swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 3)


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swara was working in the kitchen. soon she heard screaming of sanskar.. swara runs to the room and saw anskar sitting on the bed. his hands were bleeding. .
swara (worried) : what happened sanskar?
sanskar didn’t say anything. . swara saw some glass pieces scattered on the floor and blood stains on the floor. . she understood that sanskar was suppressing his anger on the glass and it broken in his hands. .
she take first aid box and started to clean the wound.
sanskar jerks his hands.
sanskar: no need of your help. I know how to bandage it and I will do. for god sake get out from the room. .
swara didn’t utter any word she caught his hands forcefully and pressed the wound..
“aaaahhh” sanskar screamed in pain.
swara : so you have also human body. you also have pain.. very good..
she cleaned the wound and applied ointment and bandage it.. sanakar was feeling immense pain in his hands. .
swara looked in to his eyes. . his eyes have no feeling this time.. he turned his gaze away..
swara: I don’t do this because I’m your wife. I do it because I’m a human and feel pity on others.
and I don’t have hatred for you sanskar. I have only pity for you. .
sanskar: if you are done with your lecture go from here..
swara give him a disgusting look and go from there..
sanskar (monologue) you give pain to my hands na.. I will give pain to your heart. watch it swara..

after some times door bell ring. swara opened it and saw a modern girl standing outside. . she was wearing a mini skirt and sleeveless top..
swara: who are you?
girl: hey I’m nita. where is sanskar sir ? he called me here.
swara: are you working with sanskar?
nita: no we met in a party.. and became friends. . today he called me here.. by the way who are you?
swara boiled with anger. she was about to say something. . suddenly she heard sanskar’s voice..
sanskar: hey nita.. come in baby..
girl run towards him and hugged him.. swara felt like someone hit her.
nita: hey baby you are looking so hot..
sanskar: come on baby we can go to our room.
sanskar takes her to his room.. swara fumes in anger.. swara follows them..
in room..
swara peeped to inside through the window.
Nita was seducing sanskar by sliding her fingers on his body. she was about to unbutton his shirt. . swara couldn’t take it anymore she opend the door and goes towards nita and slapped her hardly..

swara: how dare you b*t*h ..
sanskar (angrily): what is your problem swara? don’t interfere in my personal matters. .
swara: ha. it may be your personal matter. but I’m your wife. you don’t love me I know it very well but I will not allow this in front of my eyes. divorce me. and you can do whatever. I don’t care. but if this mangalsootra is in my neck I will not allow you to do these things. else you have to kill me.. or divorce me I’m ready for it..
swara dragged nita out . nita left in anger .
sanskar goes out as nothing happened. swara sat on the floor . he cursed her fate.
sanskar (in mind) : swara you think that I call the girl to satisfy my lust ha? no swara.. I call her to give you pain. no wife will bear this. and I know I hurts you a lot. I hate you swara and I’m enjoying when you cry. I don’t have lust for any other girl. nor I have even for kavita. I didn’t have hatred to any other girls. my hatred and lust are only for you darling. . now cry as much you can.. I will give you more pain..

sanskar come back to home and saw his wife lying on the floor..
he called her. swara wake up and saw him staring her.. her face was pale , hair was messed still she was looking gorgeous. .
sanskar: baby now crying time is over.. now it is the time for satisfying your husband. .
swara glared him angrily. . she didn’t utter any word.. she was about to go.
but sanskar hold her hands. she was wearing a yellow suit.
sanskar stared her top to bottom. .
sanskar: that nita was very hot. but she didn’t have the attraction that you have. .
sanskar leaned to her lips and place his hot rough lips on her pink soft lips.. he felt her lips so tasty. . swara didn’t open her mouth. so he bite her lower lips. her lips parted. he let his tongue to enter her mouth and enjoy it.
his hands were roaming aroynd her waist and belly. he pressed her bosom hardly.. swara closed her eyes.. sanskar lick her neck and bites her neck. he was biting her neck hungrily.. his lips travelled through her body . he kissed her cleavage and bite it. he unzipped her suit and throw it away.. he make her half naked.. and lick her belly. . he squeeze her body and hugged it tightly. he pressed her bosom again which is just covered with bra. his touch became cruel.. he kneaded her bosom and swara felt pain.. he bite her shoulders and back.. he became more wild and began to torture her hardly.. now swara is not protesting. . he throw her to the bed and came top of her.. he again satisfy his inner lust by giving pain to swara.

one more dreadful night comes to an end..

next day

swasan had a special guest. . they shocked to see the guest. it was kavita.
sanskar: kavita why are you here? you got married na .
kavita: but we break up sanskar and filed for divorce. . I can’t live without you. . I want you back.
sanskar looked at her in disbelief. . swara felt like someone stabbed her.
kavita kissed sanskar with joy.
kavita (to swara): swara I know he didn’t love you. and he can’t love you. Because he loves me. I hope you understand. .

swara nodded and try to smile..
sanskar didn’t understood what to do.
kavita came with her full luggage. she placed it on sanskar’s room..
kavita: sanskar swara can go to her house na? we will apply for your divorce. .
sanskar didn’t say anything. . he saw swara coming with her luggage. she was ready to go back to her house..
swara looks happy. but she was broken inside. .
kavita was super duper happy.
sanskar stood as s confused soul.
did he allow swara to go back and accept kavita?

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