Swasan Ss – A Magical Pendent Part 4 (Swasan Special)

Hii guyzz I am again back and tysm for ur appreciation and so sorry antara..ok now guyzz turn to next part and its a bit romantic.But I must tell u I am not good at romance but I tried.so plzz forgive me for any mistakes..

Now days passed like this and now sanskar don’t talk with swara and swara feels sorry..Swara one day goes to sanskar and says sorry to him and again they start their irritating game…
One day there is youngsters party at the farmhouse of sanskar which is organized by Arnav..
Dadi- swara..u also go na in the party..here u will become bore..
Swa- no dadi.. if I will go then who will take care of urs..
Dadi- aree I am fine u go..
San- rehne dijiye dadi..by the way this party is for youngsters and she is..
Swa- what r u trying to say??
San- I mean who will say that u came from new York..No party no drinks..i think u r growing old..
Swa- oh hello..i am looking like old lady..
San- u r asking or telling!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dadi laughs slightly and sanskar also laughs…
Swa- aunty…mr.raizada is like this only but u..U also..
San- yess becoz she is my dadi..ok dadi I am going..
Dadi- take care beta..
San- u too dadi..
He look towards swara and with wide grin on his face says bye bhuddhi and rans from there…
Swara- uuuuuuu….and she throws books on him..
Dadi- u both na fight like children’s..

Arnav- sanky..Where is swara??
San- Arnie..She will not come…
Kavita comes towards sanskar and offers him a drink..
San- no thanks kavita…I left the drinking..
Kav- oh..So u r becoming a good boy..
Suddenly all crowd gathers towards the entrance and everyone is murmuring something..
San- what happens there???
Sanskar also goes there and become shocked by seeing Swara. She is wearing a red gown with light make-up she left her hair open with loose curls and in short she is looking damn beautiful… she is looking like an angel coming from heaven..Sanskar is just numb and awestruck. Swara comes straightly towards sanskar and says…
Sanskar’s pov
Wow!!!!!! She is looking damn gorgeous but in one hour how cum this is possible. A tube light become a patakha bomb.sanskar its all the reaction of ur talks..But kuch bhi ho she is looking damn beautiful. This outfit just suit her perfectly..But why she is coming towards me????
Swa- Now say mr.raizada how I am looking??
Sanskar bends towards her ears swara doesn’t understand what he is going to do???so she gave an confused look..he slowly says” the same as before tube light…”
Swara widen her eyes and her nose become red due to anger and she is just giving a death glare to sanskar..
Sanskar goes from there with a smirk..Arnav comes towards swara and says u r looking beautiful swara. Swara smiles and says thank u…he says come I will make u meet everyone..
Swara is busy in meeting with everyone…And sanskar is continuously staring him. For a sec he did not remove his eyes from her…kavita sees this and fumes in anger and he goes towards sanskar.
Kav- sanskar..Let’s have a dance…
San- no kavita..i am not in the mood of dancing…
Arnav announces- so guyzz here is rockstar in between us. So all of u don’t want a song from him…
Sanskar sing a song hua hain aaj pehli baar…everyone claps for him…sahil is also prsnt in the party and he is jealous of sanskar and he brought a strong & hard drink to sanskar..
Sahil- hey buddy u sang very well.so in celebration take this drink
San- thanks sahil…but I left drink.
Sahil- I know and that’s why I brought a soft drink..
San- oh!!!!he takes it and drinks it…awww…what is this??it is so bitter?
Sahil smirk- sanskar just wait here I will bought water for u..
San- yaa..
And sahil goes from there sanskar is having very dim scene of everything. He is not able to walk properly. He is going to fall suddenly swara catches him and says sanskar… u again drank…
San- yess but I think u also drunk..
Swa smiles widely and childishly says – yess.. ur frnd kavita makes me drunk that wine..she is very bad..
San drank- I know swara she is very bad…and I also do not drink myself its sahil.
Both see at eachother and laughs loudly and everyone see towards them..
Swa childishly-Let’s go home.. Here everybody are bad..
San- ok..

They reach on a solitary road swasan now totally loses their senses and both are laughing and shouting madly…..suddenly its start raining both enjoyed in the rain.
San- u know swara..Today I am very much happy..
Swa- but why??
San childishly – I don’t know!!!!!!
And they both again laugh madly and they dance with joy in the rain…
Suddenly swara lost her balance and is going to fall but sanky holds her by her waist. And they have a beautiful & cute eyelock.
San- ummm..Swara I want to say something to u…
Swa drunkly- say..
Sanskar stammerly- swara…umm…u ….r looking ….beautiful today..
Swara widen her eyes- so why u lie at that time…
San- becoz…I want to irritate u…
Swa hiccups – mr.raizada….
San- oh don’t call me by that name..
Swa- ok sanskar..WHAT U GET by irritating me??
San- happiness..u know swara my fate and my life play a very bad game with me and I am totally fed up of my life but when I see u a ray of hope of living get risen in my life..See na u always looks happy, cheerful..I also want to be like …he forward his hand and says so tell me will u help me??
Swa just stares him in his eyes and gives her hand in his hand and says – yess…let’s go today we will live our whole life like tomorrow is no more..Sanskar just give a cute smile to her and go with her..
And they roam happily on the road they r shouting..Singing and dancing and living their life like tomorrow is no more for them..They see a ice-cream stall and bought ice-cream and eats like small child..Some cream of ice-cream stick to swara’s nose and sanskar sees this and laughs whole heartedly.
Swa with a pout face – why r u laughing??
San- cream…and he agains laughs..
Swara see this and gets angry and throw all her ice-cream on sanskar’s shirt..And now she laughs..Sanskar started catching swara and swara starts running and they enjoy like this..
At last both are tired and sits in the shed of the tree..Swara is still laughing..
San- swara I am tired..
Swa- same here….
San- swara we did so much masti but not take any selfies let’s click selfies…
Swa- yess..
They click selfies with many different pout faces and laughs..
Swa- u know what sanskar.. I also never laugh like this my life is also same like u everyone go away from me nobody care for me..Ur and my condition are same we both are the puppets of this destiny…I never thought that I will ever be again smile or not but today I enjoyed my whole life..She stands up and shouts thank u so much sanskar to give me this beautiful night.

Sanskar is just staring her with teary eyes and by mistake sanskar’s phone recording gets on and the mobile falls in the ground..
Sanskar suddenly stands up and hugs her tightly and says I luv u swara…I luv u..He releases the hug and holds swara’s cheeks and says swara everyone left me. Whom I luv more than my life they left me like I never exist for them. But when I see u first time then only I fall for u..i don’t know why but slowly slowly u become the reason for my existence..plzz say u will not left me …u will never cheat me…Promise me swara..See now if u leave me na then I swear I will die..Swara hurriedly puts her hand on his mouth and stare at his eyes and says
Swa- Don’t dare to say like this again.I promise u..i will never ever leave u..I luv u too sanskar…
Sanskar again hugs her..Swara also hugs him back..they both r very much happy becoz of their new find of true luv..They both have a cute eyelock.They both stand their by harmonization of their head..From swara’s eyes tears are coming out.
San- No swara..From now onwards u will never cry..
He kisses the wet tears of swara’s eyes one by one which were coming out and swara closes her eyes and she gets goose bumps due to the touch of sanskar..He see towards the rosy lips of swara and bends towards her lips but swara turns her face aside and gets away from him.Suddenly she feels the hot breath of sanskar on her neck.Sanskar is giving love bites on swara’s neck.She blushes hard and closes her eyes more tightly…Swara is going away but sanskar hold her hand and bring her near.Swara is now out of control and she is not able to resist sanskar more& more.So she just closes her eyes.Sanskar keeps his rough lips on swara’s soft lips very gently..They kiss passionately and lovingly.As the kiss is going longer they become wild and now they r out of control.But as they are out of oxygen they releases the kiss and swara hurriedly buried her face in the chest of sanskar And they sleep there only in the shade of tree while hugging eachother..

Byee byee guyzz hope u enjoyed…

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