Swasan ss – My true love part -3


Part – 3

Swara POV

When we arrived at the mall, we met up with the rest of our friends, ragini, kavita,and kavya. We wandered around the entire mall going in and out of different stores. I hadn’t really been paying too much attention to the clothes, I kind of just let Daniella and Belle pick out different outfits for me to try on.

“Here Swara try this one on, it’ll really make your eyes pop,” said kavya..

“Huh.. oh yea sure,” I replied, it was a really pretty blue dress that she handed me. I walked to the changing rooms with my friends. They waited anxiously outside as I changed.

“It’s perfect!”Pooja and kavya exclaimed. I gotta admit it looked really good, and it wasn’t too fancy, it was perfect for Friday. We bought the dress and went out for ice cream. We laughed and joked around for about an hour or so. Ragini and kavita were making most of the jokes and making funny sounds, we couldn’t stop laughing.
When I got home I found out that sahil and rajat. Rajat was a huge player so I ignore him most of the time, but I like sahil he’s like a second brother to me.

“Hey sahil, rajat,” I really did not like rajat…

“Hey swara,” sahil said with a smile and gave me a hug. Rajat came over to me and started to do the same, but I backed away.

“Hey shona, you can’t give me a hug,” rajat smirked

“Rajat, just leave her alone, she’s not comfortable around you yet,” Laksh said, I loved laksh he’s always there for me, even when I don’t want him to be. He’s very protective, but I guess I like that, he’ll make such a great dad one day.

“Thanks lucky, I’m going to my room, call me down when dinner’s ready,” I said while walking up the stairs to my room. When I got in my room I hung up my new dress, and started on my homework. It wasn’t before long that laksh was calling me down to dinner. I ran downstairs and sat between laksh and sahil while we ate . We talked about stuff that happened at school, and I told my mom that I was meeting up with Sanskar after school Friday to work on the duet project.
“Ooooooh, shona’s got a boyfriend!” Laksh teased.

“Shut up, lucky, not funny, we’re just doing a project together no big deal,” I pride myself in the art of lying, but usually lucky catches my lies.
“You’re such a liar, swara,” Lucky whispers to me. Told you. It was then that I realized rajat staring at me from across the table, what did he want? It was starting to freak me out so I excused myself from the table and went back upstairs to finish my homework. When I was done I showered laid out my clothes for tomorrow, and went to bed, dreaming about Friday.

Sanskar’s POV

When I got home from Rahul’s I couldn’t stop thinking about Friday…and swara. I think I’m falling for her. Woah, I can’t believe it I’m falling for swara. It can’t be though I don’t fall for girls they fall for me, and yet I can’t stop thinking about her. Like I’ve said before she’s not like most girls she’s unique..special. Why didn’t I figure this out before, she’s always been there for me in a kind of distant way. She never teases me or uses me for my popularity. I feel so guilty now, like all this time I’ve been after all the wrong girls, all the girls who don’t like me for me, who only appreciate me for my looks and popularity. Well enough is enough no more falling for the pretty girl, I’m not saying swara isn’t pretty she’s beautiful, I just mean that now I’ll look deeper, beyond just the surface, and into the heart.
Now there is no way I can wait until Friday. When I can sing to those beautiful blue eyes. I can just imagine it, no forget imagining I’ll paint her, but from memory so it won’t be my best, but I don’t care, I had fallen hard for this girl, and I just needed to paint her..

There perfect. I hung up the painting, making a mental note to take it down before she comes. I decide to go to sleep because the faster I sleep the faster it’ll be Thursday the faster it’ll be Friday.

Writer (my) POV-

On Thursday swara and sanskar found themselves looking at each other often, but it wasn’t until choir class that they looked at the same time, sanskar smiled, and swara looked away blushing shyly/nervously. Swara wondered if he knew that she liked him, and sanskar wondered if she liked him. After school sanskar went home and waited around his room for Friday to come while looking up some different duet options, and sketching swara. Swara went home and had another awkward encounter with rajat, whenever she was around he was always staring at her with his creepy smirk plastered on his face. Swara grew to hate him even more, but as the afternoon faded into the evening, she grew to be just plain afraid of rajat, she had no idea what he was thinking, no one could’ve guessed what he was thinking, and if they did no one would want to believe it.

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