Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar Episode 3

Episode 3

Sanskar, Uttra and Kavita is eating dinner.

Uttra: “Bhaiya, I’m full now.”

Sanskar: “One more.”

Uttra (eats it.):”Bhai, now I have to leave. Warden will scold me.”

Sanskar: “She scolds u. (Sanskar’s folds his shirt’s sleeps.) Come with me. Today apun will end her chapter.”

Uttra: “No, Bhai. Don’t do anything. U know I didn’t tell anybody that my my bro is… Please Bhai it’s about my reputation. And u please wear some decent clothes tomorrow.”

Uttra leaves.

Sanskar: “Oo, Kavitri (calling to Kavita.) Come here.”

Kavita: “Ji Bhai.”

Sanskar: “R u deaf?”

Kavita: “Y Bhai?”

Sanskar: “Where is Lucky, Rajat?”

Just then Lucky and Rajat came.

Lucky:”Bhai we came, where is the girl. We will kidnapped her.”

Sanskar: “Abhi kidnap nahi karne k h.”

Rajat: “Then?”

Sanskar tells them his plan.: “As I fell down before her car, u both will start ur work.”

Rajat: “Ji Bhai.”

Sanskar: “Lucky listen”

Lucky: “Ji Bhai.”

Sanskar: “Buy decent for me. I will wear it.”

Lucky: “Sanky Bhai what is decent?, where we wear has to it?”

Sanskar slaps him.: “Sally, Apun se sawal punchega ( Sally, u will questioning to me.) Bring it.”

Lucky: “OK, Bhai. But how many kg u want?”

Sanskar: “If apun wear more decent, Uttra will get impress. Buy 10 decent.”

Next day.

Sanskar came in black tuxedo, with white shirt?, black shoes? and with black googles?. He is looking breathtaking. As soon he came out of his car. Girls shifts their view on him.

Sanskar: “Kavita, yeh tune apun k kya hal bana dia. (Kavita what u did?).”

Kavita: “Bhai, u r looking very hot.”

Sanskar: “Am I a tea??. Don’t eat apun’s mind.”

Uttra comes and hugs Sanskar. Every girls becomes shocked. They becomes jealous??.

Uttra: “Bhai, u r looking too cute.”

As she says Bhai every girls take little relief.

A girl comes towards Uttra: “Hey Uttra.”

Uttra: “Hello Ragini.”

Ragini hugs her. Ragini looks towards Sanskar. She just lost in him.

Uttra: “He is my brother Sanskar.”

Ragini extends her hand: “Hello…”

Kavita (wishpers on Sanskar’s ears): “Bhai, shake hand with her. And say nice to meet u.”

Sanskar does.: “Nice to meet u.”

Ragini (blushes): “Same here.”

Sanskar gets a call.: “Hello.”

Lucky: “Bhai, she came.”

Sanskar: “Apun is coming.” He leaves.

Ragini: “Apun? Uttra, ur brother.”

Uttra: “Haha?, Ragini my Bhai is saying his friends, whose name is Apun is coming.”

Near the station road. Sanskar is ready with his plan. A car from college comes to pick Swara. On the way as car comes near Sanskar he comes before car and car slightly hits him.

Sanskar: “Save me.”

Swara immediately comes out.: “Sir r u ok? ( she looks towards Sanskar.) Sanskar u, r u OK.”

Her hands on his cheeks.

Swara: “Sorry Sanskar.”

Lucky and Rajat comes towards Swara. The road is quite silent. They r about to kidnap Swara but signed them to stop.

Sanskar: “Apun ko bahut dard ho rela h. (It’s paining…)”

Swara: “I’m sorry Sanskar. (She calls the driver.) Please take him hospital.”

Driver: “But mam exam.”

Swara: “R u blind? His head is bleeding.”

Driver: “But mam it’s a little wound.”

Sanskar (This driver needs good treatment from Apun’s hand.): “Aww Apun k sir. (Oh God my head.”

He starts his acting.

Swara helps Sanskar to get up.: “U don’t worry, I’m here.”

They sit inside the car and leaves.

Rajat: “What happened to Bhai?”

Lucky: “Bhai never leaves any work incomplete.”

Rajat: “Might be Bhai, really got hurt. I had seen the blood.”

Lucky: “Idiot that was artificial blood.”

Rajat: “Hope Bhai, will be alright. Let’s go behind him.”

Sanskar’s head is on Swara’s lap. She is holding his hand.

Swara: “Don’t worry Sanskar we will be in hospital in few minutes. Is ur head is still paining.”

Sanskar nodes his head in yes.

Swara: “Last time u helped me now it’s my turn.”

Sanskar(thinks): “She is very innocent, how easily Apun fooled her, but I can’t see my sister in problem.”

Soon they reaches inside the hospital. Doctor takes Sanskar inside the room. He examines the Sanskar.

Doctor: “U r perfectly alright. And this blood is artificial.”

Doctor is about to go out, Sanskar grabs his hand and keeps gun on his forehead.

Sanskar: “Don’t… If u want ur life then do as I’m saying.”

Doctor (afraid??): “OK sir.”

Sanskar pulls his cheeks: “Good boy.”

Doctor leaves. Sanskar calls lucky.

Lucky: “Bhai r u OK?”

Sanskar: “Apun is fine but where r u?”

Lucky: “Bhai, we r in hospital.”

Sanskar: “Listen, and follows apun’s order.”

Sanskar tells them everything.

Lucky: “OK bhai.”

Outside the room. As soon as doctor comes out Swara comes towards him

Swara: “How’s he,Doctor?”

Doctor: “what’s relation between u and that man.”

Swara: “He is my friend but tell me what happened.”

Doctor thinks: “She is also like him. God please save me.”

Doctor: “He is fine. U can meet him.”

Swara goes inside. Sanskar is lying on the bed.

Swara sits in small stool.

Swara: “I’m so sorry.”

Sanskar: “Fikar nahi karne k, apun ek dum mast h. (U don’t worry I’m perfectly alright.)”

Swara(smiles): “Apun, ?. This word looks too cute from ur mouth.”

Sanskar: “Teri bhi smile bole to ek dum jhakass h. (Ur smile is also took good.)”

Swara( looks at time.): “I think ur fine now, I should leave now.”

Sanskar(thinks): “Apun can’t let her go.”

Sanskar: “Aww, (he started taking fast breath.) Save me Shona.”

Swara(panics): “Sanskar… (Sanskar holds her hand.) Sanskar r u OK.”

Sanskar: “Please don’t leave me.”

He acts fainting. Swara tries to loosen his grip but can able to do that.

Outside doctor tries to call police but Rajat snatch his phone.

Lucky: “Don’t try to be over smart.”

Doctor: “Who r u?”

Rajat: “Ur work is to treat Bhai. If u tried to tell anything to police then…”

Doctor (afraid?): “Then…”

Lucky: “Ur son, coming from school two people came then,___. I think u r smart enough.”

Doctor: “Don’t do Anything to him.”

Lucky and rajat leaves to meet Sanskar.

Inside the room.

Swara feels thirsty. But glass is on next side of bed. She tries to move but, Sanskar is still holding her hand.

Sanskar (thinks): “Sorry Shona, but apun doing this for my Uttra I can let u go.”

Swara thinks to take water without disturbing him. She gets up and tries to hold glass but her leg slips and she lands on Sanskar. Sanskar feels something, because it’s his first time to be so much close with a girl. His left hand automatically shifting on her back… He is about to hug her. Then lucky and Sahil comes. They becomes shocked to see this.

Lucky: “We r sorry!!! We came wrong room.”

Swara adjusts herself.

Rajat: “We r in right room. See Bhai is here.”

Swara: “He is ur brother.”

Rajat: “No he is our Bhai.”

Lucky (whispers on Rajat ears): “Y Bhai is holding her hand.”

Rajat: “How can I know?”

Sanskar signals them to go with his left hand. As right hand is holding Swara’s hand.

Lucky(understands): “OK, u stay here, we will come.”

Rajat: “But Bhai.”

Lucky drags him outside.

Precap : Sanskar beats Sahil

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