SwaSan SS : Who Am I ( by Swarmayi ) Chapter 1

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" Sssssssss…sssssss… here its soo cold na???" Said Swara to sanskar rubbing her both hands on each other..

Sanky : Yeah.. see.. how much trees and greenery is around..

Swara : haa.. bt b4 smtym, trees n greenery were in that dale too.. bt here its quite more, no???

Sanky : yes bt b4 smtym our car windows were closed so we dint feel.. bt here we r out of the car.. so its obvious to feel more cold..

Swara : And the funniest part is.. there is no wind here.. still toooo cold..

Sanky : so what shona..? If there is wind then only we can feel cold n chill its written in any book? ( said irritatingly )

Swara : ( holds his hand n keep her head on his shoulder ) Ok baba.. As you say.. afterall there is nothing wrong that here's so cold.. Infact I'm loving this so much.. Cold in Summer.. woww.. ( sanky laughs at her excitement n pecked her forehead )

Ramu kaka.. an old servant who works in Laksh's house, cm with sanky to help them in their small trip.. He was listening SwaSan nok-jhoks n smiling silently while Swaransh was busy in running here n there like anything..

After that phonecall sanky decided to visit this bunglow fr sm days n he cm there with his family..

All four cm near the main door of bunglow while laughing n talking continuously. Sanky searched fr keys in upper part of 1 corner.. and as expected he got the keys there.. He opened the lock n as soon as he opened the door a sharp smell cm out.. all kept their hands on their nose..

Swara : Eewwww.. How yucky smell is this..!!!

Swaransh : ( rubbing his small nose ) Ewww… Dad..!! Chiii!!! Where we cm…

Sanky quickly opened all windows.. Sharpness of that smell got less after smtym..

Swara : Garlic!!! It's a smell of Garlic, Sanky!

Sanky : Garlic?? How cm Garlic will be here? Don't spk anything.. Bunglow was closed for long tym thats y may be this smell is coming..

Swara : Ohh come on Sanky.. I can easily recognise smell of Garlic as m used to it in kitchen.. and if m wrong den ask Ramu Kaka.. Ramu kaka, this is the smell of Garlic only na?

Ramu kaka : ( nods and said yes ) Yeah beti.. it seems to be Garlic's only..

Till now all of them reached in living room.. Bunglow seemed being cleaned just now.. all were busy at staring the bunglow.. It was built 50 to 60 yrs b4.. Having great interiors,  big chandelier,  lamps on all corners.. Various paintings n what not..

Ramu Kaka : Listen my children, this bunglow must had been built by sm rich person at that time.. Ramu kaka was giving all information regarding its furniture n all.. While they all heard Swaransh's voice..

Swaransh : ( shouts ) Mummaa.. Dad.. come here na.. funny decoration.. cm fast..

Immediately trio ran to the room where Swaransh was.. They entered inside..

SwaSan were looked amazed seeing that decoration while Ramu kaka seemed tensed..

On the top of bedroom there were sm garlic's malas were hanging.. which was having so much dust now.. petals of Garlic also seen to be stuck to windows of room..

Sanky : ( while laughing ) Haha.. What's this foolishness! ? Ramu Kaka u said he must be very rich person bt I think he must be Businessman of Garlic.. whats say? ( swara too laughed )

But Ramu Kaka was still stuck at wall all numb..

Swara : ( concerned ) Ramu kaka?  What happened?

Ramu kaka : ( jerked ) Haan?? N..no..nothing.. cm..cm out of here.. cm.. dont stay there.. cm.. ( said hurriedly )

Sanky : ( stopped them holding their hands ) Ramu kaka, what happened?

Ramu kaka : This.. this doesn't seem good..

Sanky : What doesn't seem good, Ramu kaka?  ( now sanky was also getting worried )

Ramu kaka : This.. this much of garlics tied here.. do u knw when this much garlics tie?

Sanky : No.. ( said sanky looking at swara with questioning eyes while swara nodes her head negatively )

Ramu kaka : when sm1 get haunted by ghost in house then this much garlic people uses.. cz Ghost can't bear sharp smell of Garlic.. and thats y it's used as saving people from ghosts..

Sanky : ( Sanky's worriedness was all gone now ) What's this Ramu kaka? Who believes in Ghosts in this practical & scientific world..

Ramu kaka : yeah ryt.. nowadays u people thinks what we see is only truth n which we can't see is lie.. But as we accept God's sacred power in this world like that 1 irreligious power also exist in this world.. Who saw it, who experienced it they will never show disbelief on this.. and this tied garlic is indicating that only..

Swara : ( scared ) Sanky.. plz.. lets leave from here.. why to take such a risk? Also we dint give them money.. will call them and tell them sm reason.. bt we'll go smwhere else..

Sanky : ohh cmon shona.. dont be silly plz.. where we'll get such a beautiful n peaceful house? And that too in less money?

Swara : Bt sanky Ramu kaka. …

Sanky : ( holds her hands n made her sit beside him ) Shona.. old peoples! Their thoughts n our thoughts will never match.. That time his approach of seeing towards world was different. N now.. everything is so changed.. people.. places.. situations n thoughts too.. n slowly these things also got closed.. we just need listen them by 1 ear n leave by 2nd.. ok??

Swara nods..

Sanky : Ramu kaka.. plz make smthng fr eat.. we r hungry.. swaransh also dint eat anything.. till then we are resting.. ( said sanky n left room along with swara n swaransh )

Ramu kaka was still there in that room appraising smthng.. later he also went outside n locked the room..

Ramu kaka went to kitchen while SwaSan and swaransh rested on sofa in living room..

Sanky : Hussshhh… M very tired cz of driving continuously… bt really.. its worth to cm here..

Swara : yeah.. and see na.. how much silence is here? Looks like all got stopped after cmng here.. b4 cmng here all seemed so lively.. wind, trees, birds, animals.. bt here! Here there's nothing like that.. hai na?

Sanky : ( nods only ) Hmmm..

Sometime went in silence.. bt later sanky also dint liked this silence.. like swara said.. this silence was smthng different. There they were feeling good cz of coldness n silence. Bt still there was an unknown restlessness was there in their minds..

Smthng.. smthng was mistaken….

Sanky : ( thinks ) May be after so many days cm to an unknown place thats y m feeling this..

Sanky : ( finally breaking silence said to swara ) Go and see if Ramu kaka needs any help.. m damn hungry yaar.. do smthng fast..

Swara got up immediately and went to kitchen to help Ramu kaka.

Kitchen's veranda was huge..after a lil distance from dat veranda there were 3,4 rooms..

Swara was feeling very restless while entering in that kitchen. Don't know why? Without any reason it was so much irritated.. She was feeling like sm1 looking at her.. sm1 staring at her.. so she walked fast n entered in kitchen.. bt she got shocked n her feet got stuck there..

Opposite Ramu Kaka was….


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