Swasan ss -Wounds given by love (episode 1)


Hii this is my first story on Telly on my fav couple Swasan. I hope you like it.

Swara sharma: 23 year old independent girl, her parents died when she was only 12 year old, live with her bf, both are in live in relationship.
Sanskar kapoor: 26 year old, due to some reasons don’t live with his parents, staying in Mumbai flat with his gf, both are in live in relationship.

Girl pov
I again became late, now I again I have to face his anger. I don’t know why I in front of him I became weak. I just pray he didn’t reach at home. I somehow managed to reach in my apartment. I find lock is already open. He was angrily sitting there with drink in his hand. I gulped in fear. I tried to say something but due to fear no words were coming from my mouth. He dangerously reduce distance between us and hold me through waist.
I: sanskar
Sanskar: how many time I told you come home before me.
I: sry vo today there was so many work.
He tightly held my cheeks, tears came out from eyes.
I: it’s paining
Sanskar: what about that pain you give me daily?
He threw me on floor and went from there. Blood oozes from my elbow.
I not want to become weak but my love doesn’t allow me to say something to him.
I stood up and went in my room. I changed dress with difficulty and lie on bed without having foods. I heard door opening sound. He came inside the my room with food and first aid. I covered myself with blanket.
Sanskar: sorry I loose my control na, plz eat something.
He make me sit, I blankly looking toward him. He held his ears, I don’t want to melt but again I became weak and hug him.
I: pls don’t behave like that I only love you.
Sanskar: shh now complete food, I also didn’t eat anything since mrng.
I: why?
Sanskar: because I was missing you whole day.
He feed me food and I too feed him. After it he applied medicines on wounds.
His love is really diff , sometimes too aggressive and sometimes too caring.
He make me sleep and kissed my forehead.
Sanskar: I love you baby
I: love you 2
He went from there.
Scene 2
I dress up in white sleeveless dress, I picked my files for going office.
I step out from my room, his gaze fell on me. He angrily came toward me, I move back seeing his anger.
Sanskar: Are you going in party?

I nodded in no
Sanskar: then what type of dress you’re wearing.
I: what is wrong in it?
He drag me toward mirror and literally pushed me there.
Sanskar: see your body parts are visible. I don’t like if anyone sees you lustily. Go and change into something good.
I again want to argue but again became weak. I silently go and changed in full sleeve suit. I came out, he adjust my duppata and kissed my forehead.
Sanskar: now perfect
I avoid looking at him.
Sanskar: hey what happen? Why are you so sad?

I; nothing, just work load.
Sanskar: hmm, from today I will drop you at office and I will take from there.
I: but
He angrily sees me, I shut my mouth and nodded in yes.
He drop me at office. I about to ascend from car, he hold my hand and whisper sry.
I nodded in yes and leave from there.
Sanskar: see you soon.

Should I continue???

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