughing sound.He recognise it.Its swara’s voice.He goes to garden and see swara laughing..
San- oh god swara ur smile is too good whenever i see u laughing i just lost my control on myself..Ok sanskar go to swara and propose her..
He see towards the flower bouquet.Swara this flower is ur favouraite flower na..
As he goes near to swara what he saw and hear.He just get shocked..

Swa laughing- oh my god Rahul u r so good and funny.I am very lucky to have u as my would be husband…U care for me so much..
Rahul- I am also swara.. I love u swara.I love u so much.
And he hugs swara..
Sanskar see this and the bouquet left from his hands in shocked.He have tears in his eyes.His heart is broken badly.He don’t want to believe on this what he saw..
Swara see sanskar and shouts sanskarr..And she goes towards sanskar.Sanskar hide his tears and fake smile..
Swa- Sanskar u here.Rahul come here.

Rahul comes there and swara introduce him.
Swa-Rahul He is sanskar the best ever frnd of mine and the dcp of this area..And sanskar he is rahul Sabarwal the top surgeon of Sydney and my fiance..And she side hugs him.
Sanskar feels like stabbed in his heart.And she closes his fist tightly in pain..
Rahul takes his hand out – Nice to meet u Mr.sanskar
Sanskar unwillingly takes his hand out and with fake smile says- same here.
Swara see the bouquet on the ground she picks it.
Swa- Sanskar did u brought it??
San sadly- hmm..

Swa happily- wow sanskar this is so much beautiful and pretty thank u..This is very precious gift.
Rahul- ohoo..so this flower is more precious than me haan..
Swa glares him- Rahulll..u will never change na.u know na there is nothing precious than u..
Rahul- oh my swara u r so cute..And she is going to pull his cheeks.
Swa gesture rahul that sanskar is also present there so he stops..
Sanskar is now totally heart broken- swara…u never told me about Rahul.
Swa with a pout- sorry sanskar. I forget..
Rahul- haan but swara told many things about u..
San sadly- ohh..

Then shekhar comes there and says
Shek- Sanskar..u here its good that u came did u met with rahul.
San- yess sir.
Shek- so as u r swara’s frnd and also u r as our family member u must have to come for swara’s wedding.And this is the invitation card.Haan this is the first card i am giving it to u..
San- wedding..
Rahul- yess.After 1 week its our wedding..
Sanskar is just hell shocked and numb..
Shek- yaa.their engagement is done there wedding will also be done but suddenly Rahul had an important work so he had to go to sydney but now he had came so i want that their wedding happen as soon as possible..

San with teary eyes- Sir i can’t come actually i have some imp work..
Swa- no sanskar its not right u have to come and thats final..dad just free him from all his work so that he can come in my wedding..
San- But swara..
Swa- no sanskar if u will not come na then i will not talk to u..
Shek- beta u will not win from her so u have to come only..There is no other option.
San- ok but now excuse me..

Sanskar goes from there with his broken heart and now tears are rolling down from his eyes..

Main taan jiya na maraa..
Haaye ve das main ki karaa..

Dil jude bina hi tut gaye
Hatth mile bina hi chhut gaye
Ki likhe ne lekh kismet ne..
Baar baar rond akhiyan
Tainu jo na vekh sakiyaan
Khole aaye aaj kudrat ne..
Katta main ki ve din teri sonh tere bin
Main taan jiya na maraa..

The heavy wind is blowing.Everyone is rushing here and there.Some rush towards their home and sanskar is just walking on the road as lifeless body and tears are continuously rolling down through his eyes..

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona

The rain starts and sanskar remincises one by one all his moment spend with swara.And at last the heart broken seen..

Hai to.. yeh kyon hota hai
Jab yeh dil rota haiΒ 
Roye sisak-sisak ke hawayein
Jag soona lage

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona re..

Sanskar falls down on his knees in between of the road and shouts SWARAAAAAAA….

Soona laage re…

Roothi roothi saari raatein
Feeke feeke saare din
Veerani si veerani hai
Tanhayi si tanhayi hai
Aur ek hum hain pyaar ke bin
Har palchin

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona

Hai to.. yeh kyon hota hai [kyon hota hai] Jab yeh dil rota hai [dil rota hai] Roye sisak-sisak ke hawayein
Jag soona lage

The two three days spend like this and sanskar doesn’t came out of the trauma and now he doesn’t smile only silently does his work.Now he doesn’t go to swara’s house also.

Chhan se jo toote koi sapna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona lage
Koi rahe na jab apna
Jag soona soona lage
Jag soona soona re..

Soona lagee…..

Ram see all this and as guardian he goes to sanskar house to talk to him..
Ram- sanskar..Are u alright??
San sadly- yess.sir..
Ram- Don’t hide from me sanskar i know u from childhood when u r small ur dad and u came in my house we and ur dad are good frnds and i know u r a very smiling boy but what happens now..i know something is bothering u what is it tell me??
Sanskar can’t control his emotions and he hugs ram and cries a lot..
San- she left me uncle..she left me..
Ram in concerned tone- who left u sanskar..
San- Swara..And he tells everything to ram..
Ram- But beta u didn’t say ur heart talk to swara.what if she also loves u..
San- no uncle she don’t love me..she is very happy with Rahul and i don’t want to ruin her happiness.If she is happy with him then i am also happy..
Ram hugs him and says- Swara is very lucky becoz u loved her.I only wish that ur love will come to u..

After some days passed and swara’s Marriage rituals start and in these days swara calls sanskar many times but sanskar doesn’t receive the call.Swara is feeling sad becoz she is craving to talk to sanskar.she herself don’t know why but she is feeling extreme pain in her heart..Everyone is happy for her marriage but swara is sad and she only wants to see sanskar..Rahul see this and cheered swara to be happy but he can’t and he feels sad..

Screen frezees on the sad faces of the three persons….

Guyzz i know u r sad to see sanskar in pain but guyzz the love is not the bed of roses in it some thorns are also present and don’t think Rahul as villian he is a positive character in my story and it is played by karan kundra.So keep supporting and commenting..

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