SwaSan Ss:A love story of a police officer 4shot (Shot 1)


Hii frndzz this is eku here and its my first time that i am writing an SS..so guyzz plz support me and its of only 4 shorts that is only 4 parts and its a cute love story of a police officer..And its totally on swasan so enjoy guyzz and plzz plzz comment..

Shot – 1
In kolkata a police station is seen.There everyone is busy is doing their work and the inspector is sleeping.Then a constable came and says
Const- sir get up.. New DCP sir came.
Inspector with a jerk stands up and salute says
Inspe- jai hind sir..
Const- sir dsp sir is not here he is outside..
Inspe- so what r we doing here let’s go outside???
They come outside and a man near about in 23-24 comes out from his police jeep. He is in his full neat & clean dress. Everyone salutes him and he replies them with jai hind..
The same inspector goes towards him and says
Inspe- welcome sir to kolkata police station..
Dcp with full attitude- Mr.ashok i want every crime details file on my desk..
Ashok with confused face- sir how do u know my name??
Dcp signs towards his dress and says- inspector ashok the batch u are wearing is not for show piece. So come fast in my cabin without asking any question..
Ashok gulps in fear and says- yess..sir.
He enters in the police station and 2-3 constable were talking.
Const1- i think now this police station design will change??
Const2- yess..i also thinks the same.
Const3- he is very strict what his name??
Const2- DCP SANSKAR MAHESWARI(yes.guyz this is our sanskar)…i listen very grt talks about him.At this young age he solves many cases..
Const4- let’s go otherwise if he will come na then our job will be in danger..
Sanskar enters in the cabin and sits on his chair with attitude.He takes one of the file and reads it..
San- so ashok tell me the crimes which are going on in this area.
Insp- sir..
He tells one by one all criminals name and at last..
Insp- sir all criminals are in our knowledge but a theif is not getting in our clutches.
San confusedly- theif!!!!
Insp- yess..sir theif and she is female theif.. she is not getting in our hands sir.she is very intelligent sir even she do not left any evidence after theft.sometimes we try to catch her but she ran away.
But sir she is very beautiful and smart.
Sanskar gives a death glare to him- u r paid to catch criminals or to watch out them that how they r looking??
Ashok- sorry sir..
San angrily- ok give me her photo..
Ashok- sir there is no any photo of her.
San- so how u recognise that he is beautiful??
Ashok- sir i saw her for only one time and on that his face is covered with mask..
San – u all r just useless..ok so give me her case file.

Then on the spot DIG. RAMPRASAD GADODIA came.
Sanskar salutes him and greeted him with jai hind.
Ram- dcp sanskar we have lot of complaints in this area regarding a theif.
San- yess.i am reading his file only.
Ram- good.i hope u will solve this case like ur other cases.
San- sure sir.but one problem is there.
Ram worriedly- problm.
San- yess.sir her photo.
Ram- don’t worry in 2-3 days i will send her photo..ok..
San- ok sir till then i try my best.
Ram- hmm.
Then ram goes from there..Ashok also leaves.And sanskar is reading her file.After sometime he says..
San- So her name is kajal and her code of doing theft is wedding.he only do theft in wedding parties..quite nice so let’s have a meet with miss.kajal
He shouts name sinde..sinde..
A constable comes there and sanskar says
San- sinde.i want details of every rich wedding of this area.. ok and tell me also today’s wedding parties details.. go.
Sinde is in her own thoughts and does not listen anything.Sanskar see this and angrily shouts.
San- sinde did u listen what i say??
Sinde- yes.sir..
And he goes from there.
San- oh god.what a force i got i don’t know how i will catch that theif with this police force..
Sinde- sir what said..haan to get details about club parties..
After sometime sinde comes and gives details to sanskar.
San- ok everyone let’s go..
Ash- sir how we are going to recognise her.
San- A taatto is on her right hand.So by tatto we will recognise her..

They all reach at the address which sinde told and sanskar got hell angry..sinde comes forward and says sir today there is grand party in this club..
San- what is this sinde??
Sinde- sir u only ask me to get details about club parties so i got it..
San fumes in anger- sinde i ask u to get details about wedding parties not club parties. U r just a useless..nonsense.
Ashok- sir now if we reach here then we should go inside.
San angrily glare- ashok u also..
Ashok- sir i am saying that what if we got some details about that kajal.
San- ok u people go inside i will not go..
Ashok- ok sir..
Everyone leaves from there except sanskar..
At the same time a girl with her friends comes out.she is angry on club manager..And blabbering something..
Sanskar see her and got mesmerised.he stares her for five min and he did not even blink his eyes for a single time.His heart beats got faster.And from his mouth a single word came.
San- Beautiful!!!!!
The girl see that he is staring her so she goes towards sanskar in full anger her frnds stop her but she don’t listen and directly goes towards him..
Girl- hey u don’t have manners??Did u stare ur sister like this only..
San comes out of his thoughts and says what do u mean??
Girl- ohooo..don’t act to be innocent i see u that u r staring me..
San feels embarassed but he hides and says- noo.i am not staring u.
Girl angrily- oh.. so there is something else which u r staring..hmm tell.
San stammerly- aaa..nn hmm actually some frnds are gone inside the club so i am waiting for them.
Girl- oh don’t lie. Wait why r u standing behind this jeep..and where is police officers.
San- actually. I am..but he stops and thinks in mind wait.wait what r u doing sanskar don’t tell her ur identity otherwise she will be gone from ur hands becoz of ur terror..
Girl- tell..why u stop.what r u doing here?? Don’t tell me u r selling drugs in this club..
San widen his eyes- no..no.. what r u saying?? I am not doing this type of work.
Girl- oh so u r doing business of selling girls..
Sanskar put his hands on her mouths and drags her to the corner they have a cute eyelock and just then other officer came and ashok says
Ashok- where is sir gone??
San- Are u out of ur mind..did i look like a criminal to u..u r not giving me a chance to explain myself..i am saying that i am just waiting for someone here.And u r blaming me..now speak why u r not speaking??
Girl see at his hands.sanskar understand and hurriedly remove his hands.
Girl angrily- Are u stupid? Did anyone covers mouth so tightly i am not able to breath..stupid..
San now fumes in anger and he decide to reveal his identity- now its high time.u know who i am..
Girl- who u r if u r minister na then also i will not scared of u..
San- u.
Suddenly the girl’s frnd come and took that girl from there…
Then officers also came there and says..
Sinde- sir what r u doing here??
San- woh actually i came here to take fresh air..
Ashok- sir here is no information regarding kajal..
San- hmm.ashok
Suddenly sanskar phone rings..
San- yess..sir…don’t worry we will give full security..
Ashok- what happen sir??
San- we have to guard a wedding party and catch that theif..its ram sir’s order.

Girl- neha what r u doing why u drag me from there??
Neha- Swara(yess..guy that girl who is fighting with sanskar is swara) For fighting u came here we have to go to ritu’s wedding…
Swa- oh sit..in this fighting process i totally forget..let’s go

Precap- dhammal in wedding..

So guyź plzz comment if u like it..

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