A Swasan SS (Part 6)

Sumi was shocked seeing swara behaving like this,she hadn’t dreamt in her worst nightmare that her daughter who sacrificed everything for her mere happiness is saying that she is not her mother.
What could be a punishment more than this for a mother.
When swara was saying these things every one were shocked including dida.
But now shekar couldn’t tolerate and directly confronted swara.
Shekar:swara y r u talking like this? Remember beta she is ur maa,for whom u fought with whole world. United her with me .
Swara:see it’s better u don’t talk with me.And one more thing pls don’t show ur fake concern or love to me.im not that swara who will give in to ur or this lady’s (pointing to sumi)words.
Shekar was seeing swara with wide eyes.
Sanskar (coming out of shock): swara u may be tired ,u go and take rest in our room.and Mr and Mrs.saxena u also take rest,Kaka take their luggage and place it in guest room
Arun:no need for that Mr.maheshwari.we have bought a villa near this house,we will stay there. And u doll whenever u want to meet us ,u come there ok.and yes take care of my natin.(saying this he kissed her forehead).Any problem is there means,u should call me first .Ok
Swara:ok dad.im gonna miss u.and yes pls take care of u and maa.and take ur tablets on time,else i will complain it to vikas.

Subha:beta take care.i really feel uncomfortable by leaving u in this condition.but u only said
Swara:maa don’t take tension,waise u know na ur daughter is a strong women ,she can bear this all.anyways it’s a matter of six months only na,after that i will come to u again.
Seeing her talk sumi, shekar were angered and little jealous by their bond.
Soon saxenas left mm along with dida
Swara:Kaka pls place these bags in guestroom.
Sanskar:u r not gonna stay in guest room,(shouting)u will stay with me in our room ,u understand that.
Swara:see I’m totally exhausted after Mrs.gadodias drama,i really don’t have energy to argue with you.pls can’t u for once listen to me.i wanna stay in guest room,if want u can also stay with me in that room.
Ap:but y ?See sujata now only she came,but now itself she is showing her tantrums.
Sujata is going to say something but swara interpreted​
Swara:see i cant walk on stairs frequently as I’m pregnant and it may affect the baby,that’s y i wanna stay in the guest room.(calmly)
And i really don’t care what u think about me.

Saying this she left towards the guest room
RP: bhabhi i don’t think u have problems in swara staying here,if u have then say it openly.i will go out of this house along with my family.
DP:RP !What are u saying? Annapurna ask forgiveness from RP and sujata
Ap:ji .See devarji u r misunderstanding me.I’m not against swara,but u see swara has changed herself very much.see na the way she talked to her mother and father.the way she is taunting sanskar and they way she is saying that she gonna divorce him.thats y i said these things.
Suji:if it’s so jiji,then pls don’t interfere in my family’s issue.im still there to take care of my bahu.so pls.and abt sumiji she deserves this
Saying this she goes towards ​guest room
Ap:(feeling insulted)sanskar beta atleast u understand what am i Saying.
But sanskar left the place by giving angry glare to ap.
Sumi:shekar what happened to my shona,she is so changed.i want my shona shekar.(crying)
Shekar is too dumbfounded to say anything.

Ragini came to her
Ragini:maa u don’t worry,i will make swara to understand.u know na that she always loves me.she will understand it.i will make her to come to you.now u don’t cry and leave to GM along with papa.
Soon sumi along with shekar left to GM.
Ragini:don’t know what happened to swara ,y she is behaving like this.
Laksh:haa ragin.even I’m also confused.
Otherside parish room
Pari:how can swara come back?That too she is pregnant.now all of them will take care of like anything.soon they will pamper her as she is carrying the Mahesheshwari heir.now what to do.
When pari is thinking these things,adarsh came
Adarsh: whatever it may be,u don’t even think of causing any harm to swara and her baby.if u do so i will not leave u.becoz of me and u , already my family has faced many problems and now i don’t want any .So simply shut ur evil brain and yes stay ten feet away from swara.

Guest room
Swara was unpacking her bag,then sujata came in.
Sujata: chori,don’t do these things when I’m here.i will arrange ur clothes in wardrobe u go and fresh up.
Swara:par mom
Sujata:par var kuch nahi.
Soon swara freshen up and came out of washroom only to find sanskar placing his things on the table.
Sanskar saw swara
Sanskar:do u need anything?
Seeing sanskar s restlessness,swara asked
Swara:ask what u wanna ask.
Swara:i know u want to ask me something.go ahead.
Sanskar:woo..Y did u behave like that wid ur maa and Baba?i know how much u love them,u love them that much ki u faked marriage with me to unite them again,u broke my promise and joined this family to unite maa with Baba.u always had them as ur first priority then what happened now.
Swara:y did u forcefully made me to sign divorce papers sanskar?
Hearing this question sanskar was in guilty.
Swara: because u got fed up with me as i always considered others before u.am i right?
Sanskar nodded

Swara:but u don’t know u were the one for whom i did these things.im connected to this family by u only.u say or not that day when u broke all the relation with Mahesheshwari ,i know u were so much broken that time.u always considered badima as ur maa maybe much more than that.that night i saw u craving for ur family​,u wanted ur family to trust up on u,u wanted to prove them ur innocence,u wanted to show them that u didn’t do any wrong.but ur ego anger stopped u from doing that.i knew sanskar,u never wanted to be away from ur family,it hurted you to hell and i….Just can’t see u broken like that.thats y i tried to unite you with ur family against ur decision that day.
Hearing swara, sanskar was more guilty.
Swara:and coming to ur question,yes u r right i always loved Mrs gadodia more than myself,i did my best to make her happy.but what she did ?When i needed her most she chosen her husband over me.then what can u expect from me.
Sanskar:but swara maa was helpless that time,she wanted to come to u but u know na ayush also important for her,he is so small how can she separate from Baba?

Swara:ok ur reasons also acceptable,but then also she didn’t even tried once to explain me.u know what after u broke our relationships i was lifeless​ stayed in Bose house alone no one not even Mrs.gadodia came to me to console me,instead she was enjoying her happiness that she got united with her family.what was my mistake I have made?Is thinking about others is my mistake?Is thinking abt u,ur happiness is my mistake?Leave this all.tell me one thing after i left Kolkata did anyone cared for me,to search for me?
Sanskar:but i searched for u
Swara:when after knowing that im carrying ur baby isn’t?
Sanskar looked down not meeting her gaze.
Swara:ok let’s leave about u.but what abt others that is my so called mother and my family.
Sanskar:they didn’t tried to find u as u have said in letter that don’t try to find me.
Swara:like seriously sanskar??If in mine place ragini has left the house still everyone would sit idler and wait for return??I’m not jealous of ragini,but I’m just trying to say that they are all selfish they want me for their selfish motives not only they but you are also like that only.

U r not the sanskar whom i have loved,u r someone else becoz my sanskar cannot see my tears,he cannot intend to hurt me even in his dreams,but u what u did??
Just now she realised she is shouting out of her voice.
Anyways leave it these all are past now present is that i have my own family who love me unconditionally they love because I’m their daughter, they don’t expect anything from me apart from my love

Precap:swara going office and ap argue over that.rp taking important decision

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