Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar Episode 10

Episode 10

Happy DIWALI to all.

Kali badi Police Station ??.

Sanskaar is behind the bars and Lucky is requesting inspector to release Sanskaar.

Lucky: “Sir, it’s me who beat Sahil. Bhai is innocent…”

Inspector: “Don’t eat my mind. He is a criminal. After so many days we go a proof against him.”

Lucky: “How mang money u want…”

Inspector: “Mind ur language?.”

Lucky goes near Sanskaar.

Lucky: “Bhai u don’t worry. Soon u will out of this cage.”

Sanskaar: “Lucky tu ja, Apun ko akele rehna h. (Lucky u go. I want to stay alone.)”

Ram’s Home?

Ram: “Sujju it’s our house.”

Sujata: “Huh??, ur house not mine. Where is my son tell me?”

Ram: “Sujata, Sahil wants to live with me… With this Fame, money… Not with u…”

Sujata: “My son is not greedy.”

Ragini comes.

Ragini: “Dad, who is she?”

Sujata: “Oh, Dad… Good Mr Ram Parsad Maheshwari. So u have a daughter… Where is ur wife?”

Ram: “Sujata, it’s not like that.”

Ragini: “Dad who is she? Poor lady. New servant, blo*dy ‘cheapo…”

Before she could say further Ram slaps ?her???.

Ram: “Control ur mouth, She is my wife, my love, My Sujata…”

Sujata: “Ram, u should not slap her. First u send that Sanskaar behind the bars now this…”

Ragini: “What ??!!!”

Ram: “That Rowdy Sanskaar tried to hurt my son Sahil. U need not to worry about him.”

Sujata: “I’m not stone hearted like u.”

Ram: “Don’t argu with me, come with me.”

Sujata: “Where??”

Ram: “Our room.”

Sujata: “I’m not going anywhere. I’ll wait here till my son come.”

Ram: “I know how much stubborn u r.”

Ram lifts Sujata in his arms.

Sujata: “Leave me… Can’t u see ur age.”

Ram: “I’m always young to hold my lady love.”

They leave.

Ragini: “Don’t know from where Dad’s new family came. Leave all this Ragini. First I have to free my Sanskaar from prison.”

She leaves for police Station.

Police Station??

Kavita comes.

Kavita: “Lucky.”

Lucky shows her hand✋.: “I’m here for him.”

Kavita: “I’m sorry I became selfish. I can’t let this society call my son illegitimate.”

Lucky: “But u forget Kavita u r alive because of him. And I swear if anything happened to Sanskaar Bhai. I’ll surely kill u, that Sahil and even that Sahil also…”

Kavita holds his hand: “I’m guilty for my deeds, but what can I do now.”

Lucky: “If u really sorry. Then tell the truth to Swara, I’ll accept ur child, u tell truth to Swara. Kavita Bhai loves her, madly… I’m afraid if Bhai did anything wrong.”

Kaviat: “OK Lucky, I’ll tell Swara everything.”

She leaves.

Police Station??.

Sahil comes, Lucky see him.

Inspector: “Welcome Mr Sahil.”

Sahil: “Where is he?”

Lucky: “Sally I’ll kill u.”

Constables hold him.

Sahil: “Inspector sir is everything is ready.”

Inspector: “Yes Sahil sir. If u want we will throw this Lucky outside.”

Sahil: “No, I want him to see everything…”

Lucky: “What are u trying to do??”

Sahil goes inside the cell where Sanskaar is locked. Constables ties his hand in rope. Sahil takes a big and thick stick.

Sahil: “Aww poor boy Sanskaar. U hurt me a lot now my time came.”

He continuously beats Sanskaar.

Lucky(shouts): “Sahil I’ll kill u how dare u???. I’ll rip u in parts.”

He tries to comes out of holds of all the constables…

Lucky: “Leave him. ????. Sahil. Beat me but please leave Bhai…”

Sahil: “Now u will stay behind the bars till ur whole life.”

Sahil beats Sanskaar but becomes irritated because Sanskaar is not saying even a single word.

Sahil: “Swara…”

Sanskaar looks towards him with anger.

Sahil: “Oh, God she is so beautiful her soft lips, pink cheeks, and her waist…”

Sanskaar: “Sahil chup ho ja… Apun maf dega tujeh… (Sahil shut ur mouth else I’ll kill u.)”

Sahil: “Oh anger, but Sanskaar now she is mine. I’ll marry her now make her mine.”

Sanskaar: “Shona sirf Apun k h smjha tu. Agar uske bare mai soch to apun tujeh chodega nahi… (Swara is only mine and if u think about her I’ll not leave u.)”

Sahil: “Sanskaar what happens after marriage. Oh Suhagrat… Swara and mine.”

Sanskaar: “Chup hoja Sale. (Sally, shut ur mouth.”

Sahil hits his head.

Sahil: “First I’ll touch her cheeks, my God… Then her Rosy lips… U don’t worry I’ll send u DVD of our beautiful love…”

Before he could say further Sanskaar hits him with his leg and he falls on the grill of prison.

Sanskaar: “Apun k Swara k bare mai Jo bhi sochega, apun usko Mar dega. Sun le tu Shona apun k h, aur apun usi se he shadhi mayega. Agar woh Mani to theik warna apun usey utha lega. Apun kissi se nahi drta. (Swara is only mine, If any blo*dy morn think about her then I’ll kill him. And fit this in ur mind that I’ll only marry Swara if she is ready and if not then I’ll kidnap her because I’m not afraid of anyone.”

Sahil burns in anger and ??? and beats him black and blue and Lucky continuously shouts?.

Lucky: “Don’t beat him… Bhai…?????.”

After beating Sahil comes out.

Sahil: “Sir after I will left let this lucky to meet that Rowdy Sanskaar.”

Lucky: “Haha, u blo*dy coward. U r afraid of me. But I swear now I’ll not leave u alive.”

Sahil leaves. As soon as constable leave Lucky, he directly went near the Sanskaar. He opens the rope blo*dy is continuously coming from his fresh wounds. Lucky cleans his wound with his hanky.

Lucky: “Bhai, u don’t worry ur Lucky is here with u.”

Sanskaar (in unconscious state): “Apun k Shona chaheyeh. (I want Swara.)”

Lucky: “Ya Bahi, she will come. Inspector sir take him to the hospital.”

Inspector: “It’s midnight, no hospital is open j have to wait till tomorrow and ur time is over come out.”

Sanskaar holds Lucky’s hand.

Sanskaar: “Lucky tu apun ko Bhai bolta hai na, to Apun k ek kam kr de. (Lucky u call me Bhai, then do my one work.)”

Lucky: “Order me Bhai.”

Sanskaar: “Apun k Shona ko bula de. Apun bahut love krta h Shona se. Shona… Shona… (Please bring my Swara. I love Swara a lot… Swara… Swara…)”

He faints…

Lucky: “Bhai… Bhai open ur eyes.”

Inspector: “He fainted now u come out…”

They forcefully takes him out.

Here Shekhar and Shomi reaches to Kolkata.

Dida: “Shomi, Shekhar…”

Shekhar: “Ma where is she?”

Dida: “In her room.”

They enter inside Swara’s room. Swara is sitting near window and looking outside.

Shekhar: “Swara.”

Swara turns back.: “Baba, ma.”

She hugs them. Swara cries.

Shekhar: “Don’t cry Dida told us everything it’s not ur mistake beta.”

Shomi: “Swara we are with u. U need not to cry.”

Swara: “I’ll not cry baba. U both tell how’s u?”

Shomi: “We are good.”

They talk for sometime.

Shekhar: “It’s good Sahil help u else. Don’t know what will happen.”

Shomi: “Ya, he is very nice guy.”

Shekhar: “Swara u should be thankful that after all this Sahil is still ready to marry u.”

Swara: “What?. Baba I don’t want to marry him.”

Shekhar: “Y? Sanskaar cheated u… Now u have live ur life peacefully.”

Swara: “Baba, I don’t love Sahil. And Baba don’t force me.”

Dida comes.

Dida: “Swara, a girl came to meet u.”

Swara: “OK I’m coming, ma Baba u take rest. I’m fine.”

Swara goes down and see Kavita.

Kavita: “I’m Swara’s friend, Swara can we talk alone.”

Swara: “Sure, come to garden…”

Outside the house.
Swara: “Now what u want to say Kavita?”

Kavita: “Swara Sanskaar Bhai loves u a lot.”

Swara: “For this u called me here. I have lots of things to do.”

She turns to leave but Kavita holds her hand.

Kavita: “Swara, Sanskaar is not the child of my baby. That time I have no option left I became selfish. U don’t be angry with him, u both separated because of him.”

Swara: “I know this Kavita.”

Kavita becomes shocked?.

Kavita: “What? U know…”

Swara: “Yes, I know this child is not Sanskaar’s. I saw guilt in his eyes when his mind trends to cross his limits. Full one night I was with him but he didn’t did anything wrong. I love him and this much I trust him. Except me he can’t even think about any girl.”

Kavita: “Then Y u left him.”

Swara: “Kavita, he us a criminal. U tell how can I live with a person, who killed many life. His heart broke when I left him but he never thought about those person… He also snatch a father from his family… A husband from his wife. Then how could he got those happiness. He is sufferings for his doing.”

Kavita: “But Swara.”

Swara: “Enough Kavita. Sanskaar never told me that he is a Rowdy. He cheated me and now I’ll not see his face. I know he will cry and he deserves this.”

Lucky comes there. He is badly Sweating.

Lucky: “Swara, please come Bhai…”

Swara: “I know that he is not the father of Kavita’s child. But I’m not angry for this reason.”

Lucky: “Sahil badly beat the Bhai. (He cries.) Blood is coming from his head… (His voice chocked.) Only calling u… Please come.”

Swara: “What? Where is my Sanskaar?”

Lucky: “Please save my Bhai, I beg u.”

Swara: “Take me to my Sanskaar…”

They leave.

Police Station??

Here Ragini enters in the police Station.

Inspector: “Ragini Mam, u r here.”

Ragini looks towards Sanskaar.

Ragini: “Oh God, my Sanskaar baby?. How dare u inspector??. Leave my baby.”

Inspector: “Sorry but Ram sir order us.”

Ragini: “OK then I’ll say Dad that u tried to misbehave with me. Then U will see hell.”

Inspector leaves Sanskaar.

Ragini: “Aww Sanskaar baby, they badly beat u.”

Sanskaar: “Shona…”

Ragini: “I’m ur Shona Baby.”

Ragini tries to kiss Sanskaar, but at that moment Swara comes and pushes her and takes Sanskaar in her lap.

Swara: “Sanskaar. (She cries?.) Open ur eyes.”

Sanskaar: “Apun k Shona a gai. (My Swara came.”

Swara: “Yes, ur Shona.”

Sanskaar: “Apun k Shona apun ko kiss nahi karegi. (My Swara will not kiss me.”

Swara: “She will.”

She kiss him, tears are continuously flowing from her eyes seeing him like this.

Swara: “Who did this? Who beat my Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Ab Shona apun ko chodh k to nahi jayegi. (Now Swara will not leave me.)”

Swara nodes her head in no.

Sanskaar: “Apun Shona se bahut love krta h, (he holds her hand.) Shona bhi karti hai na. (I love Swara too much. Swara too love me?)”

Swara: “Yes, Swara madly loves u.”

Lucky: “Now u happy Bahi, now come to hospital.”

Ragini (thinks): “Huh??, this Swara spoiled my love story. And their kiss, which would be mine and Sanskaar’s. Think Ragini u and lost ur Sanskaar like this.”

Ragini: “Take my Car. Many doctors know me.”

Lucky: “OK.”

Lucky takes Sanskaar with him. But Sanskaar is holding Swara’s hand.

Lucky: “She is with u.”

Sanskaar: “Nahi, apun Shona k hath nahi chodega. Woh bhi Apun k sath jayegi warna apun kahi nahi jayega. (No, I’ll not leave Swara’s hand. She will also come with me, else I’ll not go anywhere.)”

Swara: “OK, whatever my Sanku wants I’ll do.”

She tightly holds his hand and he smiles.

Lucky: “Swara talk to Bhai, don’t let him sleep.”

Swara: “OK.”

Lucky places Sanskaar’s head on Swara’s lap. Sanskaar is holding her hand.

Ragini: “Shall I sit with Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Nahi, apun k pass Shona rahegi. (No, only Swara will stay with me.)”

Lucky: “Kavita, u come in taxi and Ragini u sit with me in front seat.”

They leave.

Swara: “Sanskaar what u bought for me for Diwali.”

Sanskaar: “Tu bol kya chaheyeh, apun lake dega, racket, , anarbum… (Whatever u want I’ll give u, rocket, crackers…)”

Sanskaar’s is closing his eyes. Swara kiss him.

Swara: “Don’t sleep.”

Sanskaar: “Apun k neeni a rahe h. (I’m feeling sleepy.)”

Swara: “If u sleep I’ll go.”

Sanskaar immediately holds his hand with his both the band like little boy.

Sanskaar: “Apun nahi soyega. Apun bus apni Shona ko dekhega. (I’ll not sleep, I’ll only see my Swara.)”

After sometime they reaches in the hospital?.

Swara: “Doctor how’s Sanskaar.”

Doctor: “We cleaned his wound. He only need rest. Nothing to worry. He is sleeping now.”

He leaves.

Lucky: “Thanks Swara, I’m happy Kavita told u truth.”

Swara: “I want to see Sanskaar.”

She goes inside the room. Ragini is staring Sanskaar.

Swara: “Thanks for ur help. U saved my Sanskaar. Now u can leave.”

Ragini: “No it’s OK. I’ll come tomorrow now feeling sleepy also.”

She leaves.

Swara sits near Sanskaar and holds his hand.

Swara: “U know Sanskaar ur Shona loves u a lot. Is it hurting a lot.”

She kiss on his bandage. She cares his hairs.

Swara: “Get well soon.”

She sleeps near him. Holding his one hand and keeping her head on his pillow.

Here Dida is tense.

Dida: “Swara is not at home what if Shekhar and Shomi came to know about it. Swara left her mobile in home.”

Shomi: “Ma, u r here.”

Dida: “Nothing, u go sleep.”

Shomi: “I want to meet Shona.”

Dida: “Shona just slept. She was crying, so let her sleep u meet her tomorrow.”

Shomi: “OK ma. And u too sleep.”

Ram’s home.

Ragini enters inside the home. Then she heard a voice. She goes near study room.

Sahil: “Dad, I want Swara at any cost.”

Ram: “Don’t worry Son. She is urs only. Now Swara hates Sanskaar too. And she should after all Sanskaar cheated him. No girl will accept a boy who had illegal relation with Other woman.”

Sahil: “Ya Dad, but I don’t want to delay in marriage.”

Ram: “Tomorrow we will talk to Mr Gadodia.”

Sahil hugs him.: “Thanks dad.”

Ram: “Now u take rest.”

Ragini: “Oh, this is the story. But if Swara hates Sanskaar then Y she was with him? Uff total confusion. Now I’m feeling sleepy. Tomorrow I’ll clear what’s the real matter.”


Kavita: “Lucky Bhai lied to Swara that’s why she is angry.”

Lucky: “What? Why Bhai will lie.”

Kavita: “Swara is angry because Bhai is Rowdy and he killed many people.”

Lucky: “But they were criminal.”

Kavita: “But Bahi never told her that he is Rowdy.”

Lucky: “Kavita, I don’t think Bhai will lie. I know only one truth that both of them madly love each other.”

Kavita: “Ya, that’s why Swara is inside with Bhai. She was crying for him.”

Lucky: “If Swara will be with Bhai, may be Bhai leave this work for her.”

Kavita: “Hope so.”

Lucky: “Did u ate anything?”

Kavita: “Sorry I forgot.”

Lucky: “Don’t be careless, I don’t want anything happen to this baby. U wait here I’ll tell Rajat to bring something to eat.”

Kavita: “Lucky I told truth but matter was different so still u…”

Lucky: “Kavita, as I promised. I’ll accept this baby. U don’t worry all I want is Bhai’s happiness.”

Kavita: “Thanks.”

He calls Rajat. And tell him to bring food

Here Rajat makes food.

Rajat: “They made me servant. Don’t know when Nikhil will come. I want to tell him that his Kavita is pregnant with Sanskaar’s child.”

After making food the packs it.

Rajat: “Tomorrow Nikhil will come, then new story will start… And this Sahil is very clever…”

After that he gives food to Kavita.

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