Swasan ss – My true love part -2


Swara’s POV

The day had gone by pretty quickly. It was now eigth period…choir. Suddenly I had butterflies in my stomach and I wanted so much to blush like crazy, for the minute I walked into the choir room, I heard Sanskar singing beautifully as always. He was singing “chahu mai ya na” , whenever I hear this song I think of him, and now he’s singing it right before my eyes. I kept it together though, not wanting him to know how I felt, and sat down in my assigned seat. I took out my music and started to study the different rythms and notes before we started rehearsal. Suddenly he had stop singing, I pretended not to notice, but I wanted him to start singing again. Why did he stop? Was it because Mr. Singh was here? Or maybe…

“Hey Swara,” I looked up to see those deep blue eyes staring into mine. I melted.
“Oh..hey Sanskar,” I felt a sudden need to blush, I tried so hard to contain it.
“So I was just wondering,…you know how we have to do that duet project?” Omygoodness, could he really be asking me to do the duet project with him..Omygoodness.
“Yea what about it?” I smiled and pretended not to know what he was talking about.
“Well..I thought maybe we could do it together.. I mean you have a really nice voice, and I think we would sound good together.” AHHHH! That did not just happen. He could’ve picked anyone else, and I mean ANYONE else, but he choose me!
“Yea that’d be fun!” At that I let myself blush. All too soon Mr. Singh came through the door, told us to take our seats, and rehearsal had begun.

–End of Class–

I felt like I was glowing all throughout choir today. All these years I had been able to control myself, but now everything was different, not only did Sanskar talk to me but he wanted to do a duet with me. We had decided to meet up at his house after school Friday to pick a song. I have to tell Pooja!
I literally sprinted to Pooja’s locker.
“Pooja! Pooja! Pooja! You will never guess what just happened to me!” I was practically jumping up and down with excitement.

“Umm..? You travelled to the future, and you and Sanky were married with three kids!?” Pooja…
“Ughhh noo… Sanskar asked me to do the duet project with him!!” I said excitedly, but quietly so no one would jump to conclusions and figure out my crush.

“OMYGOD SHONA! He totally loves you.”

“Shut up, and I’m going over his house Friday to pick out a song!”
“Lucky, Rahul doesn’t notice me at all..” Have I mentioned Pooja likes Rahul? Perfect right, Rahul and Sanky are best friends, and Pooja and I are best friends.

“Just give him some time you know what happened to his dad, he doesn’t really notice anything.”

“True..go get your stuff, we can go to the mall to get you an oufit for Friday!”

“Pooja I don’t need a new oufit, I have plenty of clothes” Pooja is always looking for a reson to shop.

“Come on it’ll be fun!”

I say fine because I know if I try to argue with her she’ll just win. I go get my backpack and we’re off.

Sanskar’s POV

The day had seemed like it would never end. The minutes seemed like hours, the hours like days, but soon enough it was eigth period and I was early as usual to choir. I started playing on the piano. After playing some random meledies, I started to play Chahu mai ya na and started to sing. This was the one class where I could truly be myself and I loved every second of it.

I was halfway through the song when everyone started to show up. I continued singing, and started to think about the duet project Mr. Singh assigned yesterday. I had thought that I could do the project with Kiran, she had a decent voice and she was fairly popular so that’s probably who people were expecting me to sing with, so she wouldn’t have a partner yet. I was about to go ask Kiran, when swara walked in the door. Of course Swara, how could I forget about her, she probably has the most beautiful voice in this whole choir, in my opinion. I stopped singing, even though I hadn’t quite finished the song. I walked over to where Swara
was sitting, and thought about what I would say to her. Words just flew out of my mouth.
“Hey Swara,” She looked up at me with those ocean blue eyes, wait ocean blue eyes what am I saying?

“Oh..hey Sanskar,” just keep smiling

“So I was just wondering,…you know how we have to do that duet project?” Damn why couldn’t I just come out, and ask her to be my partner.

“Yea..what about it,” she probably already has a partner, or she doesn’t want to be mine..ugh..it’s worth a shot, if she says no I can always ask Kiran.

“Well..I thought maybe we could do it together.. I mean you have a really nice voice, and I think we would sound good together.” Man I am not myself today.
“Yea, that’d be fun!” Wait did she just say yes…
At that moment Mr. Singh walked in and rehearsal started, but my mind was somewhere else. Swara had said yes..to me. I could’ve sworn she thought I was a complete jerk, maybe my luck is finally changing. At the end of the song … Abhishek, we were free to go. I quickly made my way to Swara, and asked her to come to my house Friday after school, so we could pick a song to sing together. When she agreed I felt relieved again, but why? I never felt this way around girls. Maybe it’s because she’s the first one who hasn’t been “obsessing” over for the past three months, and I kind of like it. She’s not like the others, she’s different.. unique. My sister’s will love her. Only two more days till Friday, and for some reason…I can’t wait….

–After School, Rahul’s house–

“Mom I’m home!” Rahul shouted into the seemingly empty house.
“We’re upstairs, hun!” Rahul’s mom, replied, they were probably with , Rahul’s dad. I call Rahul’s parents by their first names, and Rahul calls mine by thier first names too. We ran upstairs,
“Hello aunty, uncle, Katie” I said to the entire group. Aunty said hello back and turned her attention to Rahul.
“Rahul, why is Sanskar here. I told you, you have to study for your math final today.”
“I know Mom, Sanskar said he’d help me study, and help me understand math. He’s a lot better at it than I am,” Rahul replied quickly.

“Alright you two run along,” Aunty said smiling, but with a sigh. We went outside to Rahul’s porch and laid our books across the table.
We started talking about algebra and geometry, but somehow we started talking about my duet project and Swara..did I bring that up? I hadn’t really been paying attention, but then again I was thinking about her and maybe I said what I was thinking.
“Sanskar… Sanskar..HEY SANSKAR!” Rahul shouted.
“Woah what?”
“What’s going on between you and swara, yesterday you were going on about Bridgette, and now you’re talking about SWARA. Dude, make up your mind.” Woah how much did I say.

“Nothing, nothing…we’re just singing a duet together in choir,” but it’s not nothing, there’s definetely something.

“Alright.. we’ll see, it doesn’t sound like nothing,” Rahul’s right, but I’m not ready to tell him that, I’m not even ready to tell myself that, for the first time in my life I’m going to take something slow.

Precap – not decided

Hope you also like it…Waiting for your cmnt…

Note – This is not my ss …I really forget to tell you …
All credit goes to my friend #Navya
She told me to post on Tu

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