SwaSan SS – Monster’s Angel (by ZuZu) Prologue


Hey guys its me urs #ZuZu
As u guys know am not at all a good writer but again thought to pakao u all with my bak bak so I came.. First of all am not good at dark FF but am trying for the first time.. Pls support me..

Here we go !!


Somewhere a meeting was going on.

A handsome hot hunk was listening on the plan of business which was explained to him by a beautiful hot girl..

Girl -“Sir.. Here we will invest in oil refinery industry.. The profit ratio which we get from.. Our monopoly will be huge in market .. And India being a less productive of crude oil.. We can team up With this company… From US.. ”

While explaining she once saw him .. He was more busy and interested in staring her bare legs which were naked cz of short knee length dress.. Rather than the project she was explaining..

He felt her gaze and both eyes met..

He looked at her lust fully.. She got the meaning of his gaze..

Girl -“sir is it OK with project? ”

He -“Well u see miss.. Miss ?? ”

He frowns his eyes..

Girl -” Preti khanna ”

He -“Hmm So miss preti u see this project is not so good that Maheshwari companies will invest huge in this.. ”

She -“But sir annually profit will b great at margin .. U can try once sir.. I’ve worked a lot for it !! ”

He -“if u are insisting me so much one thing can b done to finalise this deal if u say ?? ” (Huskily comes near to her )

She -“Sir I’ve worked a lot for it .. I am ready to accept what u say ! ”

He -“Are you sure “(Stares at her lustfully)

She -“yes sir ” (determined)

He -“Just spend a night with me of pleasure and take this deal ” (he says straight)

She -“(Romantically comes near him and sits on his lap ) Sure sir.. ”

He smiled at her action and kisses her neck sensuously…

Where as she brushes hands in his hairs..

He stops all of a sudden confusing her..

He -“Don’t be so desperate baby.. Wait for night..!! ”

She -“OK sir.. I take leave now.. ”

Saying this she pecked his lips and left..

After she left

He smiled and went near mirror facing himself in reflection He laughs first.. -“Oh my god u see all love money.. This whole world runs behind money.. ”

He laugh a loud and then faces his reflection in Serious tone -“Yes man this whole world run behind money.. Girls are ready to give thier verginity to Me just for deals and money.. Cz here (spreads his hands ) here am The Sanskaar Maheshwari.. The owner of Maheshwari companies.. Every girl wants to be my side.. So its proved whole world run at the basis of power and that power is Money.. There is no love called in this world.. ”

He laughs again..


Its a bright early morning… In Washington..

A girl was sleeping peacefully.. Hee curls were flowing on her face with rythem of morning breeze..

Her sweet sleep got disturbed by the sun rays..

She got up and stretched arms in sleep.. And smiles.. She immediately.. Goes to other side of bed and picks up the photo frame from side table.. She kisses the frame -“Good morning.. I love you..”
She was staring the frame with lots love… Suddenly her thoughts were disturbed by the phone call..

She smiles seeing the caller I’d

She -“Hello maa ”

Her mom -“Good morning Shona.. How are you beta ”

She -“Am fine ma how are u ?? ” (happily)

Her mom -“How can I be fine staying away with from my Shona..huh ?,”

Shona -“Don’t worry mom I will be back soon.. ”

Mom -“come soon beta.. House is so empty without u ”

Shona -“OK mom soon I will b der in India.. (She looks at watch) Uff mom am getting late bye c u later..”

Mom -“K bye Tc ”

She cuts the call and rushes to washroom..

******To Be Continued******

What will happen.. One side is a person who thinks world runs on money and other side a Angel who loves to spread love.. Will they able to love each other.. Will he love her ?? Will she accept him ?? Will she love him ??

Here I presented u the Prologue as I said am very bad at such things but am trying kahi same lage toh bacha samaj k maaf kr dena..

I need comments or else I’ll not continue.. Silent readers no need to read if u don’t comment

#Natkhat_ZuZu :p

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  1. Rosey

    wow intresting
    it will be fun to read sanskaar in montar attire

  2. Mahjabeen

    Interesting..continue soon

  3. SRSL

    Hellooo!!! Who told you are not good writer. You will decide it all by yourself not fair..anyways I love all your stories a lot. So don’t insult one of my favorite writers OK..I will be kutiee.

  4. Awesome nd plzz continue…

  5. Rabia

    Awesome concept zuzu ?

  6. It’s too gd , please continue

  7. Arshaanya

    I ve read ur all stories n all r amazing…
    So dun say u r not good writer…
    Loved it
    continue soon

  8. Zuzu dear continue
    How can u say u re not a good writer very bad
    U are an amazing writer ok

  9. Awesome waiting for nxt part dear

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  16. Nice starting dear . & plzz continue ur previous ff or ss . or if u want plzz write os next part or new part.

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    Zuzuuuu !!! Actually i have a question?? can i ?













    hufffff !!!! kya kha kar paida huyi hoo ??

    love it love it… waiting for next …
    thnk u… ;-*

  19. Deeksha

    Nice dear… Continue soon

  20. Awesomely interesting

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    U always write Sanskar as a sweet character. It’ll be interesting to see him in a monster character from u. Amazing. Update ASAP!

  22. Sanjanaagrawal

    Awesome …. plz continue …

    take care
    Keep smiling ????????

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