Swasan SS “I love uuu” Part 11

Hello friends neha here with the next part of Swasan ss I love uuu..thanks for the love that you all shower me through your comments…
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The episode starts form where it ends
Sanskar (lovingly ) please swara not now…today you have to give me all answers…..(turn her towards him and hold her shoulder ) why swara….why are you affected by my closeness with someone else…when she is drooling over me why are you getting jealous then….kyu swara…kyuuu..
Swara (shouts and teary eyed) because I love uuu Sanskar Maheshwari….I love uuu…
Hearing this Sanskar happiness has no boundaries…tears of happiness were brimming from his eyes…With choked voice…
Sanskar (lovingly held his face with both hands ) swara please say it again that you really love me…please swara ek baar aur keh do..say it again…
Swara (choked voice ) yes Sanskar I love you…I really love you…but it seems that now you don’t love me…(smiles faintly ) and it’s not your fault…it’s my fate…it seems that god is not happy to see me with my love….
She removes his hand from her face and about to go but Sanskar hugs her tightly….
Sanskar (while hugging her crying) no swara I really love you please don’t leave me again I will die…you are my life swara don’t leave please…
Hearing all this swara also hugs him tight and both said in unison and smiles in tears
Swasan : I LOVE UUU
And broke the hug..

To lighten the mood Sanskar said…
Sanskar : chalo it’s good you confess your love otherwise I have to do the act of romance with lots of actress…
Swara : (unknowingly ) hmmm… (then suddenly realize ) one minute…what did you said acting…actresses…(suddenly ) (in anger ) youuuuu…Sanskar……
Seeing swara in anger Sanskar runs inside the whole cabin and swara runs behind him to catch him…
Swara (in anger ) Sanskar…ruko today I will not leave you…you cheater…mujhe chida rhe the…ruko..
Sanskar: (while running) no swara…agr tumhare haath aa gya toh bachuga nhi…
Suddenly swara sits on floor and shouts..
Swara : aaahhh Sanskar…my leg…
Hearing swara shouts Sanskar gets panic and comes to him..
Sanskar (panics ) swara you okk..what happened come get and dekh kr nhi bhag skti thi…(hold his shoulder and makes her stand and moves towards sofa ) chlo..
Swara grabbing the opportunity she beats him playfully and scolds him..
Swara (beats him playfully ) you…mujhe tease kroge…you are flirting with that girl ha…
Sanskar: (trying to defend himself) acchha baba…sorry please forgive me…
Swara : no you deserve this..Huuuh…And starts to beat him on his chest..suddenly Sanskar hold her both hands and look at her in romantic way and said
Sanskar : achha so who is making me jealous with sahil….woh kaun tha…??
Hearing this swara immediately turns around and bites her tongue and whispers to herself but Sanskar also hears this…
Swara : (whispers ) he knows everything…
Sanskar (turns her towards him and seeing Sanskar she bows her head down ) I know everything…you know that time I feel exactly what you are feeling standing outside the cabin..
Swara : (guilt ) Sanskar I am really sorry…I..
But Sanskar keep his finger on her lips

Sanskar : (romantically ) sshhh…kitna bologi tum..
Now no sorry and nothing…now everything is sorted out between us (and caresses swara’s cheek with his fingers and started to lean towards her lips. Seen Sanskar coming close she close her eyes some seconds his rough lips are on her sweet lips….firstly the kiss was slow and passionate…he is kissing her smoothly and swara also responding… As the time increases the kiss becomes passionate…they started showing their love and passion…his both hand is on her waist pulling her close and her one hand is on his chest holding her shirt tightly and other one is on his head pulling him closer…He bites her lower lip to which she gasp and grabbing the opportunity he entered into her mouth…but after sometime they parted and stare each other while swara blush…their eyelock break by the knock on the door…they both made themselves presentable and..
Sanskar: coming
Sahil enters
Sahil : swara are you alright..

Sanskar : (while putting his hand around swara’s shoulders ) now everything is alright sahil…
Sahil (shocked but happy ) it means you both confess your love with each other (hug both of them ) I am very happy for both of you…
Swara (teary eyed ) sahil thank you..no one can do whatever you did for me…thank you so much..you are really a true friend
Sahil : shona whatever I did just for the sake of friendship..you are my friend and I can do anything for you so (wipes her tears) don’t cry and stay happy because smile looks good on your face..(to Sanskar seriously ) Sanskar never ever try to hurt her (playfully and keeps hand on swara’s shoulders ) because I am still single…
Hearing this Sanskar gets scared and immediately goes near them
Sanskar (fake smile ) no no sahil I love my swara more than anything and remove his hand from her shoulder and seperate them..
Sahil: (playfully) jealous haa..
And trio burst out in laugh
Episode ends


So friends written chapter and now please give your view and first time I am writing this romantic type stuff so I know I am not good in all these things so please forgive and do commenting and ha criticism is always welcome wholeheartedly..
With love

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