SwaSan ss: OUR PAST (PART 3)

” the past was that i was in love with him. He too had same feelings for me and the night i expressed my feelings to him it turned to be a very special and we got intimate. Next day everything turned out wrong. The moment Sanskar came in Sirach’s eyesight he was beaten up so badly and was accused that he had raped me. Sanskar looked at me for answers.
“Stop looking at her. It was all our plan… whatever happened she did it on my saying and yea whatever she said about your love and all was all fake” sirach slapped him and said.
“Swara answer me” sanskar had those eyes with some hope.
“Whatever bhai said is right… what you thought you would insult my elder brother and escape so easily? ” there was no guilt in swara’s eyes which made sanskar more angry. Later he was thrown out of college being accused.
“Wait! I don’t think swara is such a person then why did you do it?” Sahil looked at kavita.
“Ofcourse sahil swara didn’t know what was happening she was drugged by sirach with Ambien Cr(hypnotic drug). It was all planned when swara came to know about it,it was too late. Sanskar had left the city and now we see him.” Kavita explained.
“So this is the reason he’s angry with you and you want to clear it to him. Right?” Sahil questioned me.
I just nodded not knowning what should i say ahead though their relationship was not strong but they were brothers after all.
“I will help you clear the mess…but do you still love Sanskar?”
No…i mean i.. whatever. But the problem is that we are leaving tomorrow and the way sanskar is behaving i don’t think this is going to be sorted so soon.
“About your leaving to delhi leave that to me. I will make plans. You don’t worry.” Sahil told me with concerned.

For the first time i was not irritated with him. We left his office and went back home. I opened my bag and removed a bracelet. Memories started flashing me.
Sanskar enters the clasdroom full of students and sees an empty seat near swara and sits there. With no professor coming in the class everyone in their own routine sanskar was left with no option but removing his PSP and start playing while sanskar was in virtual world swara was reading a novel.
“Come on sanskar… you can do it. Just 30 seconds …just 10 more…”
Swara looked at the person who was self motivating himself and chuckled inside seeing him play there like a 10 year old boy. Just then her trance broke with a bang on the desk leaving swara to see her broken bracelet.
“Shit.. how could you lose. You’re such a looser”
Ohh hello! Remove your frustration elsewhere. You just broke my bracelet.
“Ohh m so sorry… i m really sorry. I will get a new one for you. Its just that..”
Its ok.. it was old enough. Don’t need to get a new one.
“No no it was my mistake”
Let it be.. its ok.

Swara sees him and asks him whether he is new.
“Yea.. actually here for my training in martial arts. Will be here for two months”
Ohh that’s cool..
“By the way you’re looking beautiful with your hair open this blue floral dress and those heels. Just perfect. ”
Swara was stunned after listening to all of it he had noticed so muvh in her.
Don’t you think you’re flirting with me?
“Ahh and don’t you think you should be saying thanks? But let it be”
By the way m swara bose…..
“Swara-self shining … but now m confuse”
Confusr? About what?
“You’re beautiful or your name.. ”
Swara couldn’t think but blush..
What’s your name? Though she had heard him saying but wanted to know for a formality sake.
Sanskar what? Surname?
“Don’t you think you are very eager to know about me?”
No just asking..
“I’ll tell you when we become very good friends”
“Waise i should thank god”
“Such a beautiful creation sitting beside me thank you toh banta hai”
Swara turned and blushed .. are you always like this in your flirty mode?
“No but can’t help myself after seeing you”
Saying so his phone buzzed.. he looked at it and kept it back in his pocket
“Haan… so where can i find you? I mean apart from classroom?”
“Cool… i need to go. See you around” he goes but then comes back.
“Are you free now?”
“If you’re show me the city…if you feel safe”
I…i… .. swara wanted to go but sanskar was a stranger to her and sanskar felt it so he also changed his mind.
“Its ok …see you around”

Next day
“hh there you’re… i have been searchibg for the beauty all around”
Swara turNed to see sanskar with hand bandaged.
Hey hii… what’s with your hand?
“Nothing serious… here you go your bracelet”
I told you i didn’t want a new one then why you got it?
“Its not new but the same old one… i just fixed it. ”
Wait.. the way it was broken i didn’t expect it to be fixed but why did you take trouble.
“First we always imagine somethings cannot be fixed and second i could have got the new one but it wouldn’t make you happy losing the old one and you would always feel that you got this because the first one was broken so to fix three things i fixed one” a smile played on his face.
Three? I understood the first two..third one?
“How can i forget that million dollar smile of yours”
Not again… you just need a chance right to flirt.
“Waise… are you single?”
“No if you’re i m free nowadays… contact me”
Never gonna date you…
“Never say never baby…if you fall for me you will never be able to love someone else” he said jokinly.
Whatever… how did you get hurt?
He scartched his head “jab koi cheez thik karne lagte hai chot lagti hi hai”
End of fb.
Unknown POV
Sets of tears flowed from Swara’s eyes. She sat near the window recollecting sanskar’s flirty nature..his smile..his jokes.
“Yoy were right sanskar we just imwgine somethings never will be fixed but i will fix our past…and you were right if i fall for you i would never ever fall for someone else. (Tears rolled down her cheek) why does it become so difficult to fix things and why do we get hurt trying to fix them?.”
She kept on repeating the words that played in her mind and the sleep took over her.

I woke up and saw kavita glaring at me angrily.
“Why were you crying last night?” She questioNed me
Are you dreaming? Why will i cry? I snapped back.
“Really? Just look at yourself… (pulls her near the mirror) look at your eyes they have turned red … see those? Why do you keep lying to me? Don’t i know how much in pain you were when that thing happened? From 3 years you cry alone at night. Your chirpness is lost.. you just talk when you need to but before that incident you were so cozy. I know it hurts you… but now the time has come to fix it. “Kavita blurted out her anger as well as concern.
I..m … i tried to speak but words didn’t make their way out.
“Promise me… you won’t cry anymore about it.”
I…i.don’t promise…but will try to.
“But i promise one thing to help you fix things with him” she heard Sahil’s voice and turned.
“So the plan is we’re getting married in two weeks and that’s the reason you’re staying here… so you..i mean we got two weaks to put things back to places”sahil shared his plan.
“Bhai … bhai… bro get up”
Hmmm… i got up and was feeling dizzy and stared at moving nikhil.
Why are you moving so much… stand at a place. I asked him.
“Come you sit… why did you take those anti depressants? I told you right they’re harmful. I m not moving you’re high. ”
What should i do nik…. i m trying not to remember my past but its haunting me… i can’t take it anymore.. i tried not to take pills but couldn’t control myself. I am sorry… i keep boring you with my talks. .
“Shh… you keep hurting yourself….please don’t take these tablets i assure you to keep you overcome your past.. please don’t take those pills.. come you injured your hand again if something happens to you then?”
Nothing bad will happen to me now…i have gone through so much… you don’t worry.
“M not listening to you today… you are coming with me to the Doctor..i don’t care even its a minor scartch or big thing. In this week you have injured it more than thrice. You are coming and that’s my order”
What about the hurt which is in my heart?
“First heal yoyr external wounds then will see sbout it. I promise to heal it quickly”

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