Swasan SS “I love uuu” Part 4


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Sanskar is sitting thinking about the recent incidents that happened in his life and tears are brimming from his eyes…He is in deep thought and his chain of thoughts interrupted by the knock on the door….
Sanskar : (composing himself ) coming….
Laksh enters in the cabin
Laksh : bhai are you free…need to talk to you…
Sanskar : ha lucky tell what happened…come sit
Laksh : vo…bhai….don’t know from where to start…I didn’t get any words to speak…
Sanskar: luckyyyy….tell na you are my brother..and you can freely talk to me….
Laksh : bhai…is there any rift between you and swara…..
Hearing swara’s name Sanskar gets sad but soon he composed himself….
Sanskar : n….nh…nhi toh …every thing is alright….
Laksh : (stands and turn his face and pretends to cry ) I know bhai..you are sad because swara is coming back in my life….but bhai she loves me and I also loves him a lot….what to do bhai we can not live without each other….(turn towards Sanskar and hold his shoulders ) but bhai you know na vo tujhe apna best friend manti hai…she thinks that you are his best friend….so please bhai don’t get angry towards her….otherwise she is not able to accept me fully (with fake tears ) please bhai don’t get angry…..
In all this Sanskar was just standing with shock expression and tears were continuously flowing from his eyes…He is shattered….
Laksh : bhai I hope that you will think about what I said….chalta hu…I have a meeting…
As soon as laksh left the cabin…Sanskar sits on the ground with thud and cries miserably….
All the members of office are sitting in the conference hall and discussing about their London project but Sanskar is in some other world and looks very sad and exhausted…while discussing…
Do: what about you sanskar on this topic…
But Sanskar is in his world…
Sanskar (coming out of his world ) Ji….ji…bade papa..what happened…
Dp : I am asking what is your opinion on sending laksh to London for project….
Sanskar : j…ji…bade papa as you say….
Dp : Sanskar beta are you fine…you look tired go And take rest…
Sanskar: no bade papa I am okkk…
Rp: chhore bhaisa is right go and take rest…
Sanskar: ji…and he left the cabin…
In cabin Sanskar is resting meanwhile laksh enter
Laksh : bhai may I come in…
Sanskar: yeah lucky come…kuchh kaam tha…
Laksh : bhai actually rather than me can you go to London?
Sanskar : what happened lucky….
Laksh : bhai vo …. Actually you know swara is accepting me…so I just wanted to spend some time with her…and if I go to London so it’s not possible for me….
Sanskar : ooo…ok laksh tell bade papa that I am going…
Laksh : thank you bhai…you are really great…thanks mein abhi jata hu…
Saying this he left the cabin…
Sanskar : (while crying ) I think laksh is right…I should go away from their lives…I think I should leave permanently from there lives…
He thinks something and after a while he wipes of his tears and make determined face and calls someone…..
After the call he left his office and drives towards Maheshwari mansion….
While driving all the moments with swara are revolving around his mind…He is driving recklessly and engage in his world of memory…tears are brimming from his eyes…the cheerful and positive Sanskar is lost somewhere…it seems that there is no hope of living…if god come to him to take him away he would easily accept his death…because now he doesn’t have happiness and without happiness one cannot live and his happiness is his SWARA….no no not his laksh’s swara…ya now swara is not his anymore officially she is swara Sanskar Maheshwari but by heart she belongs to lucky whom she loves the most….
All these thoughts are engulfing him and suddenly a truck came from opposite side and…..DASHHHHH……
Thank you friends for reading this and please comment otherwise I won’t write further and if it is not upto the mark then please criticised but comment….
With love

Credit to: Neha

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