Swasan SS- Rowdy Sanskar Episode 1

Episode 1

In Gadodia house

Shekhar:”Shomi come fast. We have to go.”

Shomi:”Ya shekhar I’m coming.”

Shekhar:”Tomorrow after engagement we will return back… But where is Shona?”

Shomi:”She has some work in college. She will directly come to Her dida’s home. Now let’s go before reaching Sahil’s home we have to do lots of shopping.”

They leaves.

In Kolkata.

Sanskar: “Sahili I’m going to Goa today. And when I’ll come back make something especial.”


Sanskar pulls his cheeks:”Sahili u r shying like a girl. How Swara could impress by u. Ok, but after ur marriage we all want a big gift.”

Sahil:”I’m facing loss this month.”

Sanskar: “I don’t want to hear anything. I’m not begging it’s hafta ie.,protection money. All the people in this area have to give it to me.”

Lucky comes:”Bhai let’s go.”

Sanskar: “Now I’m going. Meet u soon.”

After reaching Kolkata Shomi and Shekhar informs Sahil.

Shomi:”Sahil beta we reached and u please pick up Swara from station she will come in the evening.”

Sahil:”Don’t worry aunty ji. Now Swara ji is my responsibility.”

Sahil disconnects the call.

Sahil:”I’m happy that Sanskar is not in the city. blo*dy ‘cheapo.”??

In the night.??

Swara calls Sahil.??


Sahil:”Swara ji.”

Swara:”I’m in the station. Can u please come fast.”

Sahil:”Ok, I’m coming.”

In Sahil’s hotel.

Sahil:”Chotu u please take care of my hotel (guys it’s a small hotel.) I’m going to pick Swara ji.”

Chotu:”Bhaiya, I also want to meet bhabhi please close ur hotel for tomorrow.”

Sahil?:”If I will close hotel, then I’ll face loss. I want money. U know in life money is so much important. For saving money I’m doing engagement in simple way. And u… Now don’t eat my brain I have to go.”

Just then someone comes inside the hotel.

Sahil:”Mr Mohan, u this time.”

Mr Mohan: “I have a offer for u, about a deal. U will get good profit…”

Sahil looks towards time he thinks:”Swara ji can wait. But money can’t.”

They started discussing about the deal.

In the station.

Swara:”Where is Sahil? It’s too late.”

Swara calls Sahil but he ignores.

Swara:”I should call baba.”

She is about to call Shekhar but then someone collides with her. And her mobile falls down.

Boy:”Sorry Madam.”

Swara:”it’s OK.”

Boy holds Swara’s hand:”No mam it’s not OK, come with me I’ll give u new phone.”

Swara jerks his hand.

Swara?:”What do u mean?”

A group of boys come there.

Boy1:”Madam, is he troubling u? Come to me I’ll save u.”

Boy2:”No baby come to me.”

Swara:”Stay away.?”

Boy3:”cool down janu?”

He grabs her hand. Swara jerks him and slaps him.

Swara:”I said Stay away. I’ll kill u all.”

Boy3:”How dare she? Now I’ll show whom am I?”

He pulls her and tries to kiss her. Swara spits on his face and pushes him. And runs from there. She see a man standing there. He is talking in phone. He is our sanky

Sanskar:”Apun (means I) waiting since two hour. Where is this train.”

Other side:”Sorry Bhai train is late.”

Man:”Sally, I’ll kill u.”

Swara immediately hugs him. He becomes shocked.? She hugs him more tightly. This is the first time a girl hugged Sanskar. He feels something in his heart. The phone slips from his hand.

Swara:”Save me please.”

Sanskar looks towards boys. Who r behind her. As soon boys see Sanskar they becomes afraid.?

Boy3:”He is…. He is Sanky Dada.”

Boy1:”now u gone u tried to touch Bhai’s girlfriend.”

Boy2:”he will kill us.” They run from there.

Sanskar knows whole Kolkata afraid of him. Then he feels something wet in his chest. It’s Swara’s tears. She is still hugging him. He breaks the hugs. He mesmerise seeing a pixie before his eyes. Her eyes r still closed but tears were continuously flowing. His heart skip a beat. He is amazed after seeing such a beauty. He slowly moves his hands towards her and wipes her tears. As his hand touches her cheeks. A current flushes in his body. He smoothy wipes tears from her chubby cheeks.

Sanskar: “Don’t cry.”

Swara looks towards him. A cute eyelock between them. Despite for being Sanskar tapori look, Swara losts in his eyes.

This cute moment is broke by train sound. They come in sense. Sanskar hands r still cupping her face. She looks towards his hand. Sanskar removes his hand.

Sanskar: “Sorry.”

Swara turns back to look boys.

Sanskar: “They went.”

Swara:”Thanks Mr…”

Sanskar: “Sanskar, apun’s (my) name is Sanskar. But friends call me Sanky.”

Swara smiles☺. Sanskar agains losts in her cute smile.

Sanskar: “u didn’t like apun’s(my) name.”

Swara:”No, u looks too cute when u says apun. R u going in fancy dress contest. I’m mean u r wearing tapori style dress.”

Sanskar (thinks):”what is this fancy dress… Fan means ceiling fan… And cy means see means to watch. Oh she is thinking me. Ceiling fan repairer.”

Sanskar: “No, I’m going to Goa. I’m not ceiling fan repairer.”

Swara starts laughing: “Hahahahaahahahahah??? oh god Sanskar u r damm funny.( She looks him.) U know what U r too hilarious.”

Sanskar (thinks):”Now what is this hilarious means. Hil means hill ie., mountain. Ari means arrey like we calls other arrey come here. Ous means??? OYess which we eat. Hill arrey ous. Just say yess else she will think me buddhu( stupid).”

Sanskar: “Ya, ya I’m hilarious. I love hilarious. Sometimes I went to hill people calls me arrey and I eat oyess.”

Swara starts laughing more louder.: “Hahahhahah??? Sanskar, I just love u. U r such a cutie pie.”

Sanskar smiles:”I love you too.”

Swara:”What u said??”

Sanskar: “I saw in movies when heroin says I love u. Then hero replies I love u too.”

Swara:”Hahahahaahahahahah?? I thought I’ll die due to…”

Sanskar holds her hand:”Don’t die.”

Swara:”U r so sweet. (She extends her hand.) Friends.”

Sanskar shakes his hand.:”Apun (I ) got a new friend.”

Just then Swara reminds about Sahil.:”Oh, I have to inform ma, baba. But my mobile.”

Sanskar: “My mobile also not working. Apun( I..) can drop u. Where u want to go.”

Swara(thinks):”He is a stranger. Should I trust him. Offo Swara he is ur friend. This time I should direclty go to dida’s home. Then yesterday after engagement I’ll return back.”

Sanskar shakes her.

Sanskar: “where u lost.”

Swara:”Nothing let’s go. But ur train.”

Sanskar: “Apun (I..)can do anything for friendship.”

Sanskar starts the bike.

Sanskar:”hold me tightly. I rides fastest bike in whole Kolkata.”

Swara:”OK, sanku…”

Sanskar looks towards her. She gave him cute name.:”Sanku…”

Swara:”See ur all friends converted Sanskar to Sanky, so ur new friend can’t give u new name. And it’s suits u. Sanku. U look like an innocent boy.”

Sanskar: “Apun like the name.”

Sanskar: “I know u will like it. Because apun gave u this name. Haha see I starts talking like u.”

Sanskar smiles. They leaves. After sometime they reaches to the destination.

Sanskar: “Here we come.”

Swara:”Thank you.”

Sanskar: “In Apun’s friendship there is a rule no sorry No thank you.”

Swara:”U know, I haven’t meet guy like u. Nice to meet u.”

Swara is about to go inside. Sanskar calls her.

Sanskar: “Wait.”


Sanskar: “I forgot to ask ur name.”

Just then shomi see her from terrace.

Shomi:”Shona… U came.”

Swara:”ya ma.”

Shomi:”Wait I’m coming down.”

Sanskar comes towards Swara. He gives her his goggles.

Sanskar: “Apun will never forget this meeting. This is small gift. Apun don’t know whether we will meet again or not. But Apun will miss u Shona.” He cries.

Swara wipes his tears.:”This funny, cutie pie also knows crying. U know u r one piece. I’ll not forget u. Bye Sanku.”

Sanskar immediately hugs him. Swara becomes shocked. He is literally crying.

Swara:”Sanku, u go else ur parents r worring about u.”

Sanskar: “I’m Orphan.”

Sanskar leaves. Swara watches him untill he goes out of her sight.

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