swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 4)

hi guys I’m back with next update. hope you all will like it. love you all..
Swara was about to go. but sanskar caught her wrist..
sanskar: you can’t go like that..
kavita interfere.

kavita: sanskar let her go.. I’m with you na. you loves me.. only me.
sanskar: ha I love you only. but she can’t go like that.. she will live with us until she get divorce from me.
kavita: sanskar you are an idiot. did you want her to disturb us? have you lost it?
sanskar: kavita legally she is my wife and I will give divorce to her. and she will live with us only. it is my final decision.
sanskar: swara place your cloths in guest room. kavita you can’t pive with me until we get married. so take your things from my room and shift to some other room.
swara and kavita give him a weird look.
sanskar didn’t look any of them. he go out.
sanskar (in mind) : oh god.. everything is going to messed up more.. kavita again come back to my life. what will I do now..

he cursed his fate..
when sanskar returned to home swara was preparing food in kitchen. kavita was watching tv.
kavita was very happy to see him. she hugged him..
kavita: my baby.. why you are not paying attention on me? I’m living looking hot na..
she was wearing a short dress.
sanskar: ha kavita. you are looking hot. I’m dying to make you mine.. * he said it in a loud voice so thar swara could hear them..

swara hear his words. she felt pain her heart..
sanskar take kavita in to kitchen. swara didn’t pay attention to them.. sanskar: baby you are too s*xy.. and you are gorgeous. .I love you so much..
sanskar was glaring to swara while saying these stupidity to kavita.
kavita: I know it baby. I’m awesome. . and your decision for letting thos swara to live here is nice. we don’t want to pay for servant na.
sanskar: ha baby.. some girls are born for kitchen only. no one can bear them.. they are only made for kitchen..

swara looked at them with blood shot eyes. she comes near sanskar.
swara: only for kitchen? or for bedroom also?
sanskar became angry by her statement.
sanskar: don’t be over smart. you are not more than a servant.
this is it for swara. she throw glass items in kitchen floor and made kitchen a mess.. glass pieces scattered on the floor. .
kavita: what is wrong with you idiot?
swara: kavita keep your toung in your mouth. don’t dare to mess up with me.
swara pushed kavita to floor. sanskar shocked by her behaviour. swara runs to her room and about to lock it. before locking it sanskar entered the room and locked it.
swara: what are you doing?
sanskar pulled her towards him and hold her bare waist tightly. swara felt pain due to his grip.
sanskar: what the hell swara.. why you did it?
swara: i don’t want to give any answer to you. go and help your girlfriend. what you are doing in my room?

sanskar: ya she is my love. but yoy are my wife. and I can do and say whatever I want to you.
sanskar bite her lips.
swara moaned in pain.. her lips start to bleed.
swara pushe him with all her forces.
swara: you are a beast. you want to drink my blood na. do it and kill me. I didn’t saw any cruel devil other than you.
sanskar: ha I’m a devil. and I have all rights on you. today nught also you have to sleep with me.
swara: what the hell.. in your dreams sanskar. you will sleep with me when your divine lover is present here?

sanskar: don’t question me. just obey me. I want you.
swara: we are going to divorce mr. sanskar.
sanskar: I know swara. . but I want you tonight. else I will make love with kavita in front of you.
He goes from the room..
swara couldn’t understand what is going on her life. she sat on the bed by cursing her fate..

swara didn’t do any works further. sanskar appointed a servant. swara didn’t come to ate dinner. sanskar order the servant to serve dinner for swara in her room..
after dinner sanskar goes to his room. kavita entered in his room. she was wearing a transparent nighty. she goes near sanskar and place her hands on his shoulders.
kavita ( seductive tone) : sanskar.. come let us enjoy..
sanskar feels irritated by her behaviour. he jerks her hand.
sanskar: kavita go and sleep. you must be tired.
kavita: please sanskar look at me..

sanskar didn’t look at her. . kavita continued to seduce sanskar..
sanskar: kavita baby. Please I’m very tiered. after our marriage I will be always with you. Please I can’t touch you before marriage. Please go to your room..
poor kavita (lol) lost all hopes and left to her room.
sanskar feels relaxed..

after some times sanskar goes to swara’s room and knock the door.. after sometime swara opend the door.. sanskar enter in to the room.
sanskar: you slept early?
swara give him a disgusting look.
sanskar: come on swara. . today also you have to satisfy me..
swara (in a painful voice): why you ars ruining my life sanskar..
sanskar: you deserves it..

swara: what the hell? kavita return to your life na. now what you want?
sanskar didn’t answer her. he goes close to her and starts kissing her body..
sanskar: if you don’t satisfy me I will go to kavita’s room. swara didn’t want sanskar to go near kavita. so she didn’t protest.
sanskar throw her on the bed and starts enjoying her.. swara suppressed her pain . that night also sanskar used swara for his lust..

next day..
sanskar wake up by hearing loud noises on his house. he came in to living room. laksh was there. sanskar feels irritated by seeing him. kavita and swara also there. kavita was laughing on laksh’s jokes.
kavita: sanskar I have a great news for you.
sanskar: what?
kavita: laksh is going to marry swara after your and swara’s divorce. .
laksh nodded in yes.
sanskar shocked like hell..

guys what are your views on sanskar? it is a short chapter na. sorry don’t feel like writing. . Please comment guys. I’m too lazy


  1. Romaisa

    Nice episode❀️ I liked sansakr because I think he is changingπŸ™πŸ» I hope soβ€οΈπŸ˜‚

  2. anu

    awesome… please give previous all chapter links in ur next part of this ff… update soon..

  3. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    My views on sanky is hmmm… hmmm….. hmmm.. Yeah he is the number one idiot in the world😈😈.About chappy, awsm.Lucky is gonna marry swara.I think it’s a plan.Sanky shocks😱😩lucky rocksπŸ‘πŸ‘. Waiting for nxt di.Love you too.
    Take care πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺ
    Keep smiling ☺

    • Jwala


      kiddo.. lol true dear. sanskar is no.1 idiot.. laksh ka plan or not will see it soon dear.. hehe true sanky shocks.. lucky rocks.. love you so much dear. . tc

  4. Mica

    |Registered Member

    i saw a word “lust” and then cuzzzzzzzzzzz …. my finger run to click it
    pervert me *blushing.
    swara is true hot…too hot to be true hahaha.
    btw jwala dear, TU doesn’t allow me to comment at “heartless queen” huhuhuhu

      • Mica

        |Registered Member

        u don’t understand what hun ? the TU part or the “lust” part ? hehehe
        in heartless queen (last posted chapter) there isn’t a comment box, so i can’t comment on that ff.
        on”lust” part, i mean i clicked this ff once i saw it, that’s it.

    • Jwala


      hehe.. lol.. I don’t know what happened to that ff no comment box. we informed tu but no use. we are very sad for that.

  5. Sathya

    |Registered Member

    Jwala.. It’s stupendous episode….. Ha ha ha poor Sanky couldn’t understand his feelings only… He just wants to irritate Swara but he doesn’t like Kavita to touch him.. Too good.. He wants to enjoy only with Swara his wife… It’s true that whoever comes n goes… Wife is always a wife… Keep rocking dear 😍😍😍😍 update the next one soon.. Don’t delay

    • Jwala


      sathya di.. hope I can call you di.. shan and me and same age. she called you di na . so you are my di also hehe.. sanky is really a fool.. yeh wife is wife. no one can take her place.. sorry for delay di.. I’m writing too much ff’s. so can’t update regularly

      • Sathya

        |Registered Member

        Aww…so sweet of you Jwala dear…yeah i understand,,coz am also in same position..can’t update regularly…but this ff becomes my most fav one among all…i just loved it to the core..thank you for giving such a fabulous one…keep rocking dear…

  6. Divyanshri

    |Registered Member

    jwalu Di…. too good loved it….. stupid sanskar cnt he confess his love directly to her…… 😑😑😑 usko ghuse dene ka maan kar raha hai…..

  7. Navi

    Im confused by sanskar behaviour.. does he hav feeling for swara or stil lust.. nd kavitha vamp im gonna kill hr with my hands.. nd lucky took desicion to sav swara bt its his plan i think nd may b kavitha too involved ah?? So many questions are running my head jwala dr… nd waiting for nxt part…
    And wr is beautiful feeling ss dr im waiting for dat too…

    • Jwala


      so sweet of you navi.. sanskar is most confused and stupid here lol.. you will get all answers doon dear.. for you I will update that one tomorrow dear.. keep reading and keep supporting. . love you

  8. Navi

    Im bck agn to distrub u with my stupid comment…. wow lucky ur real bro found his bro feeling.. nd coming to swandhir i cnt see thm 2gthr.. im cursing myself feel like sad angry depresd by closness of both :'( :'( πŸ™ nd rags is too girl she too hv feeling so i cnt curse hr… agn in today epi feel sad for sanlak…. this comment for heartless queen (shawala)
    Ok bye dr tc

    • Jwala


      how dare you to say your comment stupid? your comment is very precious for me ha.. you can’t see swandhir.. lol .. I love them. ye ragini is not totally wrong. . you will feel pain for them more in coming updates.. forgive us.. hehe. love you dear.. tale care

  9. Fatimak18

    |Registered Member

    Jwala spell bound dea😘😘😘……kya khun samjh nhi aa rha😐😐😐…….well Awsome epi😘😘😘….sanskar is in love with Swara that’s y he feel disgusting when kavita was trying to romance with him and he didn’t realize that he fell in love with Swara😁😁😁…….and making Swara jelous by commenting and touching kavitaπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰………update soon….did u read my ff part-6😜😜………how was swara’s revengeπŸ˜›πŸ˜›….did u lyk that????……bubye meet u soon jwala😘😘😘………..

  10. Sriya

    |Registered Member

    guys awesome chappy and very very sorry jwala for comparing helly and tejaswi please forgive me i am guilty to the core of my heart sooooooooo sorry dear

  11. Paru

    Super duper… I was waiting for this Ff yaar…his behaviour is wiered… I think he started to like her presence unknowingly… Possessive about her….though he hate her.. But still he have right on her..
    He didn’t like kavitha presence now.. Haha very funny… Definitely he is going to jealous after hearing Laksh decisions… Wow….Sanskar deserve punishment yaar don’t forgive him easily….he played with a girls dignity..

    • Jwala


      such a wonderful comment paru.. I’m so happy by reading your comments. . his behaviour is definitely weird. . you will get to know why he is behaving like this.. yes dear swara will not forgive him easily. . keep reading dear.. your comment is really an inspiration. . love you a lot. . keep commenting. .

  12. Paru

    Heartless queen you guys nailed it….superb…loved randhir…haha his dialogues are funny..

  13. chandu

    Awesome..!! Loved laksh shocking news..!! Is kavita coming back, a plan of laksh??!! Waiting for next part..!!

  14. Mahjabeen

    Dear it was just awesome…nd rlly now sanskar wl feel jealous nd he wl undrstnd how it feels wen he ws praising dat kavita infront of swara…now swara should du..so dat he cn undrstand..nd i thnk laksh wl help by dis to prove swaras innocence..continue soon

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