swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 9)


hi guys I’m really sorry for not updating for a long time. . Please forgive me. . here we go..

swara was sleeping due to tiredness . she didn’t take any food or water. due to continues crying and tiredness swara fall in to sleep. her cheeks were still wet due to tears. kavita was sitting beside swara caressing her hair. that time shomi entered in to the room. she too feel bad for swara. but became angry on seeing kavita.
” kavita beta now you can leave. we are here to look swara. so you can go and take rest” shomi said with a fake smile.

” please aunty. let me stay with her. I’m also a reason for her pain. and I want to give her happiness back. now she needs my help. I can’t go away when she needs me. Please aunty” kavita literally pleaded to shomi. tears fall down from her eyes. shomi’s expression changes. anger and hatred filled in her face. .

” can’t you listen kavita? I know you are here to brainwash my daughter and send her with that idiot sanskar. but we. will not allow. that man is a devil. my daughter suffered a lot. not any more.. and I’m not requesting or asking you. but I’m ordering you leave my house now. ” shomi said in dangerous voice. kavita glared shomi with disbelief. then take her bag and walk out from there without uttering any word..

shomi (monologue): thank god that problem go away.. now I want to fill swara’s mind with hatred for that sanskar. . he want to go away from swara’s life. our daughter deserves much better. not a devil like sanskar..

shomi came near swara and kissed her forehead.
shomi to sleeping swara: swara beta we know that sanskar tortured you a lot. but we were helpless beta. we are middle class people and we don’t had any strength to oppose him. but now we can have everything. but for that you should leave sanskar forever. you deserve much more good life swara. and you will get it..

Sanskar’s house.
sanskar was drinking alcohol . he finished 6 or 7 glasses. he was going to fill another glass but laksh stops.
” sanskar stop this.. by having this poison you will not get your swara back. ” laksh said in concern voice.
” what will I do laksh? this will reduce my pain. so I’m having it” sanskar said in painful voice..
” is it? great sanskar. . you can reduce your pain by having this. what about swara? what about her pain? she is thinking that you betrayed her. her wound is more deep sanskar. . you can’t waste your time by drinking alcohol and roaming here there as a devdas. you should be strong and try to clear this mess” laksh said in serious tone..
” you are right laksh. . I will not drink any more. I want to win swara’s trust we have to do something soon” sanskar’s voice was not clear.. alcohol was affecting his body. sanskar fall on the bed.

‘ swara.. come back to me.. I will nit give any more pain to you. Please come to me’ sanskar was blabbering in half sleep. laksh feels bad for him. but he was somewhere happy. because he never thought that sanskar have love for swara. sanskar always used to torture her. but when she left from sanskar’s life he was like body without a soul. he was screaming like someone stab his heart.. sanskar realise that he loves swara. and can’t live without her. laksh was happy by that. but he was confused with the current situation. swara is not at all fault. sanskar also not fault he lied to swara for saving her parents. but why swara’s parents behaving strangely? this is the thought disturbing laksh.

1 week passed. shomi and shekhar bring swara back to life. swara is not the onld swara anymore. old swara was innocent, adorable. though her husband torture her she loved him. she was naive. but the thought of sanskar’s betrayal made her rough. she cried one whole day. but when she wake up she was a different women. her parents stood with her. it is true that they want to separate swara from sanskar. but they care swara. and they don’t want her to cry for him.

( guys shekhar and shomi cheated sanskar. but they love their daughter. they come to know that sanskar married swara for revenge. so they hate him and separate him from swara. They definitely did wrong. but they are selfish parents. who wants the better for their daughter. they thinks that sanskar is not good for swara. they want swara to live a better life. they are selfish for swara. selfish for themselves. all parents were not same. shesho are not so good. but they were not that negative)
parents support give a big confidence to swara. she tried to forget sanskar.. she was trying to find out a job now.

swara was searching job opportunities in news paper. that time door bell rings. swara open the door and finds a very handsome young man standing outside. . his dress and style made her think that he is rich. he had a baby face with twinkling eyes..
” may I help you” swara asked in confusion..
” swara boss?? ” he asked in return.
” yes” swara answered in amusement.
” can I enter in to the house” he asked for her permission.
” ha.. come in please” swara welcomed him inside the house.
he enter in to the living room and sat on the couch. swara also sat opposite to him.
” I’m karan mehta (played by karan wahi) ” he introduced himself.
swara look at him in confused face.
” I’m son of mr. rj mehta” karan said with a bright smile..

swara’s face lit up .
” oh .. I know mr. rj mehta. he is very sweet.. Please wait karan I will bring something to drink” swara said politely. she goes to kitchen and made grape juice . she gives it to karan .
” it is ao tasty swara” he praised her. swara just smiled at his compliment.
” swara.. you may have confusion over my arrival. . so let me said the thing.. my dad said you will we be the perfect model for our company. when I saw you I too thinks that dad is very right. we want you to be a model for our products. . will you?” karan asked in hope and curiosity. swara was slight shocked by this. mehta offered this to her before also. but sanskar rejected it. and she also was not have any desire for money and fame. but a job is needed for her now. so she didn’t get any answer.

” swara I don’t get your answer” karan asked again.
” please give me some time to think about it. I will give my answer very soon” swara said in an apological voice.
” ok swara. take your time. but we expect yes from you. ” karan said in soft voice.
karan leaves. swara was thinking about the offer.. should she accept it or not..

sanskar was becoming hopless and weak day by day. With the help of laksh he tried to see swara . but all his efforts go in vein. meera was also missing from that day. her adress was fake. sanskar don’t know what to do now. he lost interest in everything. his business also running weak. laksh was always there tp support him. and in company also laksh always was there with him.
laksh and sanskar were talking . kavita was also there..
” laksh, kavita why you guys are wasting your time by helping me? I don’t deserve it..” sanskar said in depressed tone.
” sanskar we are your friends. if we don’t support in your worst situation why should we call ourselves are your friends? we are with you. and definitely we will get a solution for our problems” kavita said.

” ha sanskar. we will always there for you. and in my opinion only solution to our problem is swara’s parents. only they knew the truth. If we confront them we can kbow the truth” laksh said .
” no laksh.. I know swara’s parents know everything and they can tell the truth. but if I asked casually they will not say anything. and I can’t kidnap them or threaten them to spit out the truth. if I do so then my swara will hurt more. she will hate me more. I gave much pain to her. I can’t give anymore pain to her by hurting her parents” sanskar said in serious tone.
” but they are very selfish. they are not thinking that swara’a life is being destroyed. I just hate them” kavita said in disgusting tone.

” I don’t know anything. but if we have no other choice then we have to confront swara’s parents. else your and swara’s life will be destroyed” laksh said while thinking.

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