Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar (Prologue)


In Gadodia house in Hoogly

Swara:”Baba, I don’t want to marry so soon.”

Shekhar: “Swara, once meet him u will surely like him.”

Swara:”But… ”

Shomi:”Shona, at least give us one chance. We will find best match for u.”

Swara:”Okay, ma baba only for u.”

Boy comes to meet Swara.

Shekhar:”So beta tell us something about u.”

Boy:”I wakes up nearly 4am. Then do yoga. Then puja. Then I makes breakfast, then go to my small hotel. This is my small life. No fight, no violence.”

Shekhar:”Sahil, we will be very happy to get son in law like u.”

Sahil blushes. Shomi comes with Swara. Sahil gets mesmerise by seeing Swara.

Shomi:”Swara give him tea.”

Swara:”Sahil ji tea.β˜•”

Sahil:”Thank you Swara ji.”

Shomi:”let give them some privacy.”

Shekhar: “sure.”

Sahil:”No, uncle u can’t left ur daughter alone with a stranger.”

Shekhar:”but beta u r not Stranger for us.”

Sahil:”But uncle Swara ji doesn’t know about me. So u please stay with her. She will feel comfortable.”

Shekhar and shomi smiles.

Swara(thinks):”Baba is right he is a nice guy. How respectfully he talked with me.”

After sometime.

Shomi:”Do u like him?”

Swara:”Ma he is good, kind but still marriage?”

Shomi:”Shona in this time it’s very difficult to find the guy like him. We have investigated everything about him. He is a gentleman.”

Swara:”okay, ma as u and baba want.”

In Kolkata.

A group of boys r dancing. They r beating dhol. Big hustle and bustle in the road. In the middle a three boys r tossing a boy. That boy is Sahil.

Sahil:”Please, leave me. Please.”

Rowdy1(Nikhil):”No, boss have ordered us to give u Special treatment.”

Rowdy2(lucky):”And we can’t disobey the Boss else he will kill us.”

Rowdy4(Rajat):”So bear this punishment Sahil.”

Other people r dancing: “Hurray.”

“STOP” a boy shout. He is wearing a tore style jeans. With a hanky around his neck. In short fully tapori style. As he is walking all people in crowd leaves path for him. He is none other than Sanky Dada urf Sanskar.

Sanskar moves towards Sahil.

Sanky:”Lucky leave him.”

Lucky:”Ok Bhai.”

Sanky holds Sahil’s collar with one hand.:”So, My Sister Sahili went to see her life partner… And u didn’t informed me.”

Sahil (afraid)😨😨:”Sorry, Sanky Bhai. Woh I thought…”

Sanky:”Sssh, till then Sanky is here no one dare to take their decision. U r my sister Sahili…”

He winks.πŸ˜‰

Sanky.: “Tell the name of the lucky girl. Oops unlucky girl.”




Sanskar/Sanky: A rowdy… A big tapori of Kolkata…

Swara: wife of sahil.

Sahil: Husband of Swara and afraid of sanky very much.


  1. neha

    hey dear…i know ur concept is different…but pls justify swasan’s characters…as i dont like sanskar forcing swara and all this…

  2. Mica


    |Registered Member

    hhahahhahaha… huh! can’t stop laughing, i mean how fool Swara’s parent, they said they done investigation but.. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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