SwaSan ss: OUR PAST (PART 2)

We started our breakfast. I was pondering on how to talk to sanskar. All the maheshwaris were present on the dinning table apart from him. Chit chatting about stupid stuff. Mr. Dp asked me about my new story. So i told him that its still going on after that they again went to their professional talks. I wondered if it was a bussiness meeting combined with breakfast but forget it. I saw sanskar sneaking in. He looked towards us not noticing that i was looking at him. He tried to sneak in but mr. Dp asked him some questions which turned to be such an arguement and fight that he left the mansion forever. Like forever? Where would i find him now? Meeting him after three years and not getting a chance to talk to him and apologizing is seriously a dumbest thing one could do. I went to Kavita and saw Sirach with her. Urghh….why is he here? I don’t want to talk to him but now some talk is going to pop up.

“Hey Swara…come”Kavita asked me to settle down beside her.
Listen Kavita… i need to talk to about our..
“Before that let me tell you girls we are leaving tomorrow afternoon” Sirach cut me in between.
I m not coming back.
“What do you mean?” Sirach asked.

I need to clear the mess you created some years back. So m not coming back. I don’t think till now you have some guilt in you about that day but atleast for our upbringing you need to apologize to Sanskar.
“She’s right” kavita supported me.
“His parents and brother does not care about him. Why we should bother?” Sirach trying us to convince not to have guilt.
“Are you guys talking about sanskar?” I heard a familiar voice ofcourse it was sahil.
I don’t know from yesterday i feel irritated to talk to him but its time to change the topic or should we tell him? Or does he know about it? Even if he knows he doesn’t remember other things than his own motives and things revolving around himself.
“Do you know about sanskar? I mean what happened 3 years ago to him?” Kavita questioned him to which he scratched his head and replied
“I guess he was trying to figure out what ge wanted from life or something or may be he was attending college or god knows what”

It was pointless asking him i felt. But he stuck on to his question and asked kavita why was she questioning him. I hit my head for that. Now we need to tell him what actually we were talking about but the problem was this relationship with Kavita. If something happened to their relationship i would never be able to forgive myself as Kavita madly loves him. But then i thoight it wont make a difference for him as he doesn’t care about his brother. “””

I left maheshwari mansion forever. I wish i could delete those bitter memories from my past. It was my bad i was born there and again when i went to Delhi my bad luck followed me. Even though i had everything i had nothing. There was no love in my life. Everyone treated me like a roadside dog. Anytime they wanted they would feel bad and pity at me or sometimes just drive me away from their eyesight. Why me all the time? But never the less i would come over it. I took the first aid kit from the and started applying oinment on my fist. I just broke the window of my dad’s brand new car which arrived as i was coming out.
“We should go to the doctor for that.. you might get infection” Nikhil looked at me in concern.

Not needed…. and he did not reply back. This was the very fact i liked about him. He never forces me to do anything nor judges me. He accepts me as who i am. He would listen to me, follow my orders and even take my punches and kicks when i would be angry. I know that’s rude but even when i apologized he would not mind. He’s the only one i can completely trust and rely upon. He’s the only one from childhood who does not ask me to go away from him. Even though i was so aggressive he would not say anything to me about it. He solved most of my problems.
“Sorry yaar….. because of me your sleep got disturbed” i needed to apologize to him.

“Seriously bhai? Disturbing my sleep?” He questioned back.
“I know you don’t accept all these…. but still you were sleeping peacefully and because of me you had to come all the way.”
“You know right then why are you apologizing? There’s no sorry and thank you in our relation.” He cleared. .
“So let’s go to the club tonight . . What say?”

“Sounds cool but you have to get your hand checked. I know you said no but i think you should check it once. Alright?” This time he really wanted to go to the doctor.
Fine. Just because i spoilt your sleep.
He smiled back”whatever it is as long you go”
I agreed to him. I just dumped my stuff in the apartment and went out with him to the doctor. Spent the rest of the day shopping. We went to the club after many days i sat on the bar stool while nikhil went hanging around with girls. I was enjoying my drink at the bar counter and watching people.


Ahhh! Coming to the club after a long time. I don’t really go to clubs but when i go i enjoy to the fullest. Today got saved in the morning. We were about to open up to him but looks like fate was helping us he got a call and returned back in the evening and forgot about sanskar after which he made a plan to come to a club not a bad idea but the crowd was flocking us around which i don’t like. I proceeded towards the bar counter as not much crowd was awaiting there. I waited for my drink to get ready and saw Sanskar sitting at the stool. Ok my fate is really helping me i guess.
Hey sanskar
“Urghh …. not you” he gave me a irritated look.

I was wondering from where to start from how are you? No… i think i should just talk to the point and finish it off.
“I wanted to talk to you about….” i started but he did not pay any heed to my questions.
“Hey sanskar!!” A girl came and hugged him tightly and he too responded back after which they went from there.

I was feeling to stab the girl there and there but controlled my emotions. I saw them going near the exit and sanskar waving to her and returning back. I thanked God for this. He settled on the stool.
“Hey sanskar i wanted to talk to you about….
“Listen.. i have come to enjoy my night so please don’t start your nonsense here.” He gave me a rude reply.
But i want to tell you something important. I placed my hand on his shoulder.
He jerked my hand away” listen don’t try to come close to me. I don’t want to fall in your trap again. Stay away from me. Don’t you know i m a rapist?”
Please sanskar. Don’t call yourself that. You know it was not true. It was just false acquisition on you. I need to clear about that only.
“I don’t want to hear anything from you. I know myself better than you do. I was foolish that day to fall in your trap” he gave me a look with blood shot eyes and left.
Nikhil came up to the counter and paid off their bills and looked at me.
“I don’t understand why can’t you guys leave him at peace?”

“Thanks for spoiling his evening” saying so he left. “””

We came home. I looked at my stuff and picked it up and went to my room. Nikhil started helping me but i topd him to go out and he went. I took my stuff from the boxes and started arranging them. My trophies and my medals as soon i touched them some memories flashed me.
Sanskar:mom..mom…see i won a medal.

Sujata:so what sanskar? Keep it there.
Sanskar:but mom.
Sujata:sanskar don’t irritate me. I need to go sahil is waiting for me. Bye.
Fb ends.
I sat with moist eyes but its not the time to cry. I placed them in my cupboard. Got my books out and was arranging in my shelf. Something dropped from a book. I picked it up and it was her picture. Swara’s picture.

Swara:sanskar no yaar…not my picture. I don’t look in pictures.
Sanskar: its ok Swara… i just want to capture your beauty in my camera.
Swara:no.. no sanskar.
Sanskar: see you’re looking so good in this.
Swara: no …i don’t want to see. You only keep it for yourself.
Sanskar:fine… i will keep it. But actually..
Sanskar: i don’t need your picture. You’re always in my heart.
Swara: you’re always in your flirty mode na. You just need a chance.
Both smile.

Fb ends.
Why did you do this to me Swara? I really loved you right? Then why? Why you betrayed me? Why you broke my trust? Anger boiled inside me and i tore the picture into pieces and got back to my work. I started punching the punching bag until i calmed down. “”
Thanks for reading. Past revelation in next chapter.

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