swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 6)


hi guys.. sorry I couldn’t reply to your comments on last part.. but I read all the comments and I’m so happy. . thank you so much my lovely friends. . and love you all..

here is the next part..

morning. .
swara wakes up and saw kavita sleeping beside her. she feels very care and affection towards kavita. kavita and laksh are her main supporters who give strength to her . swara goes to washroom and came out wearing a blue saree.. kavita awake by this time and smiled at swara. .
” swara you are stunning in this saree.. sanskar will not take his eyes from you” kavita said in a teasing way.. swara blushed a little but it fades while thinking that sanskar hates her..
” you are wrong kavita.. he didn’t give a damn to me.. then what on the earth made him notice me today.. no he will not” swara’s voice was painful .

“swara then we can call your would be husband .. he will definitely notice your beauty” kavita winked at swara..
” what you mean kavita” swara’s eyebrows narrowed. .
” oyee.. you forgot our game? aree budhhu laksh.. he is your future husband na.. ” kavita make swara remember that..
” oh.. I forgot. . but what is the need of these things.. sanskar will hate me more. . that’s it” swara said in a hopeless voice

“don’t think much ok? we know our plan well and we have full trust.. sanskar will ask forgiveness from you.. else my name is not kavita” kavita said in full confidence. .
swara give her a forced smile..

Sanskar was in office.. but certain thoughts are disturbing his mind.. someone ask permission to enter his cabin.. It was meera his PA. she entered in to his cabin..
“yes meera tell me” he said without looking at her face..
” sir mr. metha and company are ready to give their 150 crors project deal to us.. their call arrived just a few seconds ago” she said in a happy and exited voice. but she didn’t see any excitement or happiness in sanskar’s face..
“sir r u listening” she asked worried
“I knew it meera. nothing big in it.. and anything else?” sanskar’s voice was frustrated. . meera felt bad..

“mr. metha organised a party in his house and he invited us ”
“us means only you and me” sanskar’s tone mafe her scared..
“no sir your family and some of our employees also”

” ok meera .. you may go now”
meera left the room.. in her cabin meera messaged something to some number.. she had an evil smirk in her face.

sanskar came early to home.. he don’t see swara or kavita anywhere. . he was about to call kavita. but he saw their car is coming inside.. sanskar sat on the couch and involved in his mobile.. swara and kavita entered in to living room. .
“sanskarrrr” kavita’s scream made him notice them..
sanskar was astonished to see his wife.. swara had a makeover. . she was wearing his favourite blue colored saree with a backless s*xy blouse.. her hair was curled up in the bottom.. her face was glowing.. her lips was cherry red colour.. thick kajol applied on her eyes made her eyes sparkling and most gorgeous. .

sanskar couldn’t take his eyes from her.. she is looking like a goddess. .
“beautiful” his lips whispers. . kavita caught this.
“sanskar you are complimenting swara ha? you can’t see me na” kavita asked in a fake anger made sanskar embarrassed. .
“you are looking hot babe” sanskar compliment kavita and hold her shoulders.. swara feels jealous and sad by this and sanakar enjoyed it.. but that time swara’s saviour laksh enter the house with his graceful smile. .

“hi everyone” he wished..
sanskar’s face became pale by seeing him.. laksh and kavita noticed it..
“waw my darling looks s*xy” laksh hugged swara.. sanskar burn in jealousy..
“I’m the luckiest person in the earth that I got such a gorgeous and lovely wife..” laksh said by caressing swara’s cheeks.. sanskar eyes became red by anger..
“swara come with me I want to tell something to you” sanskar ordered to swara..
“what yaar sanskar.. let me romance with my future wife. . ” laksh said in a irritating voice. . sanskar’ s anger raise its peak.. if laksh said anything more he would have punch him hardly.. kavita read sanskar’s face. she place him palms on sanskar’s to make him calm down..
“swara , I think sanskar want to say something very important to you.. sanskar take her. I will give company to laksh” kavita said by winking at laksh.. a smile appeared on laksh’s face.. which was unnoticed by sanskar..

sanskar took swara with him in their room. he bolted the room and stare swara with anger..
” why are you looking at me angrily sanskar” swara asked casually. .
sanskar moves towards to her and pinned her to the wall..

“what are you doing sanskar” swara’s voice trembled. . sanskar didn’t answer her.. his gaze was on her lips.. he placed his index finger on her lips.. and began to rub it..
“who told you to apply this much lipstick on your lips.. ” he asked in a husky voice. . his touch on her lips made her feel pleasure inside her body.. first time she is loving his touch.. his touch was sensuous. . it was rubbing every bit of her lips.. he was feeling the soft petal like lips in his fingers. . finally he removed all sort of lipstick from her lips.. Then he placed his lips on hers.. swara was getting a different feeling. . she never liked his touch.. but this time she too enjoys it.. he sucked her lips slowly . it was not a deep kiss.. it was short.. he removed his lips from hers..

swara looked to his eyes. . for her surprise she didn’t find hatred in that.. but there is no love also in that..
” don’t marry him” sanskar’s voice was soft.. swara didn’t understand what he was saying..
“what” she asked in confusion. .
” I don’t want see you as laksh’s wife” sanskar said calmly..
” what is your blo*dy problem sanskar? you hates me.. then what the damn problem you have if I marry laksh” swara’s voice was filled with anger..
sanskar smiled at her..
“do you love him?” sanskar asked

“yes I do” swara said
“then why did you allow me to kiss you? touch you? ” sanskar’s voice was still calm.. swara gulped.. she didn’t get what to answer. . she remains silent..
“if you loved him you won’t allow me to kiss you. . this time I didn’t force you. .” sanskar has a winning smile on his face..
” do you love me sanskar?” swara’s voice shocked him..

“no” sanskar turns his gaze. .
swara feel pity for him and for herself. a bitter smile appeared on her face..
“you don’t love me then also you kissed me.. you forced me every night.. and I love him then also I allow you to kiss me.. didn’t protest. . Some questions are like this sanskar. . if we search for the answer we will never get it.. ” swara left from the room.. her words touch his heart. .

sanskar (monologue): I married swara for revenge only.. but I can’t see her with laksh.. I’m not feeling happy with kavita.. what the hell wrong with me.. what feeling I have towards swara? is it revenge? hatred? lust? or…….. ?

so guys. . how was it.. say your opinions. . and how many are waiting for my angels v/s devils ff? I’m going to end it in 2 episodes. . I’m not getting the interest in it.. if you don’t want me to end it please comment here.. guys please five your comments. . criticisms is most welcomed. . I’m a very lazy person. . only comments make me to continue further.. and I tried to change my writing style.. if it is bad then please forgive me..

with lots of love


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