Swasan Ss – A Magical Pendent Part 3

Hii guyzz I know I am very very late and somebody had forget me but what should I do its my exam on my head but now its over and I am free….And at last happy navratri to all my readers…..here is the link of all my previous episode..if u forgot the story must read…

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@Raizada mansion
Arnav came in house holding sanskar by his arm becoz he is unconscious.
Arnav- shyam…. shyam????????
A servant comes running and hold sanskar and both take him to his room..
Old lady- Again this time he came here drunk..
Arnav- dadi..u know na his regular habit.
Lady- arnav..aisa kab tak chlega.sanskar daily comes home drunk and every early morning he go from here..i brought him here so that I can change his life.but day by day he is going towards darkness..
And she starts crying..arnav console her and says dadi plzz don’t cry everything will fine..
Dadi sobbing- when arnav when…I DEVYANI RAIZADA who helps everyone and give happiness to everyone the world’s richest woman..Is now helpless..She can’t give happiness to his own son. She can’t help him to come out of his darkness.U know na doctor says that alcohol is poison for him then also…
Arnav- I know dadi…And I also can’t see my bro like this. All this happened becoz of that girl..She will never be happy in her life..Now let’s go dadi..Let’s take him some rest and u also takes some rest.

Next day sanskar as usual go early from home without meeting anyone and dadi being upset go to temple for praying…
After sometime a girl comes in the raizada house he is swara holding devyani raizada who is unconscious. Arnav is at home only and he comes running towards them and says
Arnav tensely- u here and dadiii..What happen to dadi??
Swa – plzz don’t talk much and first take aunty to her room..
Arnav- ok..And they took dadi to her room…
Arnav calls sanskar and sanskar comes running to mansion.
Arnav- tell me where u find dadi and what happen to her??
Swa – actually… I gone to temple and there I find that she is lying on ground faintly..And I took her here..
Arnav- but where u find our address??
Girl- when I am bringing her here then ur house driver came to me and says that he knows her and he only took me here..
Sanskar comes running in the room and shouts dadiiii…
San angrily- what happen to dadi?? And u what r u doing here???
Arnav- relax sanskar swara only brought dadi here..
Swa- plzz on the A.C. and plzz don’t shout and leave the room..
San shouts- Are u a doctor???
Swa- see this is not the right time to talk anything first Arnav ji plzz bought some cold water and a dry cloth..
Arnav- ok..
San- arnie.. u r listening to her nonsense talk..
Arnav don’t concentrate on his talk and goes from there to bought cold water..
San angrily- what rubbish??no one is listening to my talk and where is doctor??
Arnav came with a bowl of cold water gives it to swara and says I call him. He is coming in some time..
Swa- don’t worry in sometime she will come in her senses..
San shouts angrily- how did u know this..Are u a astrologer??See I warn u if anything happens to my dadi becoz of ur rubbish work na then I will not leave u…
Swa angrily- shut up..i told u talk in slow tone.. are u not able listen or not able to see her condition..Arnav ji just take him out from this room..
San- what u r sending me out from my dadi room?

A servant comes and says doctor had come..doctor comes in the room and sanskar says
San- see doctor..What happen to dadi? She go to temple and there only Suddenly she get unconscious.
Doctor examines her and says don’t take tension Mr.raizada it is all becoz of stress and due to his low bp. If she will take some rest then she will fine.And why u call me when Miss. Swara is here..
Arnav- what do u mean doctor??
Doc- Aree the world’s successful doctor is sitting in front of u and u r asking what I mean??She is swara..Swara malik.Tommorow only she came from New York. Ok allow me to leave..
And doctor leaves from there. Sanskar is just hell shocked and swara with attitude comes towards sanskar..
Swa folds her arms and says- Mr.raizada next time when u r talking to anyone just mind ur tone. And when anyone doing something don’t stop her becoz if he is doing anything then it’s for ur benefit only.
Swara hold his hand and gives a packet of tablet and says when she will be in her senses gave her this tablet she will be fine…
She is going but suddenly dadi came in his senses. Sanskar goes towards her and concernly says dadi..
Dadi- beti..Come here..
Swara goes towards her and sits down.
Dadi- beta..what is ur name?
Swa- aunty..swara..
Dadi- swara…beta thank u so much if u not brought me here na then I don’t know I will be alive or not..
San- dadi…what r u saying??
Swa- aunty ji don’t say like this and that’s my duty u don’t need to thank me. just take some rest aunty hmm..
Arnav- thanks swara if u were not there then dadi… Thank u so much..
Arnav- sure…
Sanskar is very much angry and thinks in his mind…in my whole career no one dares to talk to me like this and this girl. And tight his fist angrily.

After 2-3 days when dadi is all well then Arnav says dadi u need a caretaker..now I don’t want to take any risk..
San- yess..Dadi arnie is saying right u need a caretaker wait a min I call doctor and he will arrange a caretaker for u..
Dadi- relax my both son..i am fine and I don’t need any caretaker..
San- no..dadi u will not deny for it..
Arnav- yess..
Dadi- ok but on one condition. My caretaker will be swara only..
San- what?????
Arnav- no dadi..She will not come by the way ur loving son has scold her. she will not come…
Dadi- I don’t know but if u want that I keep a caretaker then it will be swara only…and she goes from there.
Arnav- sanskar. U have to go to swara and say sorry to her..
San- what?? Me..Are u serious I will not go anywhere..And he also go from there.
Then next day swara comes to the mansion and Arnav see her and says swara..u here
Swa- yess…u want a caretaker for aunty na…then I am here..
Arnav surprisingly- but…
Swa- yesterday mr.raizada came to my hospital and says sorry to me and he only tells me that aunty wants me only as caretaker then I came..
Arnav- what?????Sanskar and sorry..i can’t believe that he said sorry to u..
San- why??? I don’t hav tongue that I can’t say..
Arnav turns and sanskar is standing with dadi..
Arnav- no..But u r saying that u will not…

Dadi- ufffo.. Arnav first sanskar is not saying sorry then u hav prblm and now he said sorry then also u hav problem..See na swara came and now I will be alright..
Swara smiling- yess..Now I will take care of urs..
Then everybody goes from there and sanskar calls swara..
San- Miss..Swara I said sorry to u only becoz of dadi so don’t be so happy that u win..
Swa smiling- win..What u r saying?
San- don’t act to be smart…I know u r so happy inside..
Swa- yess..if u r thinking like this then I am happy at my victory..
San- ur victory will be not so long..
Swa widen her eyes- let’s see…
The days are passing like this and one day everyone is doing bf and in sanskar’s mind a plan strikes to take revenge from swara.
San- Miss. Swara plzz can u pass that juice..
Swa- yaa…

She holds the jug and giving it to sanskar then sanskar intentionally push the jug and all the juice falls on swara’s dress…
Sanskar puts his hand on his mouth and says ooopss…so sorry miss.swara
Swa knows that he do it intentionally and fumes in anger..Sanskar laughs hiddenly..
Dadi- swara beta…go & wash ur dress otherwise if it will dry na then it looks dirty..
Swa- yess aunty…
Sanskar came in his room and laughs whole heartedly..swara comes in his room and sanskar see her and stops laughing..
Swa- mr.raizada u did not do right..
Sanskar again laughs..Swara feels disgusting and says just shutup…
Sanskar stops laughing and says- I earlier tell u that ur victory will be no longer..then u not take me serious..now bear the consequences..
Swa shows thumbs to sanskar- mr.raizada..Don’t dare to mess with me..
San smiling- I will..
Swa- I will not leave u…
San- even I also don’t want that u leave me..Becoz if u again do something then I will also do something and it will be very fun to irritate u..
Swara stamp her foot angrily and goes from there.. sanskar laughs again…

The days passes like this and sanskar continues to irritate swara..dadi and Arnav see this and they also laugh by seeing their fights..
One day sanskar is standing nearby swimming pool and talking on phone. He is wearing a v-shape red t-shirt with a scarf over his neck. The scarf is hanging very down and it catches the fire becoz of candle which is burning beside him..Swara is coming then only she sees this and become shocked. She is not understanding anything and running goes towards sanskar and pushes him in the swimming pool.. Arnav comes there and becomes shock. Sanskar comes out of the swimming pool angrily and stands in front of swara..
Swa stammerly- see..mr.raizada that candle is burning u should get harm that’s why I push u..
San shouts- enough… u take ur revenge.. now go from here…I said just go from here..
Swara goes from there silently..

So guyzz howzz this tell me through ur comments…

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    1. Eku

      I am really sorry dear…woh actually this is an ss and I already wrote all the parts..And if I add u then my whole story plot will change..so sorry dear..but I promise if I will write another one then I will include u in that…

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