Swasan SS “I love uuu” Part 5


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8 PM
Swara is roaming here and there in the room while waiting for Sanskar….it seems that she is really worried for him…and it’s obvious after all he is her husband..her best friend and moreover he is her love…yes she loves him a lot…He means to a world to her….He is her prince charming…so it’s obvious to wait for him….Meanwhile Ap enters into the room…
Ap: swara come dinner is ready and where is Sanskar…
Swara: badi maa abhi tk aaya nhi vo…
Ap: okk you come for dinner
Swara : ji…
Everyone settle on dinning table but swara is waiting for Sanskar…
Swara:(in mind ) it’s 9:30 don’t know where he is….I think I should ask from bade papa…
Swara (to dp ) bade papa where is Sanskar…is he in office??
Do: no swara actually he is going to London at 12 midnight for our London project so I think he is busy in that….
Swara (in mind ) he didn’t told me about this…
(to dp ) bade papa for how many days…
Dp : for about 3 weeks…
Swara : (loudly) what for 3 weeks….
Sujata : ha toh tereko kyu chinta ho rhi hai chhori mahre chhore ki…taraki ke liye ja rha hai mahra chhora…(so why are you taking tension of my son .. He is going for his success…let him go….
Swara : no mom. ..it doesn’t like that…Sanskar didn’t told me about this…I am just concerned…
Sujata : thik hai thik hai….

After dinner all the family members sitting in the hall talking about different stuff
Ap : swara go you should also take dinner…
Swara : no badi ma it’s ok I will eat with Sanskar….
Ap : ok…waise did you clean the silver utensils…
Swara : yes badi maa I kep…..
She gets shocked seeing Sanskar standing on the entrance with bandage on his head and left Palm….
Swara : (shocked and run towards Sanskar ) Sanskarrrrrr……..(hold his face and caresses ) what happened how did you get hurt….
Meanwhile all maheshwari family gathers on the entrance….
Sujata: (while holding sanskar hand ) chhore ke hua…how did you get these wounds….
Sanskar : mom relax nothing has happened to me…actually my car dashed with tree so I got these scratches….I am fine…anyway today I am going to London so please let me go I need to pack lots of stuff….
Swara :(panic ) what…..your car dash with tree…are you blind…where is your mind while driving and what kuchh nhi hua…see you are really hurt and you are not going to London….
Sujata: first time she is talking right…you are not going anywhere…chl aaram kr….
Sanskar : mom please try to understand it’s really important and I am fine….
Sujata : na chhore I will not listen to you…
Sanskar : mom apko meri kasam…
Sujata : re chhora are you mad..what is this kasam kasam….(after some time ) ok you wanted to go so go but I will also come….
Sanskar: mom it doesn’t necessary…please and you are afraid of flights na so how will you manage…
Swara : ok so I will come….
Sanskar : (little rudely ) iski jaarurat nhi hai…..
Swara : but…..(interrupted )
Sanskar: I think I should go it’s already 10:30…need to pack lots of things….
Saying this he left for his room and Maheshwari family also went to their respective rooms…
Sanskar is packing his bags…meanwhile swara enters…..
Swara(teary eyes)(while holding his hand) Sanskar please talk to me once ..you didn’t tell me about your London trip I wanted to be with you….
Sanskar (little angry and teary eyes ) it doesn’t needed…I think it’s better for you to stay here….
Swara : Sanskar are you still angry…
Sanskar (in mind ) yes swara I am angry from you….you didn’t tell me about your and laksh reunion and you are calling me your best friend…best friends share everything but you didn’t tell me this much big thing…
Swara : (shakes him ) Sanskar what are you thinking…tell na are you still angry…
Sanskar ( while releasing his hand ) nhi vo…vo.. I need to do lots of packing so please leave me alone….
Swara: but sans….
Sanskar (loudly) swara I said leave me alone…
He drags her out of the room
And slam the door on her teary face…
Inside Sanskar sit with the door and cries hard…whereas outside swara also side with the support of door and cries….
Both remembers their old and golden moments…
Pyaar humko bhi hai
Pyaar tumko bhi hai
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye
Bewafa hum nahin
Bewafa tum nahin
To kyoon itne gile ho gaye
Chalte chalte kaise
Yeh faasle ho gaye
Kya pata kahan hum chale
After some time Sanskar came out with his luggage and went towards hall to greet every one…He takes every ones blessing but doesn’t meet with swara and while leaving he took a glance of swara and this leads to a little eyelock filled with pain anger and sadness…..and he left…
Pyaar humko bhi hai
Pyaar tumko bhi hai
To yeh kya silsile ho gaye
Bewafa hum nahin
Bewafa tum nahin
To kyoon itne gile ho gaye
Chalte chalte kaise
Yeh faasle ho gaye
Hm hm hm ho kya
Pata kahan hum chale..
It’s been a week sanskar left for London and in India swara never smiles every time she remembers moments with Sanskar….On the other hand Sanskar ‘s situation is also same but he tried to keep himself busy in office work….He doesn’t call swara and whenever swara call him he makes some excuses and cuts the call….
One day swara is setting the bed and she found an envelope on the back side of bed…
Swara : yeh envelope…I think Sanskar ka hoga….
She pick the paper and read his name on the envelope…
Swara: mere liye hai….what’s in this….
After opening the envelope she get shocked….
So what is there in the envelope???


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Credit to: Neha

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