Swasan ss – My true love part -1


Character sketch –
Swara – a simple girl ,fun-loving, caring, smart and absolutely LOVE music … live with her parents and her brother.

Laksh – swara elder brother

Pooja – swara best friend , she is very creative and artsy

Sanskar- smart, firty with girls, play soccor, baseball, and basketball

Rahul – Sanskar best friend

Story start

Swara’s POV

I woke up first thing in the morning. I love watching the sunrise in the empty school parking lot across the street. Yea that’s right I’m the girl who lives right in front of the high school, but it’s not that bad I mean I don’t have to walk very far to get to school so that’s a plus. Anyways, any normal person would question me waking up so early just to see the sun, but it fascinates me, all the orange, yellow, and red is beautiful. Sometimes I’ll take a picture of this to show to Belle, so she can make a painting out of it. Now I just can’t help but wonder if there’s anyone else who would wake up at five in the morning just to see the sunrise. I guess for now I’ll be gazing out my window alone.

It’s almost 7 when I hear my Mom yelling at my brother to wake up. The guy’s two years older than me, and he can’t even get himself out of bed without my mom screaming in his ear. I’ve got an hour till school starts, so I throw on my usual oufit . It was 7:50 when I came downstairs to join my mom and laksh for breakfast, my dad was probably already on his way to work. When we had finished eating our cereal laksh and I left for school. Of course it didn’t take very long for us to cross the street, and laksh to go off with his football friends, and for me to catch up with pooja.
“Heyy swara!!” Pooja ran over as soon as she saw me.
“Hey there Pooja!” We hugged, then we started walking to our first period, did I mention we have the same schedule (with the exception of her art class and my music class).

“How was the sunrise this morning do you have a picture?” Pooja loved seeing my pictures of the sunrise, but she was to lazy to wake up early enough to see it herself
“Amazing, it was especially beautiful this morning. You know you could always wake up and watch it rise like I do”

“Eww… no I like my sleep, just show me the picture. I need something to paint for art today.” I scrambled through the pictures in my phone and showed her the pic.”Wow, swara, this is perfect I’m already inspired.”

“Good, now let’s get to class I want to get there early to get a good seat.”

“Liar! You just wanna see Sanskar!”
“Okay, okay, not so loud, I don’t want the whole school knowing!” I would’ve denied wanting to see Sanskar, but it was true, and Pooja knows me too well. I just love he’s deep blue eyes, and his smile gives me butterflies. If only I could work up enough courage to tell him how I feel, but we come from two different worlds. The only time we talk is in choir, but even then he barely gives me a second glance.
I walk in the classroom, and as always Sanskar is surrounded by all the “popular” girls. There goes my dream of sitting next to him. Instead me and Pooja sit in the back of the class, so we can doodle silly pictures for each other as usual, but today I didn’t feel like doodling. I couldn’t get my mind off of Sanskar…

Sanskar’s POV

It was 7:30 when I woke up to the sound of my sisters arguing with my mom. It was something about not wanting to match their oufits anymore. I got out of bed, took a shower, brushed my teeth, and threw on some jeans, a blue T-shirt, and some sneakers . I rushed downstairs to find that my sisters had won the arguement. I decided to joke around with them a bit.

“Hey Mom, who are these girls? I’ve never seen them before, although they do look a little like my sisters.. but they don’t match so they can’t be. Plus these girls are way to pretty to be my sisters.” I smiled at them.

“Sanskar, it’s us!” they said in perfect unison, I never understood how they could do that.

“Nope, not possible.” I said confidentely.

“If it wasn’t us then how could we know that you still sleep with your door cracked open because you’re still afraid of the dark!” Isha said mockingly.

“Okay, okay, shut up I get it it’s you. I was just joking around. I got a reputation to uphold you know.” I decided to just grab an apple and my backpack, and start walking to school. I had to walk about 4 blocks to get to school, but I didn’t mind it gave me time to think.
After 2 blocks I met up with my friend Rahul. We had met 2 summers ago at a baseball camp. I would consider Rahul to be my best friend ’cause he’s mostly my friend because he likes to joke around and hang out with me, not just hang out with me to get more popular, those would be the friends that call me “sanky”. Man I really hate that name.

“Hey man, sup?” says Rahul when he catches up to me.

“Nothing much you, how’s your dad?’ Rahul’s dad had recently been diagnosed with lung cancer; he used to smoke. Rahul had taken it really hard, but he’s much better about it now than he was about a month ago.

“You know same old same old, he mostly just rests in his bed while my mom, and Katie take care of him. You know I would help too, but my mom wants me to get good grades, so that means I’m stuck studying 24/7 when I’m not at baseball practice. It’s just math why does it have to be so goddamn hard.” Rahul’s older sister, Katie, is out of college now, ironically she went to become a nurse, so she knows exactly how to take care of her dad. With Rahul all he’s really good at is baseball, but I don’t complain, I mean he’s the best first baseman we’ve ever had.

“You want me to come over today…I could help you study for the math final tomorrow, and say hi to your dad?”

“Yea sure man, thanks, I owe you one.”

A couple minutes had gone by and we were at school, we happened to be early so I decided to get my books, and head off to first period, history. I walked into class, and took my usual seat on the other side of the room next to the wall, in the middlish. It only took about 2 minutes for all the girls to find me already seated. They came over and started to tell me about all the “exciting” things that had happened over the weekend. I didn’t pay much attention to them though, I just smiled and said “cool” every now and then. Then I saw swara and Pooja come into the room, swara looked over at me and then quickly looked away. I can’t quite figure out swara, she’s always been a mystery to me, she’s not like any of the other girls and yet.. I don’t know…

And sorry for not posting “I got you by fate ” but tomorrow I post it…

Note – this is not my concept … maybe I read this type of story like fb, tu …and Many things I added own my way..

Hope you also like it…Waiting for your cmnt…

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