swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 2)

hi guys I’m back with next update.. thank you so much for all who support me .. love you all..
Episode 2.

next day morning. .
sanskar saw his wife swara coming with huge luggage. . his eyes narrowed an evil smile played in his lips..
swara: I’m going .. I can’t live with a cheap person like you. . I will apply for divorce as soom as possible. .

sanskar: so you are such a coward. going back to your house next day of marriage. . do you have any idea what will society talk about you? your parents also will be in pain..
swara: so what mr? you are thinking about my family? waw I’m impressed. . you don’t have any family or parents na.. if you had parents you may not behave such a disgusting manner to your wife.. and society go to hell with it.. I don’t care about anything. . I can’t live in this hell..
sanskar feels very angry he hold her hands tightly. . it was painful. .
sanskar: you want to escape from the hell.. ok I will let you.. but your sister parineeta will die. . is it ok for you?
swara:what rubbish you are talking?

sanskar: your sister is a widow and still living in her sasural.. and her devar is my Friend. . I did many things to him.. if I said one word he will kill your sister.
swara shocked by hearing this..
sanskar: you did a big mistake to me.. kavita was my everything. . my life.. you destroyed our relationship. . you should suffer.. not one day or two day. . whole life you should suffer.. I have money and power if you try to divorce me or leave me I will destroy your whole family. .
swara stood numb.. tears fall down from her eyes.. sanskar remove saree from her shoulders . swara tried to protest..
swara : I will not leave.. but please spare my family..
sanskar didn’t say anything. . he slides her blouse a little and bite her shoulder hardly. . swara moaned in pain..
swara: it is paining. why you are doing this sanskar?
sanskar: you have to bear all pain.. you wished to be my wife.. I will torture my wife like this..
sanskar unzip her blouse and try to remove it..

swara: sanskar please let me go..
sanskar: no darling.. you are very s*xy in this saree..
sanskar removed her blouse completely. . now she is wearing a bra only in upper body.. sanskar stare her body with lust..
swara feel disgusted with his staring. . he is her husband but there is no love for her in his eyes. only hatred and lust..
sanskar: did anyone see you like this other than me?
swara feels like something pierced in to her heart..
sanskar: your body is very perfect. . actually I don’t like too skinny girls.. but you are just perfect. .
swara: do you behave this way with kavita?
sanskar fumes by her question. .
he hold her waist and squeeze it hardly..

sanskar: don’t dare to take kavita’s name from your mouth.. I loved her. . I didn’t have any lust for her.. but for you I have only lust.. no love or anything. .
swara: are you seeing me as a sl*t?
swara asked in a broken voice..
sanskar: you are a seductress. . who try to seduce hot boys..
sanskar was kissing her bare back.. tears fall down from swara’s eyes.. she feel like killing herself. . but she didn’t protest.. her family, sister everyone will be happy because she got a rich and handsome husband like sanskar.. but they don’t know that he have only hatred for her . he married her for his revenge and fulfilling his lust..
sanskar’s hands roam thorough her body.. he removed her saree completely. .
sanskar: if you stand like this any boy will desire to have you.. your features are awesome. .
sanskar pressed her body against his.. he feel her soft supple skin..
sanskar: you are a hottie.. it is impossible to resist you. .
his hands roamed her neck and her cleavage. . he kissed her cleavage widely and bite it.. swara felt very pain . but she suppressed it..
sanskar rubs his hands on her br*asts..

sanskar: you are feeling very pleasure na.. you wanted me to do like this na.. that is why you broke my love na..
he pressd her br*ast tightly eith out any mercy. .
swara couldn’t control anymore . she pushed him with all her force..
sanskar’s eyes became red with anger..
sanskar: how dare you?
he slapped swara hardly.. she fall on the bed. .
he slapped her again..
swara: please kill me.. it is far better.. why you are doing this? Please listen to me once.. I will prove my innocence. .
sanskar: I don’t want your blo*dy innocence. .
he tore her balance cloths and made her complete naked..
sanskar: cloths didn’t suit you. . you are superb like this.
he started kissing her body widely.
he again toruted her and literally raped her..

swara was lying as a lifeless body.. sanskar came from washroom. .
sanskar: are you laying on the bed still? wake up and bring a glass juice..
swara wake up . her body is paining like hell.. she wear cloths and go out..

she was blank totally blank.. she wanted a sweet and cute married life.. but she got a hell.. her thoughts break by the sound of calling bell.. swara opend the door..
it was laksh.. their college friend. .
laksh: hai swara. .
swara tried to smile .
swara: hai laksh.. come. .
she called sanskar.. laksh feels something fishy. . swara’s eyes were red and face was dull and pale..
sanskar greeted laksh. swara goes outside to bring tea..
laksh: sanskar is everything fine?
sanskar: ha.. almost.. why did you asked so?
laksh: nothing. . I felt swara weak.. the charam and glow is not in her face now..
sanskar: so you are here to observing my wife’s charm ?
laksh embarrassed and worried by his statement.
laksh: sanskar she is like sister to me..
sanakar: so what? she is my wife and don’t interfere in our matters..
laksh literally shocked by sanskar’s behaviour. . he was not like this.. what happened to him..

laksh goes from there without saying anything. sanskar didn’t stop him..
laksh (monologue) : I know he married swara for taking revenge. . but I have to help swara. . afterall I’m the reason for everything. . because of me swara is suffering. . I have to help her but how.. I can’t say the truth .. without saying truth how can I help swara? I don’t know anything. . but I can’t destroy swara’s life . I want to save her..


  1. hadi

    Thank God koi to aya for saving cutie doll sanky done very very wrong wid her at least he should listen her at least for once but such a brutal attitude is not up to forgive plz swara shouldn’t forgive him so easily

    • Jwala



      yup dear. . sanskar will repent for his deeds and swara will not forgive him easily. . thank you so much for the comment dear

  2. sriti

    hw cheap is dis sanskar..so laksh is d real cuprit..intrstng..plz continue.
    r u d samw jwala who wrote gqng of devils vs gang of angels????

  3. Chaitali


    |Registered Member

    That was amazing di…laksh is the reason behind everything? ?That’s interesting! !

    Post next part soon di…and gang of devils vs angels too

  4. Ishu

    You are superb seriously it’s amazing I loved it ☺☺☺☺☺☺😙😙😙😙😙nice concept plzzzzzzzzzzzzz update regular

  5. SwaSanFan.Goldie


    |Registered Member

    Awsum…loved it..bt Hate Sanskaar like hell..chi..i 3ish He suffer alot in Future. .he deserves it..bt at end swasan shud unite..continue soon

  6. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    This sanky, ahhh😈😈😈😡😡😡.
    My poor swara 😭😭😢
    BTW, very nice chappy.Waiting for nxt di.
    Love you 😍😍😘😚😙

  7. Sriya


    |Registered Member

    dear it was stupenduous chappy but sanskar is so cheap I don’t understand how i read it and comment on it don’t feel bad no offense u know i am crazy stupid fan of sanskar I am sanskarholic and swasanholic so cannot read ffs in which sanskar is cheap but anyways in my and dolly ff sanskar’s charcter is like that only u see dear i have posted swasan one shot here is the link for you http://www.tellyupdates.com/swasan-os-sriya/ hope u read it and comment on it dear love u loads keep smiling always

    • Jwala



      hey sriya.. ha sanskar is very cheap here.. but he will change soon dear. . why you are not posting that ff? and are you writing any swasan ff? I will surely read your os dear. . love you too tc

      • Sriya


        |Registered Member

        jwala I don’t have to post third episode of dolly and my ff dolly has to post but she is not replying to my private messages i asked her so many times to dicuss about the third episode and ya I am writing swasan ff a hate to love story ( A SWASAN fanfic ) till now i posted its prologue first episode and second episode love u loads keep smiling always

  8. navi

    Hi jawala… read ur ss strday….
    so much hatred nd he is touring a girl like dis… it pains so much while reading dis… bt soon change his attitude yaar… nd nw came to conclusion lucky has done somthng… nd wr d hel kavitha go??? Waiting for nxt part…. this part ws terrible but superb writing jawala.. ur writting many ff…. all d bst for othr stories tooo..

    • Jwala



      thank you so much navi.. I too feel pain in hurting swara like this. . but everything will change soon dear.. it is an ss na.. so sanskar will change soon.. hehe.. kavita will make her entry soon.. ya I’m writing many ff’s. thank you so much for that sweet gesture dear. . god bless you. tc

  9. Arunika


    |Registered Member

    Oh God….just can’t take it anymore….Swara’s pain gave me goosebumps…..ek aur naya twist….wat is Laksh talking about?
    Plz upload next part asap…can’t wait!!!

  10. Divyanshri


    |Registered Member

    jwalu Di again an awsome episode….. but I hate this Sanksar… swara shouldn’t. forgive him easily….. 😡😡😡😡 Stupid…..
    Anyways I know at last u will do justice. 😉

  11. SHAN


    |Registered Member

    Awesome jwala…. Cant c swara suffering jwala…. Prove swara’s innocence soon dr…. Sanskar has to suffer a lot….

  12. Tooba

    Once again you nailed it Di….. Awesome FF but really whatever is happening is only lust….. Can’t see Swara like this…… Feeling really angry on Sanskar atleast he should give her a chance to prove her innocence….. it’s a humble request that plssssssss make Sanskar to struggle cz he played with her dignity…… Swara shouldn’t forgive him but can’t see Swasan apart so plssssssss make Sanskar suffer tooooo much atleast for a year……. sorry I know I’m being rude but what to do I hate man like him

  13. Bresh

    Awsome di…plzz don’t prove swara innocent soon….i really love hate stories Plzz don’t prove her innocen soon…

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