Swasan Ss – A Magical Pendent Part 2


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Part – 2

*******AFTER 10 YEARS********
A huge & long line is made on a ticket counter. Everyone is pushing each other for buying the ticket. A huge crowd of people is shouting “SR”….SR…All the tickets are selled and its houseful. Then a white bugati veyron comes and a man hurriedly comes out of the car and opens the back seat door. A man
comes out. He is wearing sunglasses its very sunny day so a man hurriedly opens the umbrella for him. The man is in his full rage & anger comes inside…Man ask his p.a.
Man in his full attitude tone- where he is???
His p.a. stumbles and he stammerly says sir…he did not come yet..
Man shout at his top voice- Damn it what r u waiting for call him??
P.a. fearly- yess sir..
Asr- what happen riya??
Riya- Sir he reached to airport just now..

As he walkout with so many bodyguards and media. He look at very much Arrogance and powerful Man. And like that every media person
is running behind him and asking ques about but he didn’t give damm as he come near his car he spoke “Drive to Raizada Stadium “. No body have guts to defy him. He is a Greek god and eligible bachelor of India. But Darker who can consume any sunshine.Once Was A Happy Go Guy Cheerful Sweet Caring And Loving Person But That Day Changed Him Alot… And Sanskar Died Giving Birth To SR The Rockstar……
Sanskar, Who Turned 23 Is A Tall Dark Handsome, Ruthless, Arrogant, Merciless, Heart-less, Cold-Hearted, Pitiless, Manipulator, Unsympathetic, Fierce, Tempered And Inhuman… Have All Synonyms Of Ruthless……… Lonely Person Who Doesn’t Shared Neither Opened Up To Anyone… Being So Much Cruel Yet He Is Sweet And Caring Which Is Reserved For His Family Only And Is Secretive… his thoughts pulled back the his manager who tell him they reached.

He moved out of the car composing himself he moved inside the stadium From back door becoz if he enters from the main door all crowd will become uncontrollable they r just mad about “SR”. He know somewhere deep inside him he didn’t want to come india .he always did this he only comes for one month and flew away from here leaving everything behind again.when he entered inside the building his staff looked like fear infants and greeted him with Written their he don’t give damm to them as he directly walk towards his cabin.

San- hey Arnie…HOW r u???
Asr- what is this sanskar u reach on the exact time of concert???Now how u will rehearse???
San with attitude- Arnie..SR the rockstar doesn’t need any rehearsal!!!
Asr- what if any prblm came???
San- Ahhh..u don’t take tension just give me my energy booster..
And one waiter comes with one glass & bottle of wine.
San takes the bottle and says Let’s go..

The scene is of stadium which is full of crowd its houseful and everyone’s mouth have only one name SR…everyone is holding his poster and shouting his name….

The song plays………

(The light gets flashes on the stage and a guy is seen holding a guitar with a mike…Behind him all the band is standing with different instrument…)

(Sanskar)Tu safar mera
Hai tu hi meri manzil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

Tu mera khuda
Tu hi duaa main shaamil
Tere bina guzara
Ae dil hai mushkil

(Through his brownish eyes it is clearly visible that lots of deep pain is hidden.He plays the strings of guitar fastly and sings.)

Mujhe azmaati hai teri kami
Meri har kami ko hai tu lazmi

Junoon hai mera
Banu main tere kaabil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

(He closes his eyes and remembers his past childhood incident.How he helps her shona and a smile came on his face.)

Yeh rooh bhi meri
Yeh jism bhi mera
Utna mera nahi
Jitna hua tera

(Then he remembers her going away from him.He remembers the cheating of laksh.)

Tune diya hai jo
Woh dard hi sahi
Tujhse mila hai toh
Inaam hai mera

Mera aasmaan dhoondhe teri zameen
Meri har kami ko hai tu lazmi

(He opens his eyes with jerk and a drop of tear falls He hold the bottle of wine tightly and drinks it..And then he sings with teary eyes..)

Zameen pe na sahi
Toh aasmaan mein aa mil
Tere bina guzaara
Ae dil hai mushkil

(Then suddenly rain starts and crowd of people start running here & there in search of roof.)

Maana ki teri maujoodgi se
Yeh zindagani mehroom hai
Jeene ka koi dooja tareeka
Na mere dil ko maloom hai

(Sanskar is fully wet in the rain everyone goes from there but he doesn’t care for anybody. He just closes his eyes and feels the rain.He feels that this rain is also weeping today with him..)

Tujhko main kitni shiddat se chahun
Chahe toh rehna tu bekhabar
Mohtaj manzil ka toh nahi hai
Yeh ek tarfa mera safar

(He opens his both arms from either side.He feels one one drop of rain.Then he remembers every bit of past in flashes.Tears fall down from his eyes.Then he see that his shona is going very far away from him.)

Safar khoobsurat hain manzil se bhi
Meri har kami ko hai tu lazmi
Adhoora hoke bhi hai ishq mera kaamil
Tere bina guzara ae dil hai mushkil….
Ae dil hai mushkil….

The stadium is vacant and only one person is standing is Asr who is watching his bro tears silently and thinks that in these years he didn’t even forget that girl a bit.For the rest of the world he is ruthless but i know what he can do for his loved ones..

Sanskar open his eyes and smiles and shouts…
San shouts – Sorry Arnie..becoz of this rain ur show is ruined…
He laughs faintheartedly and drinks the wine again..

Its night and sanky & Asr are walking on the road lonely.Sanky is fully drunk and not in his senses even he can’t walk properly..Asr is controlling him.Their car is walking slowly slowly behind them.
Sanky drunkly- u know what arnie..I am fed up of this life..Sometime i want to kill myself but then only i think of ur & dadi that if i gone from this world then how dadi & u will live..
Asr- Sanky let’s go home..its enough u r not in ur senses..let’s go..
San- No arnie..now only i started..u remember from this road only dadi bring me to her house..That day i am crying no body is there for me..But dadi came took me with her..I am very thankful to him becoz of him only i reached to this level..
Asr- Sanky forget that past talk let’s go home..
San-How can i forget Arnie..how.. my loved ones only gave me pain.Everyone cheats me..
Asr- I saw u crying at the concert..U just forget that girl and move on in ur life.Many girls are prsent there in the world and they r far better from her??
San-No arnie..There is no one like her actually no one can be like her innocent, cute, naughty chirpy..She is only one my shona.She is my first & last luv..if she will not come in my life then no one can come in my life..
Asr- Ok.I don’t force u but now plzz let’s go home dadi is worried about us.
Just then he gets a call..
Asr- Sanky..just be here i am cmng after attending this call..
And he goes from there and sanskar is just lost in the thoughts of shona and he is continuously walking & drinking.Just then a truck is cmng from the front and the truck break is fail and it is continuously blowing horn but sanky didn’t listen it.Sanky is just reaching close to truck..truck is also cmng close to sanky..Asr see this and he also shouts but sanky didn’t listen..And and……


Suddenly a girl came and pull sanskar by his hand and they both rolls down in the forest.Sanskar is top of the girl and the girl’s face is covered by her duppatta only..Sanskar see her surprisingly and then he slowly removes dupatta from her face..

Chand chupa badal me sharma ke meree jana…sssss…..

(First her angelic eyes are visible they r like that anyone can get lost in that eyes..Then her nose on which a cute and sweet anger is reflected and then come to her soft lips which are like roses.Sanskar is lost by seeing her face.he don’t know why but he is lossing his control in front her.He wanted to share all his pains to her.He had a strange & strong feeling by seeing her..)

Chand chupa badal me sharma ke meree jana
Sine se lag ja too balkhake meree jana Gumsum sa hai gupchup sa hai, Madhosh hai khamosh hai
Han yeh sama, han yeh sama kuchh aur hai
Han han han chand chupa……..

(The girl is also seeing his eyes.She can read his eyes.She gets that in her eyes lots of pain is there which he wanted to share.But suddenly she comes out of her thoughts..She is going to stand up but sanskar is not ready to stand up.He is still staring her..She is going to say something but sanskar keep his index finger on her lips and says ssshhhh..)

Chand chupa badal me sharma ke meree jana
Sine se lag ja too balkhake meree jana…….

Sanskar is coming close to her and the girl widen her eyes.She is not understanding anything what he is going to do??Sanskar is just coming close to her face.The girl stops her breath for a min becoz of their closeness and closes her eyes.The sweat comes on her forehead.Their lips are few inches apart and sanskar……..


Sanskar falls down behind her face on his shoulder and fell unconscious..The girl open her eyes and releases her breath..And wipes her sweat.She is trying to lift sanskar to other side but u know he is a man and they r very strong..Just then Asr comes there shouting sanky..sanky..

Girl- Here…he is here..
Asr widen his eyes and see sanskar surprsingly and amusedly..
Girl- What r u waiting for just lift him.I am not able to breath..
Asr- yesss…
And he lifts sanskar and the girl stands up hurriedly..
Asr- Tysm miss..today if u r not there than my bro is not with me..u saved his life..tysm..
Girl- No its ok..but tell him not to drink more & more it is bad for health.He is not in his senses thats why he not able to listen horn..
Asr- yaaa..i will take care of it nxt time.By the way nice to meet u..I am Arnav..
The girl smiles- Same here..I am Swara…Swara Malik….
Arnav- May i drop u somewhere..
Swa-No thanks..I took cab and my frnds r waiting for me there..
Arnav- Ohhh..

Arnav leaves with sanky in the car and Swara goes to her frnd….

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