A Swasan SS (Part 3)

At swaras side
Subha:par beta think of sumi,she is ur mom.maybe she realised her mistake and searching for u now.
Swara:u r thinking wrong maa,she is very happy with her family,she even forgot her daughter.sorry ex daughter.and y should i think abt those ppl.the decision is in ur hands maa,if u want u can adopt me legally or else i will consider like everyone u also…
Arun:(while entering inside)subha what’s
This i told u know na don’t ever bring the topic of ur so called sister in front of my doll.
(Kissing swaras forehead)and doll u don’t worry tomorrow itself we both will do the formalities for adoption.and u will be legally our daughter.its true beta that God has not blessed us with any child.after the arrival of yours in our life we both forgot our loneliness.its like someone is there who can take care of us,who will call us maa and papa.thanks beta for giving us this happiness
Swara:y r u saying thanks papa,it should be me to say thank u.when my own so called family didn’t cared for me and disowned me .and my husband for whose happiness i did everything he asked me divorce that day no-one stopped him from doing so.Only my mil and fil were supporting me.the one who gave birth stood up for own happiness she went to her husband s home without caring abt me.she choosed her husband over her daughter .I was very much broken that time ki i tried to commit suscide.the strong and bold swara, like a coward wanted to end her life but then from hospitals phone call i got to know that I’m expecting.and i don’t want to kill my child.So i went to benaras to meet dida and explained her what and all happened with me.though she said that she will talk to sanskar,i stopped her, i don’t want to beg him for one more chance.i truly loved him and for his happiness i did everything.when he can’t understand that it’s of no use to live with him.after that i and dida came to Mumbai in search of livelihood and in the way i had a major accident it’s god grace only that u ppl came on time and helped me.if u didn’t came on tym that day i and my child would have died.then you both made me ur daughter and handovered this company to me.made me to pursue my music career
Today I can say that the swara who is standing in front of u is due to u both.
Arun:doll don’t be so emotional otherwise my grandson will also be sad
(Trying to make environment light)
Subha:it’s not pota we will be having poti.
Arun:no it’s pota and my champ.
Subha:no my poti my cutie
Swara: again you both started,i think i have to call vikas now.
Subi-arun:no! No! Pls don’t do that .
Swara:i still don’t get that y u both r afraid of him.for god’s sake he is ur sister’s son dad.
Arun:you don’t beta whenever he comes he will atleast one hr lecture on what should i eat or what not.i know he is a doctor but seriously he is such a boredom and arrogant type wala insaan.
Like this trio spent some quality time
At Kolkata
At mm
Sanskar came to home after the office,there he saw all of them having dinner.without paying attention he left for his room.seeing that
Ap:don’t know whose bad eye went to this house,swara with her took all our happiness and went out.if she waited for sanskar to realise his mistake then this would have not happened.look at our sanskar how pale and thin he has become.and this is all due to that girl swara.
Sujata and ram who were sitting there got up shocking everyone
RP: bhabhi if u say anything against our dil it won’t be good.what u said swara is responsible for all the things then let me remind she is the one who have taken u and bhaisa out from the hands of ur evil son.she was the one who joined our families.She was the one who forgived everyone irrespective of their mistakes they made.if u dig pasts na u will get to know who is right and who is wrong.
Suji:apko sharam nai ayi jiji.u r talking abt swara like this.she always considered u as her own but u chii..
DP:ap u should not have talked abt swara like that so ask sorry from ramata and ram don’t take her wrong she is just concerned about sanskar.
RP:i don’t want any sorry.sujata take dinner to our room,i will eat there.anyways i have office work also
After swara leaving Kolkata ,RP asked his share of property in mm which shocked everyone mainly dp.as RP pressurised more DP had to give 50 percentage of mm property.But due to society RP live in same house.
At swasan room
Sanskar was packing his bags and then only sujata arrived
Sujata: sanskar r u going somewhere?
Sanskar:yes mom,I’m going to get ur bahu here.
Sujata was shocked as well as happy
Sujata:swara !Have u found out where is swara ,how is she beta,is she fine and my grandchild
Sanskar:mom mom first relax,i got to know she is in Mumbai and handling ss industries as ceo from my detectives.So I’m going there to sign a contract with that campany by that i will meet swara and convince her to come with me.
Suji:stay blessed son.I hope swara agrees to come with u.and i really hope she gives u a another chance.
After blessing him she left the place
And sanskar too left mm ignoring everyone and left to airport.
Next day
At Mumbai
Swara was in hustle bustle as she had a important meeting at morning.asusal she missed her bf.and dida asusal scolding her for being irresponsible abt her health.with that she came to office.first she greeted subha and arun and then went to conference hall
In the conference hall
Swara was preparing herself for the meeting but who knows it was going to be life turning moment for her.conference hall is settled up ,one by one arrived.subha ,arun and all others.then after sometime one man in black suit and black pant arrived there.seeing him swara was shocked, surprised and above all scared.
He was none other than sanskar.he was too happy to see her.she was wearing a business women suit with mangalsutra and vermilion indicating that she belongs to him.he further saw her tummy which was raised a bit.noone can feel his happiness at that point.he was going to be a father ,his child will come to this world and play with him.he swara and their child will happily live their lives.
Swara saw sanskar who was in happy tears,she knows how much she wanted to run away from this place and without seeing him.but she then looked at subha-arun who inturn was looking at her carefully signing her what’s wrong.she was just touched by their gesture.she knows she had to win this battle,she can’t become weak now she had crossed all the way to achieve something and now it’s end of her race and she cannot let herself to lose.
With that determination swara stood up and explained abt the presentation and deal.
She can make out that she had made it after seeing the satisfied faces of the dealer and even sanskar was looking surprised with her professionalism and her skills.no doubt that she achieved so much of things in these 3 months.
Swara(confident):now the presentation is over and if u don’t have any objection can we sign the deal.
Sanskar:of course we are quite impressed by ur presentation and yes we will sign the deal but i have one condition.that is this project will be in Kolkata and i want swara to handle this project
Hearing the word Kolkata swara started to sweat,which was noticed by subha,arun and sanskar.when sanskar was going to approach swara,arun went to her
Arun:it’s ok mere baccha,u need not sign this deal if it’s gone it’s ok.We have other projects also.we will concentrate on them ok
Swara:papa it’s ok I’m fine.well Mr.maheshwari I’m ok with ur condition but i too have a condition that i wont work in ur office,i will work in my office and if u want u can join me there.(with a professional smile)
Sanskar was hell confused seeing her with arun and he have lot of questions in his mind to ask her.

Adishu ,Rosey,mica ,kakali,Rabia and others who commented on last part this part is specially
dedicated to u guys.thanks for commenting

Swara:meet my husband Mr.vikas saxena
Hearing swara,sanskar was shocked and shattered

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