SwaSan ss- Rowdy Sanskaar episode 9

Episode 9

SwaSan are enjoying their happy moments. Hugging each other.

Swara: “Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Hmm.”

Swara: “Till how long I have to be like this. We r hugging each other since, half an hour.”

Sanskaar: “Jab tk apun k dil nahi bhar jata…”

Swara: “Means…”

Sanskaar: “Forever…”

Swara: “It’s cheating. I want to see other things also.”

Sanskaar breaks the hug and cups her face.

Sanskaar: “Par apun ko bus Apun k Shona dekhni h. (But I only want to see my Swara.)”

Swara blushes?.

Sanskaar: “Apun to Shona se bahut Sara wala love krta h. (I love Swara too much.)”

Swara: “Shona too loves u.”

Sanskaar: “Shona Apun se kitna love krti h. (How much Swara loves me?)”

Swara opens her arms: “This much.”

Sanskaar: “Kabhi apun ko chodh k to nahi jayegi. (Will u never leave me.)”

Swara: “Never… Because can’t live without her Sanskaar. (She hugs him.) Never ask this stupid this question again.”

Sanskaar: “Apun loves Shona Sabse Jada. Jitna Shona karti h, usey bhi Jada. (I love Swara more than SWARA loves me.)”

Swara: “I know.”

Sanskaar: “Kya apun Swara ko kiss kr skta h. (Can I kiss my Swara?)”

Swara: “U need not ask permission, it’s ur right.”

Sanskaar kisses his Swara?.

Sanskaar says like a little boy tells the poem that he was memorising since yesterday.

Sanskaar: “Your lobe(love) iz (is) something that I kan’t (can’t) kantrol(control). You are on mye (my) mind and hart (heart) oll (all) the time. Before I met you, I bas (was) not familiar with the feeling of lobe(love). But now I came to know bhat lobe iz (what love is). Mye Hart mizzez (My heart misses) its beats when I come clozer (closer) to you. I lobe (love) you.”

Swara’s eyes filled with tears she pecks on his lips.

Swara: “U memorized this for me.”

Sanskaar: “Apun ne Lucky ko dil k bat do Dali. To woh Apun ko yeh sab yaad karaya. (I told, Lucky’s what’s on my heart and he learned me this.)”

Swara: “Sanskaar u r too innocent?. Just like a kid.”

Sanskaar: “Apun cute bhi h. (I’m cute also.)”

Swara smiles: “Yup. (She pulls his cheeks.) My cutie pie?.)”

They fully enjoyed the whole day. Then returns back.

Here Sahil calls Kavita.

Sahil: “Kavita… Sorry I can’t accept this baby.”

Kavita: “But it’s urs baby.”

Sahil: “See, I’m already engaged. And God knows it’s mine or not. May be it’s Sanskaar’s child… I mean u live in his. U r beautiful, may be Sanskaar fell for ur beauty.”

Kavita: “Mind ur language Sahil. Sanskaar is God for me. He gave me this life…”

Sahil: “Look if u want to keep this baby then keep else do suicide… Because only Sanskaar can give name to this illegitimate child.”

He disconnects the call and smirks…

Sanskaar and Swara are coming back…

Sanskaar: “Lucky ne apun k bahut help k. (Lucky helped me alot.)”

Swara: “Who is Lucky? I mean u r talking about him.”

Sanskaar: “Lucky apun l Bhai jaisa h. (Lucky is like my brother.)”

Sanskaar gets a call.

Sanskaar: “Hello.”

Lucky: “Bhai, come fast… Kavita tried to do suicide.”

Sanskaar: “What??? Apun is coming.”

Swara: “Everything OK, Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Apun ko abhi Jana padega. Kavita k pass. (I have to leave, Kavita needs me.)”

Swara: “Why? Is it so important Sanskaar?”

Sanskaar (thinks): “Apun k Shona bahut khush h, abhi apun Usko tension nahi de skta. (My swara is very happy, now I can’t give her tension.”

Sanskaar: “Woh Kavita ne apun k lie kuch banaya h… Apun ko Jana padega… (Kavita made something for me, so I have to go.)”

Swara(thinks): “Y Sanskaar is lying?”

Swara: “OK bye.”

Sanskaar: “Bye.”

Swara: “Bye…”

Sanskaar: “OK bye…”

Swara (thinks): “He is stupid?. I have to do everything.”

Swara kiss Sanskaar ?.

Swara: “Now bye.”

She leaves. Sanskaar immediately leaves for his house.

Swara’s home.

Dida hugs Swara.

Dida: “Thank God u r alright.”

Swara: “Oho, Dida I was with my Sanskaar then Y r u worry?”

Dida: “Worry because of Sanskaar…”

Swara: “What??. I know Dida u don’t like his Tapori language. U know he says this to make me smile. I love him the way he is?”

Dida: “No, Shona. He lied to u. He is a big rowdy of Kolkata. Killing, drugs, kidnapping is his profession.”

Swara: “Dida u must be mistaken. My Sanskaar is innocent like kid. He can’t kill, who told u this rubbish.”

Sahil comes inside the room. He is badly beaten…

Sahil: “I told her.”

Swara: “Who did this Sahil?”

Sahil: “That Sanskaar.”

Swara: “What rubbish??”

Dida: “He is right Shona.”

Sahil: “Ya Swara, he did this. He is a criminal, a womanizer… U know that Kavita is his personal pros… I can’t even say that word. His day starts with drugs, followed by killing innocent humans and night spends with Kavita or any girl…”

Swara slaps him?.

Swara: “R u mad Sahil and how dare u to say this rubbish about my Sanskaar. U thought I’ll believe u. No never. I’m the only girl in his life.”

Sahil: “Swara I’m saying truth. Look at my wounds. When he came to know u r my fiance. He beat me.”

Swara: “Sahil it’s better u leave, else something bad will happen with my hands. Sanskaar only loves me.”

Sahil: “OK, come with me I’ll show u.”

Swara: “Oh please I don’t need any prove. U r wrong.”

Sahil: “OK, to prove me wrong u come with me. If I’m wrong I’ll not show u my face.”

Dida: “Shona go, to show us wrong.”

Swara: “OK… But I know u both r wrong.”

She leaves.

Here Sanskaar rushes towards Kavita’s room.

Sanskaar: “Kavita…”

Kavita (cries): “Sorry bhai.”

Sanskaar: “Y u did this?”

Kavita: “Please don’t be angry Bhai.”

Lucky keeps hands on Sanskaar’s shoulder.: “Bhai, she is pregnant.”

Sanskaar: “What? Who is the father?”

Kavita (cries): “I am Sorry Bhai… Please promise me. U won’t be angry…”

Sanskaar (shouts): “Apun ne puch kon h iska bap. (I asked, who is the father of this child?)”

Kavita (crying tone): “Sahil…”

Sanskaar: “Dimag kharab h tere… (R u nut?)”

Lucky: “Bhai be calm.”

Sanskaar: “OK, don’t cry. I’ll talk to Sahil. He have to marry u.”

Kavita: “Bhai, he is not accepting this child. He said this child is illegitimate or may be urs… (Sanskaar’s closes his fist.) Bhai I can’t take this world called my son illegitimate…”

Kavita tells him everything.


A little boy of 10 year is begging. He see a lady crossing the road, but her saree got stuck on her slippers and she is unaware of a bus coming towards her. Boy saves her.

Aunty: “Thank you son.”

Boy: “Aunty I don’t want thank-you, I haven’t ate anything since three days. Please help me.”

A lady gives him money and chocolates.

Lady: “What’s ur name son?”

Boy: “Sanskaar.”

Lady: “Where is ur parents? U r too little for begging.”

Sanskaar: “Aunty apun anath h. Apun k yeh paise kama k malik ko dene h. (Aunty I’m orphan. I have to give money to my Malik.)”

Lady: “U know my son is also of ur age. (She calls her little son.) Sahil come here.”

Sahil: “Hello. Mom he is dirty boy look his dirty boy.” He laughs.

Sujata: “Bad manner Sahil… Sanskaar u can come with us. I’ll send u orphanage. U can continue ur study. They will give u food and shelter.”

Sanskaar: “Apun, Lucky aur Kavita ko bhi le ja skta h. (Can I take Lucky and Kavita too.)”

Sujata: “OK, bring them I’m waiting.”

Sanskaar leaves, but as he reaches there. He see two person holding Lucky’s hands and legs. And trying to put boiled oil in his eyes. Lucky’s mouth is closed with a thick piece of cloth.

Sanskaar: “Apun ko kuch krna hoga…”

Man1: “Boss is this right.”

Man2: “We will earn more money. They all illegitimate child. Don’t know whose dirt are they?”

Sanskaar (shouts): “Police… Police…”

They becomes afraid and runs. Sanskaar goes inside and saves Lucky.

Lucky: “Bhai, thanks u saved my life.”

Sanskaar: “Chal Kavita ko lete apun dono bhag jate h. (Come we three will elope.)”

Man1: “Not soon, u r very clever Sanky. Now ur Kavita gone.”

They holding Kavita and she is crying.

Kavita: “Save me.”

Sanskaar looks towards container in which oil is filled.

Sanskaar (thinks): “Agar apun inke cehre pe dalega to Kavita ko lg jayegi. (If I’ll throw oil on their face then it will hurt Kavita.)”

Sanskaar immediately throws oil on their leg and they cried and with Lucky and Kavita he eloped.

Here Sujata saw Ram’s goons and she escaped from there. When Sanskaar reaches there he didn’t found there.

Shopkeeper: “Sanskaar she gave this for u.”

Sanskaar takes money and to save themselves he go from there.

Flashback ends.

Sanskaar: “No one say ur son illegitimate. Apun is bache k sath woh sab nahi hone dega. (I’ll not let all that happen with ur son.)”

Lucky: “That Sahil is very cheap.”

Sanskaar: “Aaj Apun usey nahi chodega. (Today, I’ll not leave him.)”

Sanskaar goes inside the Sahil’s home like a Strom.

Sanskaar: “Sahil how dare you??”

Sahil: “Bhai, please leave me. Don’t beat me.”

Sanskaar drags him outside.

Sanskaar: “Today I’ll not leave u. I’ll show u who am I? I’m Sanskaar. Rowdy Sanskaar… Whole Kolkata afraid of me and u tried to hurt my Kavita.”

Sahil: “Bhai, sorry. What I did I’m innocent Bhai. Don’t kill me. Please????.”

Sanskaar beats him black and blue.

Sahil(in mind): “Beat me Sanskaar as much as u can because after this I will tears in ur eyes. For that I can bear this.”

Sahil: “Please Bhai… Aahh it’s hurting Bhai.”

Sanskaar: “Apun tujeh chodega nahi. (I’ll not leave u). (He takes out the gun? and point it on his head.) Maffi mang Kavita se. (Say sorry to Kavita.)”

He loads the gun.

Swara: “Sanskaar…”

Sanskaar looks towards Swara.

Sanskaar: “Shona…”

Sahil(smirks): “Now the game begin.”

Sanskaar sees tears in Swara’s eyes. He immediately goes towards her and cups her face but gun is still in his hand.

Sanskaar: “Who made my Shona crying? (He pecks on her lips.) Jisne bhi Apun k Shona ko rulaya apun usey chodega nahi. (Whosoever made my Swara cry I’ll not leave that bastared.”

Swara removes his hand from her cheeks.

Swara: “Will u kill them with this gun.”

Sanskaar: “Yes. Apun k lie Shona sab kuch h. (Swara means everything to me.)”

Swara throws the gun from his hand.

Swara: “Sanskaar u never thought how many Swara got separated from Sanskaar because of u. U killed them.”

Sanskaar: “Shona Apun… (Swara I)”

A lady comes there.

Sahil: “Doctor mam u r here.”

Doctor: “Yes, Kavita. Now I’m with u. U need not abort ur child.”

All people from the society… Starts gossiping.

Woman1: “Child… Kavita is pregnant.”

Woman2: “Who is dady?”

Woman3: “God knows.”

Sahil: “Doctor ji, whose baby, r u talking?”

Doctor goes towards Sanskaar.

Doctor: “Kavita and Sanskaar’s child.”

Sanskaar: “Doctor, Y r u lying?”

Doctor: “U came in the morning. With Kavita. Even u called me to abort this baby. How cheap??”

Sanskaar: “No… This is not true. (He looks towards Swara.) Shona apun sach bol raha h. (Swara I’m saying the truth.)”

Doctor: “Don’t lie… U came in the morning…”

Sanskaar: “Ha apun aya tha par, yeh bacha. (Yes I came but this baby.)”

Sahil: “Now u will say it’s mine baby.”

Sanskaar: “Ha, Shona yeh Sahil… (Yes, Swara this Sahil.)”

Lucky: “You all tell, hava u ever saw me with this Kavita. Who wants to be in relationship with Rowdy girl like her.”

Sanskaar holds Swara’s hand.

Sanskaar: “Shona tu to apun pe vishwas krti h. (Swara, do u believe me?)”

Sahil: “Ok I believe it’s not ur son Sanskaar, not mine then whose. Or Kavita may be u slept with so many man that u don’t know…”

Sanskaar punches Sahil.
Sanskaar: “Ek aur ghatiya bat boli to apun tujeh Mar dega. (If u said one more rubbish thing I swear I’ll kill u.)”

Sahil: “Sorry Sanskaar don’t kill me…”

Sanskaar about to beat him but Swara slaps Sanskaar.

Swara: “I hate you Sanskaar. U broke me. My love, my feelings u made everything a big joke. Now nothing is left.”

She turns to leave but Sanskaar break down on his knees and holds her hand.

Sanskaar: “Shona, apun ko chodh k mat ja. (swara don’t leave me.)”

Swara: “Sanskaar leave my hand.”

Sanskaar: “Pleaz… ????. Apun Mar jayega. (Please I’ll die…)”

Swara cries and closes her eyes?.

Swara gains little courage: “Sanskaar leave, my… Hand…”

Sanskaar hugs her legs.

Sanskaar: “Nahi, apun tujeh nahi Jane dega. Apun k Shona Apun k pass rahegi. (No, I’ll not let u go. My Swara will stay with me.)”

Swara pushes him.

Swara: “Enough is enough… I said I hate u Mr Sanskaar.”

Sanskaar: “Shona, tu apun ko Mar le. Tu bole to apun is Sahil se bhi sorry bolega. Par apun ko chodh mt ja. (Swara, u can kill me. If u want I’m ready to sorry to Sahil. But don’t leave me.)”

Swara: “U live or die I don’t care.”

She moves but Lucky bow down before her.

Lucky: “Swara, u don’t know what u r for Sanskaar Bhai. He can burn whole Kolkata for u. Swara, I’m father of Kavita’s son. Bhai is innocent, please don’t leave him. He will die without u. I’m begging u.”

Swara: “The person who never cares for anyone’s life, and if he dies then it’s good. He cheated me. Now no need to contact me, even if he… Let em go.”

She leaves…

Sahil calls Ram.

Sahil: “Come with police dad.”

Lucky holds Sanskaar.

Lucky: “Bhai come.”

Sanskaar(cries): “Nahi, apun kahi nahi jayega. Lucky bol na Shona se apun k pass aja. Tu janta h na… Apun Mar jayega… (No, I’ll not go anywhere. Lucky tell na Swara to come to me. U know I can’t live without her.)”

Lucky hugs him: “Bhai, hush don’t cry. Bhai look everyone is looking at u.”

Sanskaar: “Apun ko koi fark nahi padhta… Apun ko Apun k Shona lake do. (I don’t care. I want my Swara back.)”

Sahil: “So bad Lucky. Look the Rowdy of Whole Kolkata is crying like a baby. Haha????. Aww poor kid. Crying for Shona.”

Sanskaar burns in anger???? and loads his gun?.

Sanskaar: “Sale, apun tujeh chodega na. (Sally, I’ll not leave u.)”

Sanskaar points gun on his head. Sahil becomes afraid. Sanskaar pulls the trigger and about to shoot but a woman shouts. She is Sujata.

Sujata: “Nooo…”

Sanskaar looks towards her.

Sujata: “Kill me but leave my Son.”

Sanskaar reminds her face. She was the same woman who helped him. It is truth that if Sujata will not give him money to him then he won’t be what he is now. She gave him money, her gold ring.

Sanskaar throws the gun.

Sanskaar: “Chala ja, warna apun tujeh Mar dega. (Go away, else I’ll shoot u.)”

Ram comes with police.

Ram: “Arrest him, he tried to kill my son.”

Lucky: “What rubbish…??? No one have guts to arrest Sanskaar Bhai.”

Ram: “U don’t know me. I’m Ram Parsad Maheshwari. I can arrest 1000 Sanskaar’s…”

Police arrests the Sanskaar. But he doesn’t says anything. Police takes him.

Lucky: “No u can’t take him.”

They takes him. Lucky runs after the Jeep.

Lucky: “Sanskaar Bhai, u don’t worry I’m with u.”

He followed them….
Here in colony there is a big rush people are gossiping about Sanskaar. But two love birds meets after ages. Ram move towards Sujata.

Ram: “Sujata.”

Sujata: “Sahil, son r u alright.”

Sahil: “I’m good mom. U talk to dad.”

He leaves.

Ram holds his ear.

Ram: “Sorry Sujju. U know how much I love u.”

Sujata: “Ram, Y u came here? Please leave me and my son.”

Ram: “He is my son too.”

Sujata: “We don’t want u in our life.”

Ram: “Seriously, but I know he knows me, my money.”

Sujata: “My Sahil is not greedy.”

Durga comes there.

DP: “Malik, come Ragini is calling u.”

Sujata: “Oh, he is still with u.”

DP(thinks): “This Sujata is too much.”

Sujata: “Sahil and I will not come with u.”

Ram: “He already left for home. It’s better u too come.”

Sujata left with option she too leaves.

Durgaparsad: “I still can’t able to understand, how Sujata found her son. I sold that baby…”

Ram: “Durga, kaha Mar gaya, (Durga where u gone.)”

Durga: “Sorry Malik.”

They leaves.

Sujata looks outside, Ram holds her hand.

Sujata: “Don’t touch me. I’m coming because of my son.”

Durgaparsad looks towards Sujata throw mirror. Ram hits on his bald headed.

Ram: “Look forward…”

Durgaparsad(mummers): “Evil.”

Ram: “I’m listening.”

Ram looks towards Sujata.

Ram(in mind): “My Sujju. U know how much desperate to hug u. But I know ur anger… Control Ram control…”

Swara’s home.

Swara enters inside the home like a dead body.

Dida: “Shona.”

Swara: “Dida, I want to be alone for sometime.”

Dida: “Did he hurt u?”

Swara: “I’m fine…”

She couldn’t able to handle her tears…

Swara immediately goes inside the room and closed the door.

Swara (cries)??: “I… LOVE YOU… SANSKAAR. I LOVE YOU…”

Precap: Kavita tells truth to Swara.

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