A Swasan SS (Part 4)

After the conference, everyone left.swara left to her cabin seeing this sanskar went behind her and all of a sudden pulled her in to hug making her startled.
Swara:what r u doing?Leave me.i said leave me(shouting)
Sanskar:swara,u don’t know how much happy I’m by seeing u here,u don’t know how much i missed you.(seeing her struggling,he left her)
Swara:if u r done with ur fake concern,u can leave.
Sanskar:swara i know i did wrong with you,but i realised my mistake.pls give a another chance.and i know u still love me that’s y u still wearing mangalsutra and vermilion.U know after u left so many things have happened,u won’t believe …
Swara:I’m sorry Mr.maheshwari i have no interest in talking abt ur house matters.anyways it will be good if u leave , unlike u i have many works.
Sanskar:Jaan I’m saying sorry na,pls for this tym forgive ur Prince.i swear i will not repeat this mistake again.
Swara(taking deep breath):see sanskar i know u r guilty and u deserve to be.but the fact is i have moved on in my life.the mangalsutra and vermilion which u see that doesn’t belong to u, but rather to someone.
Sanskar:(teary eyed)u r joking right.i know for troubling me u r saying this.(with determination)ok if u have really moved on let me see that person.
Swara:? sanskar ,he don’t know anything about my first marriage,i Didn’t said anything.so pls don’t create problems in my married life.my husband is very possessive towards me,he don’t like to meet u.
Sanskar:u r lying Mrs. Sanskar Mahesheshwari,there is no other man in ur life.i know u love me like i do.so pls stop ur dramas and come back to me.
Suddenly a man of 30yrs entered the cabin without knocking.he was wearing a formal suite and looking handsome
Man:shona u r here,kabse im searching for u.actually i got to know that you had won this deal.congragulations dear, saying this he hugged her.

Afterwards he saw sanskar with a questionable look.seeing that
Swara:vikas he is my dealer for whom we are going to work.pls meet Mr. Sanskar Mahesheshwari.and Mr.maheshwari meet my husband vikas saxena.
Hearing swara , sanskar felt shocked and shattered.without a word he left from there like a lifeless body.
Here in swaras cabin,after sanskar left
Vikas:bechara how shattered was he after listening that I’m ur husband.but swara u shouldn’t have done this.see he was very much hurted.
Swara:i also want this only,he should be hurted that much ki he should leave me and move on in his life.thats y after seeing him entering into my cabin i messaged u to act like my husband.
Vikas:but this is wrong,i think u both have to sit and talk,u can sort out ur problem.swara i know u love him a lot i have seen it in ur eyes,i don’t know what had happened between u two but pls solve it together.u have a long future.
Swara: hogaya bad i don’t want to hear anything.just leave me alone for sometime.
“So this is ur great husband am i right princess” saying this sanskar came inside with a blood shoted eyes??
Swara:s.a.n.s.k.a.r(while stumbling)
Sanskar:wow!Such a actress u are.how can u just say like this that too in front of ur husband.y did u do like this swara,y u lied to me,y u broke my heart,y y?
Vikas:see swara is not at fault,i ..
Sanskar:u just shut up and get out ?.See it’s between me and my wife i don’t want any third person to poke his nose into my matter.understood?
Vikas without option left the cabin giving helpless look to swara.
Sanskar:now what for u waiting, speak up damn it!.It’s too fun to annoy me right?
Swara:u want to hear it na,then hear .Yes i told u lie because i don’t want to come back to u.and i know u will definitely do something which will spoil my present life so only i did like this

Sanskar was astonished by her reason,he was neither angry nor sad.he was now feeling like he is seeing swara Bose ,that swara whom he met for the first time in baadi.the same fearless,bold and courageous girl yet modern.
Sanskar:(in a calm voice)u know me very well princess.so u also would be knowing that i wont get back now.i know u will not agree to come with me back to Kolkata,but u have to because now also u r my wife legally.so u don’t have any choice.??
Swara:no i mean we r divorced that day u forcefully made me to sign those divorce papers (with teary eyes by remembering abt that unfortunate day)here sanskar was also having tears in his eyes by remembering that moment of his life where he had losted everything his life,his love due to his stupid anger.
Sanskar:(composing himself) yes but for the court to grant divorce u should stay with me atleast for 6 months.
Hearing this swara was shocked.Now she has to face those ppl again.with so much effort she managed to forget her so called family but now she has to live with them for 6 whole month.god where u have taken me.what abt her child,if sanskar came abt to know abt their child he will definitely not leave her.now what’s is she going to do.this was going on swaras mind.

She placed her hands on her stomach and kept on thinking like that.
Sanskar who have observed her fear got to know what’s going on her mind.
Sanskar:u don’t have any choice u have to comeback to Kolkata and stay with me for 6months to get divorce
Swara:pls y r u doing this with me,pls leave me.i don’t want to stay with u .Pls
Sanskar was sad listening to her ,he was very much hurted to see his love like this,but he had no other option except this.he had too do this to get back swara and his child in his life again.
Sanskar:I’m waiting outside ,u complete ur work . Tomorrow we will go to Kolkata.pack ur bags be ready.
Saying this left,when he is going to leave he saw arun and subha at the door, shooting daggers at him.

Precap:swara at mm.sujata and ram happy to see her.whole mm is shocked as well as happy to see her.but swara with a devil grin entered in mm,which was noticed by sanskar who inturn was looking worried

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