SwaSan SS WHO AM I? [Part 2]



Sanskar was talking with doctor to discharge Swara as soon as possible.

“Doctor i want my Wife to be discharge as fast as you can, i just want to take her home” said Sanskar

“Ohkay Mr. Maheshwari! Waise bhi it will be easy for her to gain her memory if she stay in the surrounding she use to be before, you can take her with you tomorrow morning!” Said The Doctor

“Ok thank you Doctor” Said Sanskar with a slight smile on his face

***Swara’s Ward***

Swara was resting on the hospital bed. Her eyes were closed, many things were going through her mind

●Swara’s POV●
So many things happened in my life today all of the sudden. When i got up, i didn’t knew anything my mind was just blank, i just got to know i am in hospital and something serious happened with me because i had some injuries on my head, hand and also my body was paining. I was just trying to remember something when this man came, who is claiming to be my Husband. He came and hugged me tight, i didn’t knew what was happening. Then he started kiss all over my face then suddenly kissed my lips, i didn’t understood anything… But i felt love in his actions. After that my head started to spin and then i fainted… When i gained my consciousness i felt someone’s presence near me, as i opened my eyes i saw him holding me. I got scared…… And then i got to know why don’t i remember anything, its because i lost my memory. And this man was my husband Sanskar Maheshwari and i am his wife Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshewari. But i didn’t felt like it’s…. Its…. Mujhe nahi laga ke yeh sahi hai, kuchh toh khali-khali sa laga (but i didn’t felt it correct, something was missing) Sometime before i didn’t knew WHO AM I? but now i got to my identity, which i didn’t felt was right. I didn’t felt like i knew Sanskar, i felt all this new to me. I don’t know why but i felt connection with him but not right.

●End of Swara’s POV●

Swara’s thoughts were broken by Sanskar, who stepped in her ward.
“How are you feeling now Wifey!? Here take your medicines and ya tomorrow morning we’ll go to home, Our Home” He said with big smile on his face

Swara said “I am fine! Umm… Ok!” And she gave a fake smile.

He sat on the stool near her bed. And said,

“You know what, whenever you smile i get to know that are you smiling whole hearted or not…. I know you are i a big confusion, i can understand you state. But don’t worry everything will be fine, you will remember everything soon. Today only you got to about our marriage, I’ll tell every other thing soon, OK!?”

“Hmm…” She said and he smiled


Swara’s eyes opened, she saw Sanskar sleeping holding her on stool itself. He was sleeping in a very uncomfortable position but with a smile on face. She looked at him and smiled she tried to remove his hand from him slowly. She got up and went near the window, when he got up and didn’t find her on bed he got worried he looked in room and found her. He left a big sigh. She turned and saw that he was up.

“Good Morning” she said with a smile on her face

“Morning, sweetheart” he too smiled

“Umm… I’ll tell Arjun to bring some clothes for you to wear,as we have to go now” he added

He called Arjun

“Hello, listen Arjun go to home and tell kaki to remove some clothes for Swara, and you bring it to hospital”

(Arjun is like a close friend to Sanskar, because he is Sanskar’s PA from last 7 years and they were also friends from their college time)

***After An Hour***

Swara was ready in red and golden colored salwar kameez, she was looking extremely Gorgeous. Just then Sanskar came

“Come let’s go!” He said


He held her from her waist securely and took her to his Car. He opened door for her and she sat in. Arjun was at front seat besides the driver and SwaSan at backseat.

“Take to SM” Arjun odered to the driver

The car started

“Swara he is Arjun, My PA and also a good friend of mine” sanskar said to swara

Arjun smiled and swara too replied with a smile

***At SM***

The car reached SM, Arjun and SwaSan got down. Swara looked at the Mansion, it was huge and beautiful in White and Off White. As they opened the gate a dog came running towards Swara, he had shiny golden fur. He licked swara’s legs. Swara looked at Sanskar, and he said

“He is Bruno, our dog, your favorite. He’s been waiting for you since 6 months”

Swara looked at him shockingly, she bent down at caressed Bruno’s hair. He barked at licked her hands. She smiled at him


Hey people, how are you doing! Hope so fine. I know the part was bit boring but starting parts would be like this..!! I’ll try my best to make it interesting 🙂
Now please leave your comments down and also tell what would you like to read further..!!

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