swasan ss: Story of Revenge/Hatred/Lust (episode 1)

Mrs. swara sanskar maheswari you desire to be my wife so you broke my relationship with kavita isn’t it? his words pierced swara’s heart..
it was swara’s and sanskar’s wedding night
“what rubbish sanskar? I said na. I didn’t do it intentionally. . I never thought of breaking your relationship with kavita. trust me.. she is my bestie and I wanted the best for her.. ”
tears fall down from swara’s eyes..
“oh swara.. don’t show your fake tears to me. . I know what you want.. ”
sanskar said with an evil smile..
“what are you saying sanskar”?
sanskar approched swara skowly..there is no gap between their bodies. . swara moves backward. . her body hits the wall . sanskar moved closer again..
“you were attracted to me na swara? I know all girls die for my touch.. I know I’m hot and handsome. . you want to enjoy with me and so you wish to marry me ”
swara glared him in a shock.. she didn’t expect this type of behaviour from a guy whom she loved more than herself. .
“sanskar I don’t want anything. . It is true that I love you.. but I didn’t wanted to come between you and kavita.. I always maintained a distance from you. . I wanted your and kavita’s happiness. . ”
sanskar smiled like crazy. .
“swara darling.. don’t be a mahaan heroine. . I know you are a selfish girl.. that is why you show my photos with kavya to kavita.. you edited my and kavya’s photos.. and show it to kavita and her family. . so that kavita will break all relationship with me and you will get her place.. hei na?”
“no sanskar.. I didn’t do it.. someone gives me a cover which contains that photos and ask me to give that cover to kavita.. I didn’t do anything. . Please sanskar trust me.. ”
“stop your stupid drama swara. ”

sanskar rubs his finger through swara’s lips
“you wanted me to touch your lips like this na.. ”
swara feels disgusting by his behaviour. . she tries to push him.. but he was very strong. .
“don’t act like you are not enjoying it swara and today is our first night..”
his hands moved to her neck. .
“do you want me to kiss here swara? ”
“sanskar please leave me.. I didn’t do anything. . Please”
sanskar hands moves towards her cleavage. .
“your body is very soft swara”
tears roll down from swara’s eyes..
sanskar’s fingers touched her body
“you wanted me to touch here swara? ”
swara’s eyes burn in pain and helplessness. .
she tried her best to protest and free from his grip. .
“don’t act so much swara.. I know you wanted it.. even I too wanted it.. ”

swara’s tears and struggles go in vein.. sanskar throw her to bed and tore her clothes. .

“you are very hot and s*xy swara.. you get a perfect figure”
he kissed her belly.. his hands moved through her body.. he bite her neck widely and suck her lips.. he bite her lower lip harder that it started to bleed.. swara moan in pain.. but sanskar ignored it.. he squeezed her waist..
“don’t act so much swara.. I know you will be very happy.. you needed this pleasure na.. come on baby. . I’m giving to you na.. I will give you as much pleasure you want.”
. swara feels like someone stabbing her continously. mental torture he is giving her was more painful than physical torture.
he kissed all over her body.. his anger hatred and lust everything he done with swara’s body..

after satisfying his manhood he looked at swara who is lying as a lifeless body..
“babe you are awesome. . I enjoyed a lot.. you enjoyed na.. I didn’t marry you because i love you. . i marry you to take my revenge. . ”
“is this your revenge sanskar? ”
swara asked him in a painful voice.. her body is paining at every inch..
” you may thought that I will not touch you like typical hate stories.. hei na? what to do darling.. your body is too hot and I couldn’t resist.. ”
swara’s eye’s were burning from hatred.
“you are a disgusting person mr.sanskar.. you are a beast”
” come on darling. . you get what you wanted na? is it not enough for you? don’t worry I will give you every day ”

by saying this he again leaned to her body.. again started to kissing her widely.
“why you are doing this sanskar? ”
” I’m doing this because my wife is desperate to have s*x with me.. ”

his each and every words stabs swara’s heart. . her own husband saying such cheap things about her.. he is torturing her mentally and physically and taking revenge on her..

sanskar bites her waist harder.. swara cluthed the bed sheet to suppress the pain..

hi friends yesterday I started to wrote it as an os.. but I get a small storyline and I’m making it as ss.. Please support me if you like it..

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  1. nice but who gave swara to that cover.. please gave previous link..

    1. Jwala

      this is the first part dear. I didn’t give any prologue for this

  2. It was awesome dear… I just want to knw that why sanskar is blaming swara….. Nice one… Loved it… ????update soon…

    1. Jwala

      you will get to know it soon vidhi.. thank you

  3. Super nice

  4. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Awsum yaar..loved it…he mny parts r u planning to write fr this story ?? N haa Strt SwaSan Love Trck soon..n continue soon

    1. Jwala

      actually I don’t know. . but will not drag much.. thank you dear

  5. Niku

    Nyc start

    1. Jwala

      thanks niku

  6. Awesome jwala dr… ?
    But i want repenting sanskaar for his deeds. Swara shouldn’t forgive him for sometime.
    And i want sanskaar fall in love with swara..
    Continue soon dear.

    1. Jwala

      Thank you so much pramudi.. you will get it all..

  7. Nice one but plz post regularly

    1. Jwala

      thanks ariba.. sorry dear I can’t post it regularly as I’m writing some other ff’s also.. very sorry for that.

  8. MOU


    1. Jwala

      Thanks mou

  9. Awsm dear…

    1. Jwala

      thanks yaz

  10. nyc start dear..

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      thanks kumu

  11. Tamanna

    Awesome… Please update next one soon….

    1. Jwala

      thanks tamanna.. I will try dear

  12. Dharani


    1. Jwala

      thanks dharani

  13. Abdul hafiz (Uma)

    Interesting concept di.Keep it up.But this time, swara shouldn’t forgive sanky easily.

    1. Jwala

      thanks kiddo.. ok dear swara will not forgive sanskar easily..

  14. hw cld these many ideas comes to ur mind jwala…i thnk u wrote more dan ffs here..hats off to u..u r a brilliant writer…wt r u eqtng dat ki u got soo many ideas in short period of time.
    nd dis ff tooo superb as always..sankyz revenge hatrdnss lust..it ws awsm.i thnk dese all mu is created by kavya..plz post angels vs devils…nd plz regular yaar

    1. Jwala

      hehe.. thank you so much for such a lovely comment sarika . I’m eating south food dear.. lol.. may be because of that.. I will try to upload it soon dear.. Please forgive me if I delay.. love you dear

  15. Divyanshri

    Again back. with a new awsome story Di……One request after knowing the truth dnt let swara to forgive sanskar easily or dnt unite them. ? stupid

    1. Jwala

      hai divu.. thank you so much dear.. hehe don’t worry dear.. you know na I’m a swaraholic.. he will punished hehe

  16. awesome concept…loved it… good going…update soon

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much tani

  17. Arunika

    Awesome one…plzzz continue & upload next part asap…..I’m dying here 4 ur next part!!!

    1. Jwala

      thank you so much arunika. will post asap dear

  18. awesome!! waiting for next part!!

    1. Jwala

      Thanks chandu

  19. Pooja26

    superb yr….

    1. Jwala

      thanks pooja

  20. Abirsha

    Jwala its awesome….. Very nice…. Its superb dr…. But i dont want swara to forgive sanskar soon…. Loved it dr…. Love u too…. ??

  21. What a romantic hatred story

  22. Anniya

    Update next part asap….

  23. Deeksha

    nice one jwala……..waiting for the next part…and waiting for the ur gangs of devils ff…..update it soon…….lots of love……

  24. Wow awesome yaar!! Really awesome plZzz update next part

  25. Chaitali

    Hot amd intense and revengeful and interesting…or what can i say!it was amazing di..but don’t give swara so much pain 🙁

    And one more thing di..when u called me a kiddo i felt so adored!Love u di!

  26. It’s awesome jwala. It was amazing. Loved it. U r an amazing writer. Ur stories r just wonderful. Loved it. Keep writing. Keep smiling.

  27. Jwala Di ur still ties r Awsome….I love all of them…but still
    Waiting for gangs of Devils☹️

  28. Stories**

  29. DassPriya

    Amazing! Please post the next part soon dear! ???

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