Swasan ss – My true love part -7

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Ohh relationships. Everyone wants one, no one wants to deal with the end of them. The past two months have been crazy. I feel like I’ve lost everything. Normally I wouldn’t think about this, but it’s been exactly two months since Sanskar kissed Kiran, and it’s all I can think about. After that kiss, nothing went right, and I mean nothing, well at least for me. Rahul and I became really close friends. He hates Sanskar for what he did to me, but I can tell he secretly wants us to work out even though I will never let that happen. Anyways the bad thing that came from us becoming friends was that Pooja thinks that he likes me and that I like him back, she was pissed at me. I kept telling her we were just friends, but she didn’t believe me, typical Pooja, once she has her mind set on something she won’t listen to what anyone else says. So she hasn’t really talked to me in about a month. I can’t believe that I lost so much. All I have now is Rahul..

Pooja’s POV

I don’t want to talk about it. I thought Swara was my best friend, until I saw her stealing Rahul from me, she knows that he is the only guy I’ve ever liked.

Sanskar’s POV

It’s been two months since I kissed Kiran, and ruined everything between me and Shona and me and Rahul. I haven’t talked to Rahul at all, and Swara won’t even look me in the eye. Kiran’s been really clingy, and it’s starting to annoy me a little. I’ve started to wake up earlier to watch the sunrise, it really is beautiful. It helps me to clear my head, and think about the important things.
The other day Kiran came over. Annie and Isha didn’t seem to like her much, but whatever, this is my choice not theirs. I brought her up to my room. When we walked in and I saw her staring angrily at the wall, I realized I forgot something. The painting of Swara was still hanging on the wall where I had left it two months ago.

“What is that?” she questioned. She looked pissed.

“Nothing, a painting I made,” Please don’t ask me who it’s of.

“Who’s the girl Sanky?” Ugh Sanky, really Sanky.
“It’s no one, Kiran can we just start our homework?” I tried.

“No one Sanky? Really? Do you think I’m that stupid?” Yes.

“No,” I said

“It’s Swara, isn’t it? You still have feelings for her don’t you, Sanky?”

“No I don’t Kiran, just let it go,”

” You obviously do, why else would it still be hanging up there?”


“You know what don’t we’re over Sanky. Have a nice life without me!” She shouted and stomped out of the room. She slammed the door, and left my house without another word. I didn’t try to stop her though, Should I have? No. Truth is I didn’t like her very much at all. I’m glad that part of my life is over. Now to get back Rahul and Swara.

That night I got a text from Kiran:

I’m sooo sorry I flipped out earlier Sanky:( I didn’t mean it you probs forgot to take it down. Anyways I forgive you, we can be together again, tomorrow you can paint me to hang on your wall! 😉 ♥

I replied:

No Kiran, I’m sorry. I never really liked you. I should’ve never asked you to be my girlfriend, I messed up. I love Swara and I’m going to try to get her back. And by the way my name is Sanskar not Sanky.

There it was done. Tomorrow I would get back swara and Rahul, or at least try to. As if by cue I got a text from Rahul. Well, this is unusual. I took out my phone, and opened the message. Oh no, I dropped the phone, and ran out the door to go to Rahul’s. The text had read….

My dad was just rushed to the hospital, it’s not looking good man. I need to talk to you, please come over

Swara’s POV

I’m sitting on my couch watching a movie with Laksh and Sahil when my phone vibrates, it’s Rahul.

Swara, my dad was just rushed to the hospital. Come over please, hurry.

“Laksh, I need you to drive me to Rahul’s…now,” I jumped up from my spot. Laksh got up too, and so did Sahil.

“Why? What happened?” Laksh asked while grabbing his car keys.

“Rahul’s dad, was just rushed to the hospital…..hurry up,” I said while walking out the door. We jumped in the car and laksh drove us to Swara’s.

“Do you want me to wait here, or?” Laksh asked

“No it’s alright, you and Sahil can go home, I’ll get a ride home, or I’ll walk,” I replied.

“Okay, everything’s going to be fine, Swara,” Sahil said, and they drove off. I walked up the steps and rang the doorbell. I heard some foot steps, and then the door started to creak open, but it wasn’t Rahul..it was Sanskar…

“Sanskar? What are you doing here?” I asked.

“Rahul asked me to come. I mean even after all that’s happened were still best friends,” He was right, and I wanted him to be here too, oh god kiran better not be here.

“Where’s kiran,” I asked while walking in the door.

“She’s not here. I broke up with her last night,” Wait.. he broke up with her, but why? She was everything he deserved, even though I can’t stand her, I just don’t understand.

“Why?” I asked before going to check on Rahul.

“Because she’s not you swara,” Sanskar said.

Sanskar’s POV

I haven’t ran this fast since I was running to Rahul’s after I read that text. I kept imagining the worst things, he had been just like a dad to me. After two blocks I had gotten to his house, I didn’t even bother to knock, mostly because for all the years I’ve known Rahul I had just walked in. I came in through the front door to see Rahul sitting on the the couch with his hands covering his face.

“Hey Rahul,” He looked up at me with teary eyes and a red nose.

“Sanskar…I’m glad you came.” He said.

“Of course I’m here for you man no matter what. Listen can we just forget what happened. I was a jerk, and I know that now. I broke up with Kiran last night. All I want now is to have you and Swara back in my life,” He looked at me and he actually smiled.

“I knew you’d come around,” he said and pulled me into a hug.

“Friends?” I asked

“Friends,” he said. Just then I heard the doorbell ring, I looked at Rahul with a questioning look.
“That must be Swara, I texted her too, we’ve gotten to be really close friends, I’ll just go get that,” he said, but I stopped him.

“No, please, let me, I need to see her, she can’t ignore me if I’m the one to open that door,” I walked slowly to the door, and creaked it open. Standing there was Swara, with her beautiful ocean blue eyes, man have I missed those eyes.

“Sanskar? What are you doing here?” She asked me.

“Rahul asked me to come. I mean even after all that’s happened were still best friends,”

“Where’s Kiran,” she asked me.

“She’s not here. I broke up with her last night,” I answered. I wanted to hold Swara in my arms, to feel her warmth once more. We had been apart for so long. I can’t believe I let her slip away like that, I had promised her that I would never leave her side ever again, and yet I had done exactly that, and for a girl like Kiran no less.

“Why?” She looked into my eyes searching for an answer. This time I wasn’t going to let her slip away from me, no, not again.

“Because she’s not you, Swara” I said. At that moment I wanted to kiss her, hold her, but she just walked past me and towards Rahul. What just happened? Did she not feel the same way anymore? I don’t blame her I had done so many things wrong, I just wanted to believe that it would be easier, but Swara is anything but easy, if I want her again, I’m going to have to try a lot harder.

I watched her as she went over and sat down next to Rahul. I followed and listened to her calm him, and talk to him about uncle. I desperately wanted her to talk to me again with her sweet voice, but I know we’re here for Rahul, and he needs us now more than ever.

Credit – Navya

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