Swasan Ss – A Magical Pendent Part 1


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once upon a time a boy of 13 years lives in kolkata.he is a orphan child.but one family had adopted him and for the boy they r his god.they have their own son and that boy consider him as his real brother.they r not real bro’s but their bond are very strong.the orphan boy name is sanskar and the other boy name is laksh. sanskar loves a small girl name swara(but sanskar knows her from shona name only) of 12 years secretly.she is the neighbour of the sanskar.he daily in the morning used to see her and start his day.whenever she needs any help he secretly help her or through his frnds but he never comes infront of her and direct help her.shona desepreatly wants to meet sanskar but every time she tries and get fails.swara put his name as her well wisher.sanskar is very talented and topper of his school.everyone loves him in school.actually he is very kind leader of the school.swara also consider him as frnd but never luv him becoz she only luvs his well wisher. no one knows that he loves swara secretly and he is only her well wisher even his parents. only one person knows it he is laksh cum bff(best frnd forever).he trust laksh the most and can do anything for him.one day laksh say that u love her so much go and propose her…then sanky says that

san- no i will not say what if she say no!!!
lak- and what if she says yess to u??
san- i am feeling scared..
lak- ok if u r feeling scared then write a love letter and give it to her..

then one day by gathering courage he wrote the letter as the well wisher saying that he wants to meet her and calls her at xyz place time 5 pm…swara reads the letter and gets very happy she gets ready in beautiful dress and goes to meet him.there sanky also gets ready suddenly his mom came to his room and says that his dad has planned for going to see a movie.. sanky doesn’t say no to his mom becoz if he does it then they will ques why and he is very good son he can’t speak lie to his mom dad so he helplessely go with them.laksh is not at home he already gone outside for some work. sanky goes there but somehow he tries and gets out from the theatre . but his fate he got stuck in a very huge traffic jam.he sees the time its 6:00 pm so he calls lucky and says
san- plzz laksh u go to xyz place and tell everything to her and also tell her that i am stuck in traffic and ya i bought a pendant for her its by mistake left at home only plzz go at home and take that and reach there fastly…
lak- ok…
san- i am trying to come as fast as i can…
san- hmmm…

and he cuts the call and goes at that place.swara feels sad and she starts to go but suddenly someone calls her name and she turns and feels happy.its laksh. he is going to say something suddenly the she hugs him.
swa- i am so much happy today…i am so stupid u r always near me and i don’t understand that u r only my well wisher..
lak- no…listen u r…
swa- shut up till when u will not accept that u r only my well wisher…
lak- no u r..
swa- i wanted to say something i love u…
lak- but…
swa- do u love me??? just say yess or no…
lak smirks- yess..
swara happily hug him and he also hugs him.sanky calls him several time but he don’t receive the call and at last he switched off the mobile.…
lak- let’s go from here we go to some where else..

swa- but why?? this place is too good…
lak- no this is not good and safe place for me…
swa- what???
lak- i mean let’s go na i hav surprise for u…
swa happily- surprise…. ok let’s go…
they go from there…..
sanskar reach there but its too late and no one is there.then at night sanky goes to home there he see laksh with swara whom he love more than his life.
lak- i bought something for u…
swa- what???
lak shows the pendant (its the same pendent which sanky buy for swara.the pendant is not so much costly but it is the sign of pure love and the pendant is of ss- shape.sanky buy that pendent from the money which he collected from years..) and she feels too much happy…and he makes wears it to her…
swa- i love u…

lak- i love u too..
sanky is totally heartbroken and he feels stabbed from back. he angrily enters in the house after the swara left for her home.
san- why u r not picking up my phone???
lak rudely- i don’t see my phone….
san- hmm..did u go to that place??
lak- no..i am busy…
san- in which work r u busy??

lak- i don’t think important to tell u..
san gulps his tears- hmm..ok then give my pendent??
lak stammerly- which..pendent??
san- its the same pendent which u gave to shona before sometime??
lak- girl…
san- what happen u r not getting words to lie more??
lak avoidingly says- lie..what r u saying??
san brokenly- i saw u & shona outside..if u luvs her then why u not tell me?? i myself get aside between u & shona..

lak angrily shouts- yess..this thing only for this reason only i don’t tell u becoz i know if u gets to know this.then u will easily left him and i don’t want ur sympathy and alms thing..in school i want that everyone follow me..but u came in between and became the leader.i want to be the topper but u came and become the topper..thats why i became ur frnd becoz i want to defeat u..first i saw shona.. first i love her. but again u come between my happiness.but this time i get opportunitie and i did not want to miss it.so i lie to shona..what will u do haan?? jyada se jyada usse jakar bata doge.so go & tell her everything..i am not afraid of anyone.u r just a enemy of mine not a frnd..i hate u..did u listen i hate u like hell..

sanky is just listening him silently with dreadfull teary eyes.he is not able to believe on his ears that the person whom he believe blindly will hate him at this level.the tears are not stopping..

san teary eyes- no laksh ..i will not say anything to her.infact i will go far away from ur and her life..

lak happily- wow…..in whole life today u take right decision.i don’t know others but i will be the very happiest person.plzz just go away from me & my family..
sanky left his room silently with teary eyes.he doesn’t tell anything to anyone and at that night only he left the city..

thanx to all my dear comentors for reading….if you like plzz plzz comment …bye bye…

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  1. nice..continue soon..

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      Thanx dear…

  2. Nice storyline….update the next episode fast

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      Thanx dear ammu..

    1. Eku

      thanx dear..

  3. Laksh is so mean poor sanskar?

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      Yess dear.

  4. mou(swasan lover)


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  5. Awesome dear

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      thanx ani dear..

  6. Beautiful storyline

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      thanx tani dear..

  7. Pls dont seperate them

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      Don’t worrt dear just wait & read…

  8. Mica

    Laksh ,, how could you !!!! luv it Eku.. ty

    1. Eku

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  9. Awesome concept dear… loved it… Sanskar u sacrificed ur live for ur loved ones… m proud of u my boy… but don’t take tention Swara is always yours…

    1. Eku

      Thank u so much kakali dear..

    1. Eku

      thanx dear..

  10. Arshaanya

    Laksh uurrgghh ???
    I loved it…
    Continue soon

    1. Eku

      thanx dear and ya laksh is villain type in my fiction..

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