SwaSan SS…A DREAM..!! Season2…Part 5..by Kakali

Hiloo Ev1.! Thnk u sooo much for the response on previous parts.! Thnk u to all the silent readers also.! Here I’m again with the part 5. Hope you all like it.! “Sorry for my grammatical mistakes & spelling errors”.

Now let’s move inside the Dream.
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Here we go,

Next Morning.

The whole world was brightened by the Sun rays indicating to a new day with new hopes and challenges. Swara’s sleep got disturbed and she slightly opened her eyes; feeling a burning sensation in it. Obviously it was for crying for all the day. She somehow made herself sit on the sofa. She looked at the room carefully and jerked from her place. “Where m I?” Her mind shoot the question as soon as she saw the unknown place. Then slowly slowly her memory gathered the yesterday’s happenings. She was Mrs. Swara Sanskar now and sleeping in her husband’s room.

“Where is Sanskar?” She thought in her mind and looked at bed where he was sleeping actually looking like a baby, Sun rays was disturbing his sleep so cuddled in the pillow more. She just couldn’t help out but admiring him. Soon jerked from her thoughts when someone knocked the door.

“Swara bhabhi,! It’s me Uttara.” Uttara said knocking the door.

“Swara bhabhi wo, I came to wake up bhai.” Uttara said when Swara opened the door.

“Yeah come in Uttu.!” Both passed a small smile to each other.

“Bhai, uthoo. It’s morning now.”

“I’m sleepy Utu, let me sleep for sometime more.” Sanskar said covering his face with pillow.

“Sanskar bhai, Swara bhabhi is here. Common”. Uttara said in hurry but Swara cut her off.

“Utu, did you hear what he said? Sanskar called you Uttu.” Swara said with happiness.

“Is that so? Um may be but I didn’t hear!” Uttara said casually.

“No Uttu, I heard. He called you Utuu!” Swara said trying to explain her.

“Umm. Yeah may be, because he used to call me Utuu, well let it be”. She said and again tried to wake up Sanskar. “Sanskar bhai, Swara bhabhi is here. Now please get up.”

Sanskar’s sleep got disturbed for the continuous noise, he was about to answer back being annoyed but Uttara’s word made him calm “Swara is in my room, be careful Sanskar.!” He said to himself tightly fisting his palm and started his acting yet again.

“Umm.! Happy morning.” He yanked looking at both.

“Good Morning! Bhai, now go and get ready for break fast.” Uttara said very calmly.(To Swara) “Bhabhi you also get ready, today your 1st day in our house. Everyone is waiting for you. Come down with bhai.”. Uttara said before leaving the room.

Swara simply nods while Sanskar moved into washroom taking his cloths.

Sanskar entered the room and bang this hand on wall. His eyes were filled with rage and anger to destroy everything. His fingers ran through his hairs “This is not done. It was supposed to be not done. Noooo.! What the blo*dy hell is happening around me?” His voice was full of intensity and rage, his whispers were full of anger. “Ragini! Ragini!! Raginii!!! You are going to pay now, you damn it. You shouldn’t have double crossed me.!” His whole body was burning in anger, “REVENGE”. His thoughts were disturbed by Swara.

“Sanskar! Are you done?”

Her voice made his tight fist loosened a bit”Swara.!”

“Swaraaaaa.! Kavitaaaa.! You both nautanki saali almost killed me. Urghhh why were you not picking my calls? Have you both any idea how tensed I was?Ufff!! Thank God Swara called me otherwise I would have gone mad, ”

“Swara! Give me my mobile, Noo it’s a bad habit to check personal massages. You are a good girl na give me my phone back.”

“Obviously I did friendship with Swara for my own reasons, but now my prospectives are changed gyus”.

“You love Kavita so much na Sanskar? Don’t worry she also loves you. I know her from childhood, she will always keep you happy”.

“Good bye Sanskar”.

“I love you Sanskar.Your Kavita loves you and will always love you.” His eyes were escaping tears. Some part of his memories were flashing in front of his eyes breaking him down. But he was more than enough capable to gather up his broken soul and “REVENGE” was giving strength.

“Sanskar are you there?” Swara again broke his chains of thoughts.

Composing himself he replied “umm.! Swara.” He said turning on the shower. The cool water calmed him features down.


In the room Swara was thinking something deeply but suddenly Ragini and RagLak marriage stroke her brain. Oh! How could she forgot about her sister? Ragini might be vulnerable like her. Of course! after all she also became a prey of situation and had to marry Laksh. Her innocent Ragini might be suffering due to her bad luck. Now she was getting more emotional thinking about her sister’s condition. “I need to talk to Ragini”. She thought meanwhile Sanskar came out of bathroom. He was behaving quite same as before.

Swara made a way to bathroom.After few minutes she came out wearing a red coloured long salwer looking beautiful. Her hairs were wet straight falling till her waist.

Sanskar who was busy in his cell phone with a dangerous smirk; immediately hide in his pocket murmuring “Going to be sooo much fun today. Tick tock! Tick tockk.!!”.

Swara adored her neck with the mangalsutra and took a pinch of Sindor. She looked at Sanskar through mirror while Sanskar passed a smile holding his plam tight.

“From today onwards you are husband-wife now!” Both remembered the pandit ji’s words. Finally she adored her hairline with Sindor. The Sindor belonged to Sanskar, she actually belonged to him. One after another pearls escaped from her eyes,” I know my Shona is very strong”.

“Shoruu.! Don’t cry, we trust you”. She remembered her Maa & Dida’s words.” I will try to make this relation perfect in every possible way” her heart whispered which was only audible to her.

“Sanskar shall we move?” Her voice was soft but still sharp.

He nodded and left with her.


Both were descending steps when from another side RagLak were coming. Swara & Laksh looked at each other painfully. His eyes were red,may be due to crying, those orbs holded pain. Pain of lost love, pain of broken trust and pain of betrayal. “You are a beyrayer Swara.” His face was stern, voice was full of anger. “I’m not going to forgive you ever.” He said and left a vulnerable Swara.

[Note : I’m not portraying RagLak or Laksh’s story here. It’s just that I felt like showing his pain. Those days he was fooled by Sanskar & Ragini. He was also a prey of both. He was forced to think that Swara was actually betraying him, left him in the middle of marriage(with so many proves). It’s hard to think or assume how much he had suffered, how much he had gone through. BUT still I don’t feel bad as he had not enough trust on Swara to wait for her and to listen whatever she tried to explain after surviving from her sister’s deadly plan. So, his DISTRUST or lack of trust on his love was also one the reasons for why we got our HEAVENLY SWASAN. Isn’t it? I believe so.] Eh! Let’s get back to story.

“I haven’t done anything wrong Laksh. I didn’t betray you.” Swara said blankly at his back.

Sanskar & Ragini glanced at each other. Her expression was showing nothing but a small smile with clear smirk which was only for Sanskar. Her facial expression suddenly changed seeing Sanskar smirking back at her. “He is going to do something! Oh no.” Her mind warned her.

Swara looked at Ragini.”Ragini! Are you fine? I wanted to talk to you.!” She was about to continue but Ragini cut her off “We will talk later Swara.! Now let’s go, everyone must be waiting for me; I mean us.”

Swara wiped her tears away “I’m not wrong”.

@ Dining Table.

All were having break fast, no boday was saying nothing. To disturb the silent atmosphere there was a entry of some people. Everyone looked on shock seeing the ever unwanted guest there. “Too much fun today” Sanskar smirked at Ragini. Her heart beat was increasing, it was too rapid to say anything.

“Mr. Durga Prasad Maheswari ji!”

“Inspector! You here? At this time? Is everything all right?” DP asked the inspector, somehow he was shocked.

“Mr. Durga Prasad Maheswari ji! We are here to arrest Mr. Laksh.” Inspector said snatching almost everyone’s breath there.

“Inspector! What do you mean by arresting Laksh? Do have any idea what you are blurting here?” DP roared making the inspector quite.

“Look! Mr. Maheswari we are doing our work. We have arrest warrant against Laksh Maheswari for his illegal activities.” Laksh was in utter shock hearing the blames.

“Inspector! Are you out of your mind? Illegal activities and me, for God sake stop all this.” Laksh screamed like a maniac. God yesterday his life look a drastic turn and now today this Inspector is here to arrest him. His life was a mess. Total mess, it was so badly freaking him out.

“Inspector! He is my son, you have no idea………….!” Inspector cut him off.

“Sorry! But we don’t have any other option rather than arresting him. This is our work and we have to abide by the orders. This is the warrant” Inspector said and indicated Hawaldar to hand cuff Laksh.

When Laksh was about to taken away Ragini came back to her sense “What! Where! Wait, you can’t take my Laksh ji! How can you arrest my Laksh ji? He has not done anything. You may be mistaken sir! My Laksh ji is innocent.” Ragini was mad watching the turning of tables. Sanskar was playing his cards in his own way. He was not going to stop then. Previously he had reason to take revenge from DP & Laksh but now one more reason was added, that was Ragini badly double crossed him and she had to bear the worst circumstances.

“Papa ji! See na what is they saying? Do something Papa ji. You know Laksh ji can’t do this.” Ragini pleaded to DP who was watching Laksh and finally spoke “Don’t worry Laksh, you will be with us soon.”

DP turned to Adarsh “Adarsh beta, call Mr. Raizada and say him to make the release paper ready. I want it now”.

“Yeah!Papa. I’m calling.” Adarsh said and dialed the number of their Lawyer.

After a few minutes.

“What’s wrong beta?” DP asked looking at his son’s tensed face.

“Papa Mr. Raizada is saying he can’t do anything now as tomorrow is state holiday and day after tomorrow is Sunday. He have to wait for these two days.” Adarsh said bowing his head down.

“I’m not letting you to take my son anywhere. He is innocent” AP said hugging Laksh. She was broken seeing his son being taken away for some false accusion.

“Sorry, we are getting late. We have to move” Inspector said and took away Laksh leaving his family in shock and broken state.

Swara was standing numb. It was some kind of non-existing situations she was facing from past few days. Wish she could figure out what was actually going on but allas! She had to face more.


Swara was going to meet her Maa & Dida, she had to perform some Bengali rituals.

Sanskar’s Room.

“Hello! Mr. Raizada, hope you are doing good. I’m impressed by your works. You will be getting your reward soon.” Sanskar said and cut the call. Dangerous smirk never left his face.

Suddenly Ragini banged the door and entered in his room. “Welcome Miss Ragini, opps Mrs. Ragini Laksh Maheswari, by the way how was the play? I’m sure you must have enjoyed. M I rit?” His voice was so sharp yet playful.

“What do you want Sanskar ji? Now what do you want? Why are you behind me and Laksh ji? Please don’t do this with him, he is your brother. How can you… how can you even…. think to …. do like that?” She said in a pleading tone.

Sanskar’s face was covered by his rage and anger “Why should not I do that Ragini? This is your punishment for double crossing me, And you know you have to bear it.!” His every word was true, definitely he was not going to leave any of them.

“I didn’t double crossed you Sanskar ji! It was you who was about to back out. It was only you ……..!”

“Shut up, oh! Just shut your mouth up Ragini. I was not going to back out. Never, I don’t believe in backing out from ‘MY PLANS’. Do you get that?” He just screamed.

“No! You was about to back out! Moreover it was not only yours plan,it was mine too, but you…. what you did? Haa you didn’t tell me Swara was your friend once, you know her from college days and that’s why you was about to back out. You better know I love Laksh and I can do anything, go to any extent to get him in my life”. Her each and every word showed her madness.

“You know what Ragini, I don’t care, I so blo*dy damn don’t care about you and anyone else here. I mind with my business and that is ‘REVENGE’.”

Someone knock at the door stooping their arguments.

“Chore! What are you doing here with this Ragini? And ha! You didn’t tell me why you married Swara that day? Was that sleeping wala plan yours? Tune toh marheko bataya nehi uss pilane ke baare mei, aur je subah wala bhi thara hi tha na?(Was the morning incident planed by you?)” Sujata barged in to join them.

“Mom! It was not my plan, it was only Ragini who betrayed me, double crossed me so i had to teach her a lesson.” He answered back calmly.

“Chachi ji, your son has not done good. How can he send Laksh ji jail?”

“Jee Nagini tuh na ekdamn chup baith, ek toh tune mahre chore ko dhoka diya thare behen ke saath shadi karwake ab yaha….. tera na bass satyanash hi hooo.(Shut up you Nagini, 1st toh you betrayed my soon making him marry your sister and now)”. Sujata said with a frown.

“But it was his plan to break Swara & Laksh’s marriage, he never wanted them together”. Ragini added further.

“Ragini, let me clear one thing, I never wanted the things the way it’s happening. I wanted Swara & Laksh relation to break to make DP & Laksh suffer. Just wanted to let them know how it feels when your love ones leave you.” His eyes were closed when he said.


When Maheswari family came to see Swara for alliance that day itself Ragini get to know that Sanskar was not mad and he was just acting. Swara and Uttara was talking while Sanskar went away to hide,there he talked to someone about Swara & Laksh. Ragini was shocked at first but later she also helped him out to break their marriage as she was in love with Laksh, wanted him by hook or by crook.

“Sanskar ji! I will help you in breaking this relationship. “Ragini said shaking her hand with Sanskar.

Sanskar was also well known about her madness towards Laksh so he took the opportunity. Both were equally involved in the plan.

Flashback Ends.


“Are you done with your work? If yes then come to my room!” Sanskar called someone. After sometime a girl entered “Bhai, your work is done, Laksh Bhai will be out tomorrow morning.” She said checking her cell phone.

“Well done Uttuuu” Sanskar smiled at her sister, she had become so big and was helping him taking his revenge from Her bade papa & Laksh bhai.

Ragini was amazed and about to ask but Sanskar said glaring her” It was just a start for double crossing me! You shouldn’t have started Ragini now you have to watch the full movie”.

“I’m again repeating Sanskar Ji! I didn’t double cross you infect I had no any intention to hurt Swara, I was just too helpless to made you both marry. But it was started by you. You only said to Sujata Chachi and Uttara to click your and Swara’s pics.It was only you who wanted to destroy her respect” .



When for the 1st time Swara went to Maheswari Mension at morning there Sanskar unwantedly kissed her cheeks. At that time Sujata was there who was clicking pics. “Well done mom!” Uttara said winking at Sujata.

The day when Sanskar & Laksh went to badi Sujata and Uttara was also with them in the way. It was a small part of their plan while Laksh was called to reach office as soon possible, leaving Swara and Sanskar alone. “All best Sanskar”. Ragini murdered before moving behind Laksh.

It was Sanskar’s plan to blame Adarsh Bhai for that fire incident while it was done by him only. “I will destroy everything! You just wait and watch old man”.

All the workers who were blaming Ararsh was also appointed by Sanskar to break DP more. His countdown was clear and everything happened the way he planned.

Swara & Sanskar went to Kulfi shop where Sujata and Uttara was behind them. “Don’t you think I can be a professional photographer?” Sujata asked to Uttara clicking so many close pics of SwaSan.

Sanskar wantedly moved towards the main road when Swara pulled him at the nick of time. Both landed on the road while Swara was beneath him. Her pure concern was captured by Sujata. “eh! This girl is making my work more easier!”. Sujata was happy for doing her son’s job without any problem.

He was guilty for his wrong doing but “Everything is fair in this revenge game, THIS IS JUST REVENGE”.

Flashback Ends.


“You know well Ragini, those pics were not for the whole world,only for DP and Laksh. But it didn’t work. Damn it! Laksh had more trust on Swara and DP had trust on Laksh’s trust.” Sanskar anger was reaching at his peak remembering those incidents.



When Laksh was called by DP to show him the pics. Those pics were send by Sanskar only to broke the relation, but nothing happened whatever they wanted.
” Papa, someone is deliberately doing this.” Laksh said checking the pics.

“I have full trust on your trust beta”. DP hugged Laksh thinking something deeply.

“No! This can’t happen. You both can’t be happy, I need you both broken.” Sanskar was watching them from the door. His plan didn’t work so he had to execute an another plan.

Flashback Ends.


“But that pics were for only to ruin her respect …..!” Ragini said carelessly.

Sanskar almost barked at her “How many time I have to tell you, it was not for ruining her respect,it was just to break Laksh and DP; If you again uttar this shit na, just be ready for my next move.” His devilish glare was enough to make Ragini quite.

“But I didn’t understand how those two women , I mean that day.” Uttara asked eyeing Sanskar while Ragini passed a smirk.

“I bought them the same way Sanskar bought them that day”.. Ragini added further “But the difference is I paid them more than Sanskar did.



When Swara & Ragini went to Temple for puja with Maheswaris. There were two women who were continuously praising RagLak pair. “Both look so good with each other, hai na?” Ragini was so relieved finding AP in deep thoughts. Ragini had been knowing the fact that AP indeed loved her from childhood and wanted her as DIL. So it obviously worked. AP couldn’t stop herself from thinking about their marriage again.

Flashback Ends.


“Everything was going smooth, then i got to know Swara was your college friend and I knew our plan was not working. Even that pandit ji’s plan didn’t work. Instead of breaking the relation Laksh ji declared he was going to marry Swara in 7 days.” Ragini remembered her conversation with Pandit ji.


“Pandit Ji, you have done a great job. Your prize is waiting for you at your home. You could be a great actor.” Sujata said smirking at Uttara.

Flashback Ends.


“But our plan didn’t work and later Laksh decided to marry Swara. Now you tell me what option we had to stop that marriage? Noo! So at last I had to play my cards by marrying you both. I still regret for doing that with Swara, but I was left with no option.”. Ragini’s madness was so clear, the obsession was clearly visible in her eyes.



Swara was getting ready in her room when Ragini entered giving her a glass of milk. She mixed sleeping tables before giving it to her. After taking that, the pill showed it’s affect and made her lashes heavy.

The same sleeping pills she used in Sanskar’s juice. “Laksh ji! Sanskar ji! Here you go with your juices”. After taking the juice Sanskar couldn’t balance himself and he feared that he will blurt out everything. So to avoid that he went to washroom where Ragini’s man helped him. He made Sanskar sleep beside Swara. “From today you don’t know me”.Ragini said before adjusting Swara & Sanskar in a bed. ” I’m so sorry for doing this.! I’m soo sorry”.

An hour later everything happened the way she planned. The both women came there which was called by Ragini to create the drama. It worked, it worked perfectly.

Flashback Ends.


Sanskar was fuming in anger and Ragini was crying in happiness by the end “I got my Laksh ji! I’m Ragini Laksh Maheswaris now. I knew if I hadn’t done that double crossing you, I could have never got Laksh ji”.

“THEN WHAT ABOUT ME RAGINI?” The voice came suddenly startleting everyone.

Ragini gasped covering her mouth with palm. “SWARAA!!”

Sanskar turned around to look and there Swara was standing. Her face was so pale and numb, voice was emotionless. Eyes were red but it showed nothing. Both straightly looked at each other’s eyes but Sanskar couldn’t hold the capacity to look at her tired and blank eyes, he bowed his head down not being able to match her eyes. Deep down at the corner of his heart he knew “I did wrong”.

She took a few steps but stumbled with every step. Her body was not in her control, her every step was unsteady. She blankly looked at Ragini and moved her gaze towards Uttara then Sujata. No one could say anything.

Her throat went dry, tears were already tired flowing from a long. Her eyes had no more energy. Every inch of the body was broken with her HEART.

If she wouldn’t had come back to call Sanskar as her mom said they had to perform the rituals together; she couldn’t ever get to knew all the planings. She couldn’t get to know the darker side the people whom she thought as her own. Her own sister, half sister betrayed her. “You could have said me once Ragini. Just once that you love Laksh!” Her every word was filled with nothing but pain.

She hardly moved her gaze to Sanskar who was standing still “You ‘AGAIN’ used me Sanskar.! Again!”. She whispered which was audible to Sanskar who looked at her shocked. Her balnk eyes almost haunted him. He was again standing at the same place.

Swara tried to move her body but it betrayed her completely and she fainted at the spot. “Swaraaa..!!” A scream was heard before Swara collapsed on the floor.

“Swaraa” Sanskar immediately rushed to her. He tried to take her head in his lap but the moment he touched her, “She has fever”. He got to know she had high fever, her whole body was burning.

“This can’t happen.! Swara can’t listen all this. Oh God noo! Now she will snatch my Laksh ji, she will say all this to Laksh ji.” Ragini blabbered madly. Her whole face was filled with sweat.

He couldn’t think more and for the first time took her in his embrace and carried her to bed. “Mom! Uttara! Call the doctor.!” He carefully placed her in bed.

“Haa! Bhai. I’m calling.” Uttara said.


An Hour Later.

“Doctor is she fine?” Sanskar hurriedly asked when Doctor came out of his room.

“Take care of her Mr. Maheswari. She is not fine, she is both physically and mentally week. If her mental trauma continues like this she will be soon suffering from Depression. She needs proper rest. I’m prescribing some medicines, give her at time.” Doctor said handing over him the prescription.

“Sure doctor, I will take care of her. Thank you”.

“That’s my pleasure.!” Doctor said and Uttara came out with her.

Sujata & Ragini was still there.”I want to be alone”. Sanskar said without looking at both.

“Par chore!” Sujata interrupted him.

“She will snatch my Laksh ji! Noo! I won’t let that happen.! ” Ragini was still blabbering.

“I said leave!” His sharp voice echoed in the room.

He was sitting on the sofa staring Swara. His body stiffened looking at her pale face. He was going through so many emotions.


Sanskar’s POV.

No! I didn’t wanted this. Never! My plan was to just break Laksh & Durpa Prasad Maheswari. The day I came here I got to know Laksh was going to marry, my sources said he would be marrying Swara. I was shocked because I was going to meet her after 5 years. But look at Destiny,I couldn’t say her a Hi or Hello but had to use her for my revenge. I executed what I planed and Ragini helped me in it. I was highly guilty for taking those pics, but I had to. I knew Laksh loved Swara! So to break DP,I had to break Laksh. Swara was the only way through whom I could get my destination. That’s why I said mom to take our pics.

Those pics were to only for Laksh & DP. I didn’t had any intention to hurt Swara or migrate her respect. I never let anyone to see those pics except Laksh & DP. I wanted to break this marriage, but just because of that Ragini everything got messed up here. After breaking the marriage I could have said sorry to Swara mad I know she would definitely understand me as Kavita was also her friend, her childhood best friend. But everything is finished now. That blo*dy Ragini destroyed everything. I don’t know how m going to face her. It was just revenge for Kavita.

POV Ends.

Sanskar’s terence was broken by Swara’s voice. She was weeping in sleep clutching the bedsheet tightly. Her tears were flowing,she was not in her sence but still her eyes were escaping tears.

“Swara! Swara!” Sanskar called out, shaking her through shoulders “Swara!”.

Her facial expression changed into horrible one and she woke up with a jerk. Her eyes fall on Sanskar examining his features.

“Swara! Are you fine?” Sanskar asked her though he didn’t match her eyes.

She clutched the sheet more tightly and asked somehow making herself strong “Why Sanskar? Why me again?”

He had no proper answer “Swara! You need rest. We will talk later”. He got up from bed and was about to leave when she caught a hold of his hand “I need answer Sanskar! Now”.

His eyes was closed “Swara! I said we would talk later”.

“You have to answer me right now Sanskar! I need to know. I want to know why you…… you destroyed everything? Why you… ruined… my life.. what was my fault?” With every sentence her voice cracked and her grip loosened.

She was waiting for his reply. Her anger was boiling, he was testing her patience level. Minutes passed.

“It was revenge Swara! Just revenge!” He answered back after a pause.

Her anger was in peak. For his revenge he destroyed her life. Was that so easy to say? No! She was not going to cry more. Why would she by the way, when she was never wrong. Huh! Now she wanted answers. Wiping her all tears away she asked “For what Sanskar? What revenge? Haa! Answer me you damn it! What kind of revenge made you so animalistic? For whom you are taking revenge? For whom you destroyed my life. What the blo*dy reason was…..!”

“It was revenge for Kavita’s death. I’m taking revenge for my love’s death. The blo*dy reason was Durga Prasad Maheswari & Laksh Maheswari killed Kavita.! They snatched my love from me.” Sanskar shouted at the top of his voice. His eyes were red showing the depth of pain and sufferings.

Swara gasped almost stumbled back “Kavita’s death”. The room went silent when Sanskar continued “They killed my Kavita! Did you hear Swara! They killed her” he was in his knees by the end of his confession.

She looked numb at broken Sanskar. What the hell he was saying Kavita and death. Is he in his sense?

“Sanskar! Are you in your sense ? Sanskar look at me!” She kneel down in front of him.

“Sanskar look at me!” She touched his hand while Sanskar engulfed her for a certain hug.

He was breaking in her embrace, his hold got more tight, her back was getting wet. He was crying, crying badly. She didn’t know how to response. Her best friend Kavita was no more, her another best friend was here to take revenge and he used her again.! God!! It seemed to be a nightmare but an actual nightmare who had no end. May be a new morning will bring light in their dark lives. Hopefully the dark journey would end soon. “HOPEFULLY”.


Precap- Marriage or agreement.


SwaSanChuuu Note : I hope I have cleared all the doubts. Still if something remains do ask me. Though some knots are there and I will be fixing them with time.!

Weiiii I broke my all records to be late today. I’m feeling guilty for not posting from many days. I’m sorry my readers, I don’t have proper words to say sorry. Right now situation is not good and m not being able to post in time. I will try my best to post next chapter soon. Sorry to all the writers for not commenting on their stories. Hopefully I will do that as soon as possible.


Thnk u sooo much for reading..!!
God bless you all. <3 <3.

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    awesome as always Sanskar should be guilty of his doings with Swara
    post soon will be waiting

    1. Kakali

      Thnk u sooo much Sumayyah..!! He will be sure dear.! Next one is already posted, you can read..!! TC..! ;-*

  7. Vyshu10

    ???????? awesome

    Kakuuuuu…want to knw the past soon?? zyaada wait mat karvao

    Fp u….first ur jaap and now dat note in between…fp

    1. Kakali

      Vyshuuuuuuuuuuuuuu, Namish is sooo handsome..! Wish I could pull his chubby cheeks*fp myself.!
      Thnk u sooo much..!! Tum wait karti rahoo, mujhe kya.! ;-*

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