Swasan Ss – A Magical Pendent Part 5 (Last part )

Hii guyzz eku and I came back with a last part so enjoy it …

Part – 5
At morning when sun rays reflect on their faces. They get woke from their sleep..Both see themselves in the awkward position..And stands up hurriedly..Both hold their heads and shouts ahhhhhh…why it is paining???
San in his mind- why I am not remembering anything?? I am in the party and sahil came with a drink then after that what happened??
Swa in her mind- why I am not remembering anything?? Did I drink last night and what I am doing with mr.raizada.
Both see eachother confusedly and they both gets flashes but they are not clear and their heads again pained like hell..
Sanskar checks for his mobile and he see that it falls on the ground. He picks it and sees that a recording is got saved. He is going to open it suddenly he gets Arnav call and he picks it and says send car nearby xyz park..And they both leaves to the home..Swara goes to her own home and sanskar goes to his mansion.
Sanskar came out of washroom and says what happened last night???Why I can’t remember anything??
Swara is also trying to remember but she can’t. She came out to his balcony to get some fresh air. She sees that a small boy and a small girl are eating icecream and some icecream stick on girl’s nose and the boy makes fun of her..Swara laughs seeing this but suddenly she gets flashes of last night. She closes her eyes and she remembers every bit of last night and gets shocked.She opened her eyes with a jerk and starts crying.
Swa crying-how I can do this???

And she angrily throws item of her room and in a sec her room become a mess..She falls on the floor of her room with a thud. She takes out a pendent from the drawer and cries seeing that..
Swa cryingly- I am sorry my well-wisher..i again cheat u…I am really sorry..and hugs that pendent and cries bitterly..I am not worth for u…

SAN- I Should Call Swara What If She Remember Anything???
Sanskar picks his mobile and goes to call swara but suddenly in his mind the recording strikes and he opens it. He gets shocked after seeing it and angrily throws mobile on the floor..
San- How can I do this???What she is thinking about me??No sanskar u Can’t Do This..I have to… go to swara and say sorry to her…
He hurriedly start his car and leaves to the home of swara..He Rings The Bell Of The Door And An Old Man Opens The Door..

Servant -Who r u ????And Whom Did u Want??
San – Kaka…u here..
Servant Confusedly-Beta Who r u??
San – Kaka Me Ur Sanskar…
Servant -Sanskar baba u …
And He Hugs Him…Sanskar Enter In The House.. He saw a big photo Frame Of Small Swara And He Says
San – Kaka He Is Shona na..
Kaka – Yess Beta..
San Confusedly – BUT Kaka This House Is Of Swara Na…
KAKA – yes Beta She Is Only SHONA..
San – Whatttt ???? Swara Is SHONA…
Kaka – Yess Beta..
San – Where Is Laksh ???
Kaka Sadly -Beta When Laksh Baba Had Grown Up Then Ho Is Not Same AS Before..
San -What Do U Mean Kaka ??

2 Years Ago
Laksh Had Grown Up To BE A Very Bad Boy..He Started Doing Smoking & Drink.At Late Night He Do Party In Clubs And Every Day He Makes New GF..When DP Sahib Had Seen This Thing Then He Fixes His Engagement With Swara In Hope That He Will Change But His Bad Manner And Activities Are Increasing Day By Day..One Time Swara Tries To Stop Him..But In Furry & Rage He Gave A Tight Slap Too Her..Swara Is Totally Heart Broken And Every Night She Cried A Lot..She Is Cursing Her Fate..SWARA’S Parents Can’t Broke Their Alliance Becoz Swara Father Had Taken A BIG Amount Of Loan From Them..Though Laksh Is VERY Bad But She Luv Him..One Day SWARA Listen Laksh Talk…
LAK – AREE THAT Swara Is Only Puppet For Me..I Don’t Luv Her..I Am Doing This Marriage Becoz Of My Parents..Once Our Marriage Will Be Done..She Will BE In The Corner Of The House And I Will Enjoy Outside..
SWARA COMES Inside THE Room WITH Rage & Furry AND SLAP Laksh Hard..
Swara – U BL**** TUMNE Mere Pyar Ka MAJAK BANAYA Hai..AREE I AM CURSING THAT Time When I Met U..TUM JAISA KAMINA INSAN MAINE Apni Puri Zindgi Mein Nhi Dekha..

LAK – Just Shut Up..U R Cursing I Am Cursing That Time When I Lie To U…
Swa -Lie..Which Lie???
LAK-I Did Not Brought That Pendent For U..And I Am Not Any WELL WISHER OF Urs..That Pendent Is Bought By My Bro And He Is Only Ur Well Wisher..AREE I Want To Take Revenge From Him That’S Why I Came There As That Day..AND I Lie To U..
Swara Again Slaps Him And Say U Play So Cheap Game With Me..I Will Not Leave U..
LAK Holds Her Hand Tightly – Before That I Will Not Leave U..How Dare U TO Slap Me.Now U Will Pay For This..AND HE Throws Swara On THE Bed..
LAK – NOW U Will See The Real Laksh MAHESWARI..
But Swara Somehow Manages To Escape From There..AND That Night Only Swara Parents Send Her To New York..

Sanskar Is Listening This With Teary Eyes..He Ask WHERE is Swara???
Kaka – Beta I Don’t Know But In Hurry She Left Somewhere…
Sanskar Wipe His Tears And Going Suddenly Kaka CALL HIM…
Kaka – Beta It’s Very Often That She Go Somewhere Without This Pendent..But Today When I GONE To Her Room..Her Room Is Totally Messy And This Pendent Is Kept In The Ground..
Sanskar Take The Pendent It’s the Same Pendent..And He Left The Place..
Swara is Standing At The Beach Silently.There Were No Emotions Left at Her Face.She Is Now Calm And From Her Cheeks Dried Tears Are Visible..Suddenly He Feel A Hand On Her Shoulder.She Turns And Find Sanskar Over There..Swara Reminisces

The Last Night Incident And Become Angry AND Say
Swara – MR.Raizada What R U Doing Here??
San – I Know U R Sad & Angry Becoz Of Last Night Incident..And For That Only I Came Here TO Talk To U..
Swara Angrily – MR.Raizada I Don’t Want To Talk Anything..Plzz Leave From Here..
San – Swara I Am Sorry..Plzzz Forgive Me..
Swara Close Her Eyes Took A Deep Breath And Goes From There..Sanskar Stops Her By Holding Her Hand And Says
San – Will U Not Forgive Ur Well Wisher Also ????
Swara Look At Him With Amazed ,Shocking ,Confused Face And Says
SWA – What U Said???
San – I Am Only Ur Well Wisher..I Went To Ur Home To Apology U But There I Find Kaka And He Only Tell Me All The Things..I AM Really Really Sorry Swara…U Bear SO Much Pain In Ur Past Life AND That’s All Becoz Of Me IF I Told U Earlier THen All This Not Happened..
Swara IS Listening All This Things With Teary Eyes..She Can’t Control Now And Give A Tight Hug To sanskar AND Cries Bitterly..Sanskar back Hugs And Consoles Her..he Wipes Her Tears…
San – I LUV U My Shona…
Swa Smiling – I Luv U Too My Well Wisher…
Then After Some Days They Marry With Eachother And Live Their Life Enjoyfully…..

Bye Bye Readers And Thank U For UR Support and Comments..And IF In My Head Again Idea Pops Up Then I Will Come With Another One…..

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