SwaSan SS WHO AM I? [Part 3]



They rang the bell of Mansion, An old lady opened the door, she had a puja thali in her hands. She saw Swara with teary eyes.

“Swara Beta…. Where were you? Ha! You know we missed you so much! You remember me! I’m kamla kaki”

Swara just smiled.

“Swara she’s maid of our house, but just like a family member to us”

Kamla kaki did aarti of SwaSan. When swara entered in she got shocked to see such a Beautiful Mansion, in cream and off white color with modern furnitures and a huge chandelier in middle.

“Beautiful” said swara

“you only decorated this house, so it would be beautiful na! Ok now lets go up” sanskar said to swara

“Kaki make some favorite food of swara” he said to kaki

Swasan headed towards their room. It was beautiful master bedroom in classic black and white color. Pics of swasan were hanged on walls, one huge photo of their marriage, and many different photos in romantic poses.

“Sanskar….now toh tell me how did our marriage happened and….” Swara said but was interrupted by Sanskar

“Ok ok! So listen. It was a love marriage, we met in a party and fell in love at first sight. We became friends, after sometime confessed our feelings to each other, then told our parents and then got married”

“And you told that Bruno missed be from past 7 months, what did you meant by that?”

“Uh… Actually we went to Kashmir for a family trip with our families there you fell from a mountain, we were unable to find you. Police also seached but didn’t found you, they claimed you…. De… Ath… But i didn’t believed them, i knew you would be alive and would come back to me. And see now i got you back”

“Ok! But where is our families?” Asked swara

“They would be coming at any time, actually our families live in Delhi”

“Then why we live in Kolkata?”

“Because i started my business here as its my birth place! Now now more questions go and change!”

“Uh, ok…”

Sanskar held her and said “let me show you our wardrobe”

Saying this he took her into a room, actually it was huge wardrobe attached to Swasan’s room. It was filled with many beautiful and uncountable clothes.

“Wow beautiful! Is this our wardrobe?” Swara asked

“No..!! Its not ours its kamla kaki’s wardrobe…. Of course sweetheart its ours” sanskar said

“Umm… So many clothes, what should i wear?” Swara said while thinking

“What about wearing that red saree!?” Swara added

“Are you sure? I mean.. You will wear this saree..!!” Sanskar said

“Yeah, why not! Waise bhi you told that, our families are coming.. So i should look decent na!” Swara said

“Ya, ok as you wish..!! I know you surely call me for help” Sanskar said while winking

“Hey, what did you meant by that!?” Swara said confusingly

“Nothing! Now change” Sanskar said while going to bedroom

Swara gave a confused expression but then she ignored his silly talks and took the saree to wear.

***After an hour***

Swara was standing in front of the huge mirror in petticoat and blouse, with the saree wrapped around her in a very inappropriate way, and by this i mean that saree was tied in an improper way. She was all confused on how to wear it. Now she understand what did Sanskar meant by that she would need his help. She thought to call him for help.

“Sanskar!!!!” She shouted

Sanskar entered in while saying “I told you would surely need my help wifey!!” While smiling naughtily

“Ok ok! Now help me, and remove me out of this please!” Swara said in a cute way

“Ha ha, ok! You know what when we were newly married, and on the family get together you decided to wear saree after i insisted you so much not to wear, because i knew you never wore a saree and you would be unable to wear but you became stubborn and said that no you’ll wear it anyhow, but then you ended up yourself in trouble and then i helped you in wearing it. Now see 6 years passed but the situation is same, you never know how to wear it..!!” Sanskar said while unraveling the saree

“6 years!!!! Are you serious? We married 6 years ago!?” Swara asked shockingly

“Yes!” Said Sanskar while smiling

Finally Sanskar removed the saree, now Swara was only in her blouse and petticoat, she looked hot. Sanskar looked at her romantically. Swara saw this and blushed. He pulled her close by her waist and looked deep into her eyes, he went close to her, so close that she could smell his aromatic scent. She closed her eyes and clushed his shirt. His fingers traveled up to her back from waist and then he tied the dori of blouse which was left open. Swara opened her eyes and looked at Sanskar, he gave a naughty smile. He left her and took the saree to tie.

He turned her back and hugged her from back. He tucked the saree inside the petticoat, she closed her eyes sensing his touch. He left her and and her turn a little, and while doing this he brushed his fingers on her tummy. He wrapped the saree while touching her romantically, which made her breathes heavy. He took a pin to pin her saree with blouse, but it pierced her shoulder and yelled in pain. He left the saree and sucked the area where she got hurt. She fisted his hairs and pulled his face towards her and smooched him. She bit his lips, sucked his lips and pulled him more onto her. Sanskar too responded with equal passion. They were kissing madly when they heard a knock on door, it was kamla kaki who knocked the bedroom door.

“Swara and Sanskar beta, Your parents are here” shouted kamla kaki

Swasan left each other. And said together


They looked at each other then at saree which opened while they busy kissing, they laughed together then hugged.

●Swara’s POV●

I don’t know what happened to me, but his touch really have some magic! It made me feel so hot that i just lost my control and kissed him! But it was…. Not right my mind said so, but my heart said its all right coz am his Wife, and we love each other right!!??

●End of Swara’s POV●

Sanskar then helped Swara to wear saree again, and he too got ready.

Precap : Family Time, some more romance (maybe)


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