swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 5)

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laksh comes near swara and place his palm on her bare soft waist.. sanskar burn with jealousy.. swara feels uncomfortable by his touch but she didn’t shows it.
kavita: sanskar why you are staring them? aren’t you happy? I’m very happy. .
kavita holds sanskar’s hand but he jerked it.
sanskar: so everything is finalised. my present wife’s marriage fixed and everyone enjoys it.. and I’m standing like a outsider. . waw.
laksh: why you are over reacting sanskar? this marriage was your revenge. . you never loved swara. and now your love kavita is with you. then why you are making situation complicated? or you can’t tolerate swara’s happiness?
laksh was mocking on him. sanskar couldn’t take it.. he clinched his fist.
sanskar: how dare you laksh mehra? you are in my home and shouting at me?
kavita tries to control his anger..
kavita: sanskar why you are behaving rude? laksh didn’t say anything wrong. . but you are behaving very rude and arrogant. .
sanskar: ok.. I will not talk to him. and don’t talk these things to me . I don’t want to be a part of this nonsense. .
kavita: you are impossible. .
sanskar left to his room..

swara and kavita had their lunch. . sanskar didn’t come to home yet. swara was worried . kavita didn’t care much. she was busy with jer mobile..
swara: kavita sanskar didn’t come yet.
kavita: so what swara? he is having a party and will be little late to arrive. and he is not a small kid so don’t take much stress. .
swara: but it is 12: 30 already. .
kavita: I’m going to bed.
kavita left to her room. swara was still waiting. after sometimes sge heard the sound of his car.. swara rushed in to the door and opend it.. sanskar was coming. but he was fully drunken. . and his steps was not straight. . his eyes was red and hair was messed .
swara shocked to see him. he was looking like a totally shattered person. . he was about to fall swara tries to help him. but he jerked her hands. .
sanskar: stay away from me..
swara: what is this sanskar? you never drunk this much. . what happened to you?
sanskar: you.. you are the soul reason of my whole problems..
swara smiled bitterly. .
swara: waw sanskar.. I’m amazed. . you just ruin my life and you are saying this.. I’m just impressed. .
sanskar sat on a couch in the living room..
sanskar: you were my first love swara.. but you .. you didn’t accept me. .
swara shocked..
swara: what are you saying sanskar? you loved kavita not me..
sanskar: ha.. right kavita was a relief for me.. she helped me to come out of your thoughts. . but you again come.. and break our relation. . and I married you . now you are going to leave me . how much selfish a girl can be.. you are such a selfish girl..
swara didn’t understand what he is saying. . his words hurt her a lot..
swara: what do you mean sanskar? I didn’t understand anything.
sanskar: really? we studied in same school till 10th.. I had a crush on you from the first sight. in 10th standard I thought to propose you. but when I came I saw you hugging a boy and he was kissing your cheek. that time I start to hate you.. then in college I get kavita. she cared me a lot.. me too. but your thoughts was killing me from inside. . one day you too join the same college and became friends with kavita. I said to her to stay away from you. but she didn’t hear. so she lost me.. I married you for revenge. . but now you are going to leave me.. I don’t know what the hell happening to my life.. my life sucks..
swara was in tears his words literally shaken her.. she didn’t understand what to do. .
sanskar: why did you agree to marry laksh? am I not satisfying you?
swara : what is my fault sanskar? you are taking revenge on me for a thing I never done.. and in school ya I hugged him because I thought him as my brother. . he was in deep pain. and he hugged me and I just consoled. he is younger to me and I even tied rakhi to him.. actually you are creating every mess on your life. you are going to divorce me. then what the big deal if I marry laksh?
sanskar: stop it.. you have to right to speak in a loud voice..
swara: you are such an idiot.
swara runs to her room.. she fall on the bed. . tears roll down fron her eyes.. she was feeling extreme pain . people may say that it is difficult to understand a wonan but it is not easy to understand a man a man as well.. both have thousands of secrets deep inside their heart. swara never ever in her dreams thought that sanskar loves her.. she can’t understand what place she having sanskar’s mind. .
she heard a knock on the door. it was kavita.. kavita enters to the room and sit on the bed. kavita wipes swara’s tears and hugged her tightly. swara too hugged her back..
kavita: relax swara.. be strong.. don’t forget our plan.. we are doing this all to make sanskar understand his mistakes.
swara: no kavita . he will not understand anything. . I don’t know what is going oh his mind..
kavita: do you love him swara?
swara: once I loved him.. but now I don’t have any feelings towards him..
kavita: don’t hide your feelings from me swara. I know he behaved you in a very disgusting way. no girl will forgive him . but somewhere in your heart you have still feelings for him.
swara: may be.. love is really mad.. really blind and a curse.. love will make u weak.. I hate to love him kavita.. I hate to love..
kavita: I can understand swara.. first we have to prove your innocence. then everything will be alright. sanskar will repent for his mistakes..
swara nodded in yes.
kavita’s mobile rings. . it was laksh.. kavita told everything to laksh. .
laksh: so he is having fear of lossing swara. it is good..
kavita : ha laksh our plan is working. . but swara is crying she is very sad..
laksh: let her.. it will decrease her pain a little. . and be with her kavita. .
kavita: sure laksh. I will be with her. I’m also a reason for her condition. I have to unite her with sanskar. .
laksh: you are really great kavita
kavita: enough of your prising laksh. swara is my friend. and sanskar he also have place in my heart.. now I don’t love him . I move on. but once I too loved him..

kavita’s eyea became moist..
laksh: kavita. .
kavita: don’t worry laksh I know sanskar always loved swara. he was just attracted to me. it was not love. so they should be united. and I move on in my life..

screen freez. .

guys I don’t know how was this. Please forgive me if it was boring. .

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