SwaSan SS WHO AM I? [Part 1]



A man in his early 30’s was shown. He was wearing a brown three piece suit. He was sitting in a big cabin, and was working on laptop. He got a call, his phone ranged and on wallpaper flashed a pic of some cute girl holding a little boy. He answered the call, other side was muted.


“Ok! Give him phone i’ll talk to him” said he with a slight smile on his face.

“……………………..” (Other side)

“Aha! Bacha how are you?” Said he


“Don’t worry! I told na…………”

He was interrupted by his PA, Arjun… Who entered in his cabin all of the sudden. He looked at Arjun angrily. He said to him

“What is this Arjun? Is this any manners? You entered in without knocking! Now leave! Am talking……”

“Am really very sorry sir! But it was veryy important!…….. We…. Found her Sanskar Sir! We found Her…..” Said Arjun, with a big smile on his face.

Sanskar looked at shockingly, his eyes welled up with tears he smiled happily. He hanged up the call, and went to Arjun.

“Where is she? How……….. How is she?” Said Sanskar

“Sir she…. Is in City Hospital, our one of the staff member Rakesh went to hospital to admit his mother, and saw her there…… When he asked to hospital about her, they told they don’t know who is she? From where is she?….. A truck hit her, and she met a big accident, the truck driver admitted her to hospital and went….” Said Arjun a little worriedly

“What? Accident!?…. Ok but first let’s go to hospital” said sanskar

Both Arjun and Sanskar, went out of office, and sat in car. The office board showed ‘Maheshwari’s & Son’s Pvt. Ltd.’

Sanskar and Arjun reached at hospital, they entered in. Arjun asked the receptionist

“A few time before an unkown girl was admitted who met with an accident! Where is she?”

“Yes, she’s in ward no. 197” said the receptionist

“Ok! Thanks” said Arjun

Saying this both Arjun And Sanskar ran.

He came running towards ward no. 197, he banged and opened the door and entered in. She was facing her back, but hearing the sound she turned and looked at him confused. As he saw her, he took a deep sigh, he felt like he got his life back, his LOVE back. He ran and pulled her into a bone crushing hug. He hugged her as tightly as he can. And said in her ears

“I missed you soo much sweetheart”

She was still confused on what was happening around her. He pulled her back and saw her, actually stared her with lots of love in his eyes. And began to kiss all over her face. Then suddenly smashed his lips over hers. Her eyes were wide open, she was all confused and shocked. He bent his knees a little and reached her height, he smooched her passionately showing indicating how much he missed her and how much he love her. Of course she didn’t respond at all, because she didn’t knew Who Was He? All of the sudden a STRANGER comes to her, hugs her and kisses her! She questioned herself

“What’s happening here? Who the hell is he? Firstly WHO AM I?”

He stopped kissing and left her, and looked at her again. But suddenly she fainted! Now He looked shocked and confused, he immediately called Doctor for help!

Doctor came and asked

“Mr. Maheshwari! You? Here? What happened? And this patient!”

“Doctor, leave all that! She what happened to her! All of the sudden she fainted” said Sanskar worriedly

“Ok, you move aside, i’ll check…. Maybe she fainted because of shock! Actually she had met a big accident and because of that she LOST HER MEMORY!!!” Said the doctor while moving towards the girl

“What!? She… She lost her memory!” Said the shocked Sanskar

“Yes….. See as i thought she fainted because of shock! By the way who are you to her Mr. Maheshwari?” Said doctor while checking her

“Am… Am her HUSBAND Doctor!”

“What? You mean she’s your wife! She’s…. Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari!” Said doctor

“Yes doctor” said Arjun

“Umm…. Ok… You don’t worry Mr. Maheshwari…. She’ll gain her consciousness in few minutes, but be aware not to give her shocks! Just try to give her space, and let her remember, and gain her memory back!” Said doctor

The doctor went out

“Ar……Arjun my SWARA lost her memory! Now?” Asked Sanskar

“Sanskar Sir, doctor said na not to worry, all will be fine!” Said Arjun to console Sanskar

Suddenly they both saw her moving, Sanskar ran towards her and held her hand. He said besides her. She opened her eyes slowly, her head was spinning, she looked around. Then found Sanskar holding her hand, she pulled her hand back, remembering what happened recently.

“Who…. Who are you? Where am I? WHO AM I?” She shouted, tears rolled down her eyes

“Listen….. Listen to me! I’ll tell you everything, you just listen to me!” Said sanskar calmly

She looked towards Arjun who was standing in a corner. Sanskar also looked at him, and signalled him to go. Arjun nodded and went out.

“So…. Let me first tell you that, you….. Have lost your memory! Therefore you are unable to remember anything. Am Sanskar….. Sanskar Maheshwari, and you’re my Wife….. Mrs. Swara Sanskar Maheshwari…. Here, is our photo, look its you and me….”

Said Sanskar while removing a photo from his wallet, the photo was his and swara’s marriage photo! Both were looking very happy in pic.

Swara (to whom i was saying HER & GIRL, now i would write her as swara only) looked at him blankly.

“Am your wife, and you are my husband… Right!? So…. How did all this happen, how did our marriage happen? How did i lost my memory? And……” Said swara confusingly, she was interrupted by sanskar

“Shh!!! Enough for today, I’ll tell you other things afterwards, now you rest! Ok!” Sanskar said to swara


He helped her lay properly and went, leaving swara in deep thoughts.

Precap : Swara’s POV, swara taken to Sanskar’s home.


Ahh..!! Finally done with the first part, thank you to all who appreciated my concept and commented on the Prologue..!! Hope you liked the first part of this SS..!! Leave your feedbacks down about the part..!! And also note that role of Arjun would be played by Arjun Bijlani..!!

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