Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar Episode 2

Episode 2

When Sanskar leaves, Swara goes inside the house.

Dida: “Shona, (she hugs her.) How’s u?”

Swara: “Dida I’m fine.”

Shomi: “Swara u come with me….”

Inside the room.

Shomi: “Who was that guy Swara?”

Swara: “Ma he is my friend.”

Shomi: “Friend, Swara u came here today. How he became ur friend. I even don’t know about him.”

Swara: “Ma, actually I met him in station.”

Shomi: “Swara don’t believe anyone so easily. Moreover he is a boy. Tomorrow is ur engagement it’s better u keep distance from boys.”

Swara: “What r u saying ma? U know me very well.”

Shomi: “I believe u Shona, but Sahil is becoming the part of ur life. May be he won’t like ur friendship with boys. U have to take care of the happiness of ur husband. And moreover I don’t like that boy dress up. Tapori.”

Swara (smiles): “Ma, u don’t worry I’ll not do anything worng. And about Sanskar, actually he is dam funny ma. U know…”

Shomi: “Leave him Shona think about tomorrow, not this Sanskar Sahil is ur future.”

Shomi leaves. Swara looks towards googles given by Sanskar. She smiles reminding his talks. “Apun got a friend.”

Swara: “First time, I became friendly with a boy so soon. I wish we could talk for sometime more so that I could invite u in my engagement.”

Swara gets call from Sahil.

Sahil: “Hello Swara ji… Where r u? I’m in station.”

Swara: “Sahil ji I’m in home. And if u don’t want to come then U should inform me.”

Sahil: “Swara ji, sorry. U know my worker Chotu his mother got a heart attack. That’s Y?”

Swara: “Oh I’m sorry Sahil.”

Sahil: “It’s OK Swara ji.”

Swara: “OK good night…”

Sahil: “Good Night.”

Swara disconnects the call.

Sahil: “She is so pretty. After seeing her I can’t further wait for my marriage. But I’ll do simple marriage, so that I’ll save money. Y to spend so much money.”

Sahil goes inside the bedroom and lays down on it.

Sahil: “Few to more alone. Then Swara will be next to me.”

Railway Station.?

Sanskar: “Hello Uttra.”

Uttra: “Bhai, r u coming…”

Sanskar: “Yup, u don’t worry about the practicals ur bro will solve ur all problems.”

Uttra: “I know Bhai…”

Sanskar: “Did Kavita reached there.”

Uttra: “Ya Bhai, u also come solve my problem. Love u Bhai.”

Sanskar: “Love u too…”

Sanskar thinks about Swara: “First time, someone liked me. Apun is very happy today. Shona, beautiful name. Sanky and Shona best friend. Haha?.”

Next day…

Shomi: “Sahil, beta where ur mother? She didn’t came.”

Sahil made sad face: “Shomi ma, my mom loves her works more than me.”

Shomi: “But, engagement without the blessing of elders.”

Sahil: “Ma, baba U r here. My family Swara ji.”

Swara: “But Sahil I don’t think for any women nothing is important than her children.”

Sahil (thinks): “Swara is very clever. Now I have to bring mom.”

Sahil: “U r right Swara, I’m going to take my mom. U all stay here.”

He leaves.

Shomi: “Swara, he is ur husband… And u.”

Swara: “Ma, u fixed this marriage without meeting his parents. Let me meet her Y she didn’t came.”

Sahil leaves. Here Sanskaar meets Uttra.

Uttra (hugs him):”Bhai, please save me.”

Sanskar: “Ur Bhai came Uttra, u tell me, apun will solve all ur problem.”

Uttra: “Bhai, u know in this semester, work load was too much. I couldn’t prepare for yesterday’s practical.”

Sanskar: “U don’t worry, Apun will talk to ur principal.”

Uttra: “Bhai, all r ready but u don’t know the external examiner, is so strict. Even principal can’t do anything, examiner can complaint to university. Bhai please save me.”

Sanskar: “U tell me when examiner is coming.”

Uttra: “Tomorrow morning 9am. Her name is Swara Gadodia.”

Sanskar: “Ur work is done. Tomorrow I’ll kidnap her.”

Uttra: “U r the best Bhai in the world.”

Sanskar: “Be ready Miss Gadodia.”

Old age home Kolkata.

Sahil comes inside.: “I want to meet Sujata Devi.”

Girl: “Ok, u wait here.”

After sometime Sujata comes. She looks towards her son and about to hug him but Sahil stops her.

Sahil: “Don’t do any drama here. I came here because I need ur help.”

Sujata: “I don’t have nothing to give u Sahil.”

Sahil: “Mom, Swara. I mean my future wife wants to meet u. Today is our engagement.”

Suajta becomes happy :” My DIL, Sahil u didn’t informed me.”

Sahil: “Oh please mom. It’s not necessary. See wear this Saree, and don’t try to be Frank with her. I said her that u don’t like me. (Sahil explains her everything.)”

Sujata changes her clothes.

Sahil: “Don’t feel bad mom. U know we have to save money. I took this Saree on rent. So, be careful and yess. Swara should believe that u r evil. If u becomes good before her, she will insist u to stay with us then U know I have to spend more money.”

Sujata: “I want ur happiness only.”

They leaves. Sahil enters with Sujata. Swara bow down to touch her feets, Sujata is about to give her blessings but Sahil signals her.

Sujata: “Huh, Sahil ur choice is too old fashion.”

Swara: “Aunty ji Y r u speaking like this? It’s our culture.”

Sujata: “Oh, this cheap culture and so called rituals. Look whatever first of all I’m not aunty, call me sujjs it’s suits my status. And secondly do whatever u want I don’t have enough of time to waste.”

Swara, and her family feels bad. After engagement Sahil serves food to Swara and her family.

Shomi: “Look he is so good but his mom.”

Swara: “But mom, no mother can hates her son.”

Sahil listen this. He goes towards Sujata.

Sahil: “Mom, she is still not convinced u r very bad. U can’t fulfill my one wish.”

Sujata: “But Sahil.”

Sahil: “Mom, please insults her parents. Please for me. For my love.”

Sujata throws the juice in his face.

Sujata: “Yuk who made this juice.”

Sahil starts his drama: “Mom sorry.”

Sujata: “Sorry my foot. This unhygienic food. Uff I wasted my time, for these beggars (pointing towards Swara’s family.)”

Sahil: “Mom, please don’t say a word about them.”

Sujata: “U beggar thinks u will get my money, so u r wrong. blo*dy ‘cheapo.”

Swara: “Enough Miss Sujata. I can’t hear a word against my parents. U know what I thought Sahil is wrong, I thought no mothers hates her son but u proved me wrong. Just leave.”

Sujata leaves and Sahil becomes happy. He started crying.

Shomi: “Go, Swara pacify him. He is ur fiance.”

Swara goes towards him. :”I’m sorry Sahil ji but I can’t hear a word against my parents. If u want then we can cancel this alliance.”

Sahil hugs her.:”No Swara ji don’t leave me. I’m alone here. I need u. Mom already left me and u also.”

Swara tires to break the hug but that cheapo is not letting her.

Swara: “OK, stop crying Sahil ji. I’m not going.”

Sahil (thinks) :”It’s very easy to feel Swara, after this hug I can’t wait for more. Soon u will be wife Swara.”

He breaks the hug: “Sorry Swara ji to hug u.”

Swara: “It’s OK.”

Shekhar: “I told u Swara, Sahil is a gem. I’m great ful to have son in law like u.”

Swara: “Ma, baba I think we should leave.”

Sahil: “So soon Swara ji.”

Swara: “Ya, tomorrow I have to leave for Goa. For a practical exam.”

They leave.

Sahil starts dancing.

Sahil: “Love u Swara. There is something especial about this girl. I’m happy that Sanskar is not here, else he would definitely create some mesh. Idiot tapori.”

Precap: SwaSan in each other arms.?

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  1. Mars

    Super se upar vala epi depuuu dear. I loved it. Yeh sahil tho pura kamina nikla. Sanskar gives him correct name sahili.Apun….. Hihi lol.
    Precap dhek kar apun ka dil garden garden ho gaya
    Post soon
    Take care

  2. AbrahamEzra

    This cheapo sahil I will break his face. Such a jerk he is. To save money he left his mother in a old age home. Bl**dy idiot. And how dare he hug sankys shona. And the precape I quite interesting. Plss post soon

  3. Amazing update… wonder what happened when sanskar know that swara is the examiner… eagerly waiting for next update… pls post next update soon…

  4. Awesome..tc..

  5. AnuAnn

    awesome dear

  6. Pramudi

    Awesome.. Sahil is so cheap. ?

  7. Awesome.. Awesome… Awesome

  8. Simi

    Sahil os so cheap…
    Awesome dear… Apun ko Precap bahut acha lega ??

  9. Gayathri.visu

    Fantastic yaar! How dare this Sahil?? He hugs Swara…how dare he?? Idiot Sahil…stupid, he leaves his mother in old age home to save money…how cheap?? Precap…interesting!

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