SwaSan SS : Who Am I ( by Swarmayi ) Introduction

Hello guys.. Swarmayi here.. Here I cm with my new ss.. B4 starting introduction,  lemme tell u smthng imp.. U guys knw my ff SwaSan : Happy Ending. As no one is liking it n r nt comfortable with story so I stopped it in middle.. It was a totally diff concept bt I dint get response. Well so frm nw on m nt writing it anymore.. cmng to this ss, its totally thrilling & horror.. yes guys.. u heard it ryt.. This is a horror story.. I hv read 1 book in marathi so this story will be based on that book.. M nt gonna copy dat book cz its simply IMPOSSIBLE. So I'll make changes whenever its necessary.  M giving u small introduction & promo.. If u like it then only I'll continue.. Otherwise… A bigg NOOO.. So do read it & lemme knw..


Introduction of characters :

Sanskar Maheshwari : A well known writer.. Smart, handsome & dashing.. Loves his wife & son alot..  Living in Mumbai.

Swara Sanskar Maheshwari : Wife of Sanskar.   A housewife. A pure soul & very kind hearted.. Loves her husband and son alot. Loves music..

Swaransh Maheshwari : Son of Swara & Sanskar.. 7 yrs old..

Laksh Singhania : A short film maker.. Best friend of Sanskar.

Ragini Singhania : Wife of Laksh.. Best friend of Swara. Works with Laksh..

Ramu Kaka : Old servant & works in Laksh's house.. very caring person. Loves SwaSan & RagLak as his own children..


Promo :

A man was shown searching advertisements on google.. He was searching a bunglow which must be surrounded by natural beauty.. After a lot of searching he got 1 as per his wish.. Though that advertise was  3/4 years old , bt generally it doesn't change so soon.. he thought.. He saw the no. written there & dials it..

" The Number You Have Dialed Is Currently Not Available …" He heard 1 recorded msg..

He : Do I dialed wrong no.?? Lemme try once again..

He again dialed the no.

" The Number You Have Dialed Is Currently Not Available …" Again same recorded msg..

He got angry..

He : What the hell.. Why they gave this no. If its nt available.. ( saying this he slammed his mob hardly on side table.. )

He grabbed his lappy & again started searching on google..

Suddenly his mobile rang.. He saw the no.. it was the same 1 which he dialed last tym.. He received call..

He : Hello..

Opposite person : Did u call on this no. B4 smtym? ( asked 1 lady in very slow voice )

He : oh ha.. yes.. I saw ur advertise. I want that bunglow fr few days..

Lady : ( in very slow voice ) Hw many days?

He : ( He literally sticked his ear to phone still her voice was nt clear.. ) umm.. fr atleast 3 weeks.. what's the rent?

Lady : No need to wry abt money.. I will agree what u'll give.. U go there.. I'll send sm1 to take money..

He : ( surprised ) Arrey.. Whats this? Tell me clearly abt money na..

Lady : I told na.. Give whatever u want.. I dont hv any objection.

He : huhh! Ok.. what abt bunglow? All facilities r there na? It's clean na?

Lady : Yes.. Bunglow is in good state.. U just need to clean living room & all.. rest everything is there.. and yes.. Keys r outside of bunglow.. ryt above the door.. ( she cuts the call.. )

He : ( thinks fr smtym ) Strange! No terms & conditions fr money.. keys r outside.. urrghh! ( he sighs )

Meanwhile his cute little son cms there & spks..

Swaransh : Dadda.. Ur mobile's battery.. ( he gives it to him )

Yes the guy was our Sanky.

Sanky : Aww.. Thanks my little boy.. bt when did it fall down ??

Swaransh : When u slammed ur phone on table remwmber?. that tym only..

Sanky : Arey.. Hw can it fall dat tym.. I spk after that on phone.. If it had fallen den hw cm I got call..?

Swaransh : No.. U r lieing. That time only it had fallen. I saw.. ( he said frowning )

Sanky : What nonsense! M telling u na I spk jst nw on phone.. while spking it must got loose & after I hang up it fell down..

Swaransh : Nooooooo.. U r lieing.. ( frowns )

" Ok baba.. That tym only it had fallen.. happy nw? & Sanky.. u r too arguing with kid?.."

A voice cm frm behind.. A lady was standing there.

Sanky : Swara.. He's blabbering anything..

Swara : Sanky.. He's a kid.. Let it be na.. ok nw.. cm.. lets go fr dinner..

Swara & Swaransh left.. Sanky looked at mobile & keeps on thinking..


Hw was it?
Did u like?
Share ur views..
I want atleast 25 cmnts then only I'll continue.
And this tym m damn serious guys..
Bye.. love uh all..???

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    Yeah i rlly liked it…its interesting…continue soon..

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    Shaluuu !!! i love it dear … uhhhh !!! horror one… i would love to read it … continue soon… thnk u…*i know i know in dosti no sry no thnk u… though m saying it…:-*

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