Swasan ss – My true love part -5

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Swara’s POV

I was walking home enjoying myself, and the cool air. Nothing could be better, I had just found out the guy I had loved for about 5 years, loved me in return. I opened the door to my empty house, and ran up to my bedroom to put my backpack away. Something was different though..

“Hello Shona,” I heard someone say just before I hear my bedroom door slam shut. I quickly turned around and looked into the eyes of Rajat.

Why is he here? What does he want?
“Lucky’s not here,” I said assertively.
“I know, it’s just you and me,” He said with that smirk on his face.

“Rajat if you take one step towards me I’m calling the police,” I reached for my phone in my pocket only to find that it wasn’t there, of course, I had left it sitting on Sanskar’s desk. I looked back at Rajat who had seen my failed attempt to find my phone.

“You were saying,” he said to me, and took a step towards me.

“Now if you behave, I won’t have to hurt you,” he said. Hurt me? What was he going to do to me?
“What do you mean?” I asked, not actually wanting to know the answer. He walked over to my bed.

“Take a seat,” he said motioning towards my bed. I was hesitant, but I didn’t want him to hurt me so I obeyed.

“Now lay down,” he said with his same smirk.
“No,” I said. I no longer cared if he wants to hurt me I’d rather die, than let him, of all people, get his way.

“What did you say, oh you’re going to pay for that,” he screamed. He walked over to my bedside table and grabbed my glass lamp. In one swift blow he hit me on the head. I could feel blood gushing out, and I was slipping in and out of consciousness. I felt some one grab me and thrust me onto the bed, I felt his lips on mine, but then he was taken off of me, someone had grabbed him, and slammed him into my bedroom wall..who was it? Was it Laksh? No, I could make out the person now..it was Sanskar. At this point Rajat had gotten a hold of him, and it looked as though Sanskar wouldn’t be able to get loose, but he did. I heard more people rushing up the stairs, and wailing sirens in the background. Before I blacked out I saw two policemen wrestle Rajat to the ground, and laksh, sahil, and Sankar were carrying me away..

Sanskar’s POV

“Oh no..” I whispered to myself as I read the text from Laksh. I ran downstairs without thinking.
“Isha, Annie I’ll be back soon, don’t fight,” I screamed as I ran out the door. I ran as fast as my legs could carry me to Swara’s house. I tried to stop thinking about all the terrible things that could’ve happend. Shona was probably already home when I left. Rajat could’ve been there waiting for her. No Sanskar don’t think don’t let it get to you, you’ll make it in time, Shona’s a smart girl, she’ll be okay.

I turned the corner, and Shona’s house came into view. I ran up to her door, luckily she had forgotten to lock it. I stopped and listened to see if they were still in the house, and then I heard someone scream:
“What did you say, oh you’re going to pay for that,” No, I ran upstairs to Shona’s room, locked. I heard the sound of shattered glass hit the floor. I kicked at the door until I got it open. I saw blood coming out of Shona’s head, and Rajat was on top of her..kissing her. My Shona.

I grabbed Rajat and threw him into the wall. How dare he touch Shona. I slammed him into the wall a couple of times, and then he got a hold of me, and he was strong. He knocked me down and punched me square in the face. I felt blood dripping from my nose, but I was too worried about Shona to feel any pain. I heard someone running up the stairs, it was Laksh and Sahil followed by two policemen. Laksh pulled Rajat off of me, and punched him several times, and then he let the two policemen, wrestle Rajat to the ground. Sahil had gone to Swara and started to pick her up. Laksh and I also came over to help carry her. She seemed to be unconscious and blood was still gushing out of her fragile little head.

We helped load her into the ambulance waiting, that I assumed sahil or laksh had called for, and climbed in with her. Everyone rushed around her put her on oxygen, and tried to stop the bleeding on her forehead. One of the paramedics gave me a cloth to stop my nose from bleeding, which I had completely forgotten about. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Laksh holding Shona’s hand softly crying, and saying “I’m so sorry Shona, I’m so so sorry,”

Soon enough we arrived at the hospital and Mia was rushed in. Laksh and Sahil waited in the waiting room, and I was lead to another room where they could check to see if I hadn’t been seriously injured, which I hadn’t been. I kept thinking, if only I had gotten there sooner, Shona wouldn’t have been hurt, just one minute sooner and everything would’ve been alright. Now I can only wait for her to wake up..

Credit – Navya


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