Hi guys, so as promised I come up with the special episode n many of u praised the proposal style…thank u for that n that proposal too has it’s own story which is indeed funny n I will tell u about that after chapter…

Disclaimer- plz keep ur sandals near u coz after chapter u will really need it..???

Swara n sanskaar were very happy…they came home hand in hand smiling n looking in each others eyes…they were lost in each other…their love can be seen perfectly in their eyes….
The whole family was happy with the reunion of these love birds…everyone hugged swara as sometime before they thought they will never see swara again….
Now raglak n swasan r sitting in raglak room..
Ragini-(crying) Di u know I was so scared …why u never let me know about how much u hv to bear to fulfill my demands…(turning to laksh) u know laksh when I was fifteen…I wanted a new bag coz my friends had it ,but Di told me that she will buy later but I was so stubborn that I started to cry n I refused to eat….then at the same evening when Di came home she was having bandage on hands and scratches on her head….n her foot was bleeding n she had my new bag in her hands and a smile on her face…n when I asked her about wounds..she said that its just small accident….but when I read her diary then I got to know ki that day She worked as vendor whole day. ..she sold flowers on signal..n in this all some cruel(making disgust face) people raise the window knowing that Her hand was inside the car n in this process her hand was cut but still she collected the money n proceed to home…u know she came walking to home… she walked 5 kilometers bare foot only to save money n she bought my bag….
Sanlak r teary eyed seeing swara’s love…they r proud of swara…they r havin proud on her bravery….today also she was going to spoil her life for someone else.. . sanskaar was overwhelmed by swara’s nature..he was feeling blessed to have swara in her life…..
In all this swara noticed the environment becoming emotional between these 4 so she thought to lighten it..(bechari swara aasuo ki tanki ke beech aake phase gayi???. Every time she only have to lighten the moment..)
Swara-(wiping her tears) OK OK now wipe ur tears….or else these brothers will drown in the river of our tears….(wid little attitude ) then m not going to save them…
Sans- (murmmered) pagal is back…
Swara-(fake anger) sun liya Maine…
Laksh-(interrupting) OK OK …now listen to me (looking towards ragini) we have decided something….
Sans- what??
Laksh- that u will get to know once u will enter in ur room..so u stay here n when I will msg u just come to ur room n we are taking Bhabhi wid us…
Sans- areyyyyyy
N before he could say anything raglak dragged swara from there…n sanskaar was standing their making faces…
After sometime he got msg from laksh..n as soon as he got message he ran as fast as he can to his room.(impatient sanku…???)
As soon as he got in his room he was surprised to see the room full decorated n swara sitting on bed with a viel covering her face…it was just like their first night after wedding….
Sanskaar slowly went towards her…n sat beside her n said..
Sanskaar – swara I know u must be nervous..but I really wanna tell u something..but before that..(he start leaning towards her n closed his eyes n they were just inches apart when suddenly they heard a scream….
“Sanskaar stop”
Sanskaar turned to the direction of voice n shocked to see the person..
Yeah it was swara..
Swara n ragini were standing near the washroom door..
Sans- (shocked) if u r here then who is sitting on bed?????
Sanskaar went near the person and in fear remove the viel n was shocked to see the person..
Sanskaar- (shocked and scared) LUCKY.!!!!!(so how was the bride????)
Sanskaar- lucky tu yaha kya kar raha hai???(lucky what r u doing here)???
Laksh was continuously staring sanskaar in horror …???
He just pulled up his lehanga(yup he was wearing lehnga) and ran as fast as he can and hid behind ragini who was standing with swara near washroom..(think of scene guys coz m thinking of it n laughing..???)
Swara(controlling her laugh)- sans…sanskaar actually it was all lucky’s plan…he wanted to pull ur leg.. that’s why he took my place..but what u were going to do with him..???
Lucky- (scared n talking from ragini’s back)-ha bhai! Hum toh yaha aapki taang(leg) khichne aaye the…aapne toh meri izzat hi kheech li…(yes bhai we came here to pull ur leg but u..u r only pulling my virginity)(turning to swaragini) (crying face) u know Bhabhi..he was about to kiss me..n rago thank god u came at right time or else ur lucku would not be able to face u..(saying this he kept his head on her shoulder..)
Ragini-(patting his head) aww mela baby…don’t worry everything is fine…
Whether swasan were looking at duo amazingly or u can say shockingly???
Sanskaar- ( fake anger) oye! Lucku puku…u have enjoyed ur suhaagraat many times n when it comes my turn…u all r leaving not a single chance to spoil it…
Raglak were looking at him smirkingly whether swara was giving him angry glare..
Swara- sanskaar..???
Sanskaar- (realising wat he said) sorry???
(Turning to raglak) n u both…u r done with ur pranks! Right? So come on go to ur room n enjoy n let me also enjoy(pushing them out of door) bye n no need to wake up early…n lucky please change ur dress coz its really weird(making face ?? ) to see u like this..apni nahi meri izzat ka khyal rakh..
(Saying this he finally pushed them out and closed the door and turned n look at swara naughtily….
He moved closer to swara…swara was going backward n at the point of time she hit the bed n fall on bed….sanskaar was coming closer to swara n swara was becoming nervous…in nervousness swara closed her eyes n sanskaar started to lean towards her
when suddenly
Beshram tittle song start to play.
Paida nanga huaa to
Kaahe ki kaahe ki sharam
Maai baap naa hi
Naa koi dharma
Be is for Beimaan
Sha is for Shaitaan
Rum pee ke jeete hum

Swasan jerks from their position..n started to find the source of sound ..after lot of search they found a mobile n saw that its alarm is ringing….
Sans- arey yaar whose mobile is this???
Swara- how do I know??
Suddenly they heard a knocking sound…sans opened the door n found ram standing on door..
Sans- arey papa…u here..at this time??
Ram- ha sanskaar..WO..I think my mobile is in ur room…
Sanskaar shows him mobile n asked Amazed
” is this ur mobile?”??
Ram-yes! But why?
Sanskaar-(suspiciously) that tone??
Ram- (smiling sheepishly) WO actually ur mother likes it n says that it suits me perfectly..??
(Guys plz let me laugh first coz I can’t control more
Sanskaar- oh it means ur besharam..??
Ram- WHAT????
Sanskaar-(realised n panickly) no no nothing …good night papa…(n he closed his door as fast as he can)
Ram- (smiling on his sons antics) pagal so impatient he is…aakhir beta kiska hai..(suddenly realized abot sujju) chal beta ram jaldi chal..nahi toh woh purana radio (sujju) mujhe kha jaayegi…
Sanskaar- ufff…Bach gaya..(turning to swara) so Mrs maheshwari…let’s do the remaining work..
Swara blushed…
Sans again leaned to swara..swara again closed her eyes..n…
Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar
Hookah bar
Tera pyaar pyaar pyaar
Hookah bar…
Again swasan jerked n agn started to find the source of sound n again got the mobile…before sans could say anything they agn heard a knocking sound.. N sans opened the door n found dp on door..
Dp- sanskaar I think my mobile is in ur room…
Now sanskaar was shocked like hell but to confirm his doubt he showed the mobile to dp n asked whether it is his mobile n dp agreed now sanskaar’s shock level was out of imaginary level…he was looking at dp then mobile then again dp with wide eyes..???
Sans-(with wide eyes) badepapa is this ur mobile..??
Dp- ha sanskaar but why r u asking.
Sanskaar- that tone..??
Dp- (smiling shyly) haa WO..WO ur badimaa likes it na so I kept it???
Sanskaar-(monologue n shocked) oh god sanskaar… Yaar they r too far then me in these matters….. Shame on u sanskaar ….lekin yaar 3 ghante practice Maine ki or result papa or badepapa ke kamre me nikal RHA hai .. Tera pyaar hookah baar wah bade papa……..???
Dp- what happened sanskaar?
Sans- kuch nhi bade papa..gud night..
N he closed the door…he again turned to swara..swara again became shy…n sans again leaned to her but stopped in middle…n said..
Sanskasr- swara..I wanna say u something…
Swara- yes sanskaar!
Sans- wo..
N before he could say anything..
(Guys can u guess)
Phoolon ka taaron ka
Sabka kehna hai..
Ek hazaaron mein meri
Behna hai..
Now this was it for sanskaar…he was finding the source madly….after all who would like this song on his first night…finally he found the source n was about to slam the mobile on floor but he heard a knocking sound.. N this time it was uttara….
Sanskaar angrily opened the door ….placed mobile phone on uttara’s palm n said in dangerous voice..
Why u all are eager to make ur Bhabhi, my sister
Saying this he shut the door n turn around n took a long deep breath..
Sanskaar-(taking long deep breath) relax sanskaar(looking upward) bhawan Ji mere bacche is duniya me aa bhi payenge ki nahi..??
Swara was giggling hearing his talk…
Sanskaar again proceed to his work…
He was again leaning to swara but stopped in middle…n when he did not heard anything he again leaned to her but …..u know..
Bhow..bhow bhow bhow
(This time kuch alag???)
By this sudden sound of barking of dog both swasan climbed the bed in fear…
Swasan-(scared n jumping on bed)- bacchao,bacchao..
After sometime they realized it is not real so they again started to search the source of sound after 5 mins they found a mobile which was ringing n callers name was ragini…
They again heard the knocking sound of door and opened it n found raglak standing there….
Laksh- bhai hv u seen my cell phone??
Sanskaar angrily showed him the mobile phone…n as soon as laksh saw it he grabbed it..
Swasan together(angrily) why the hell u put this ringtone?????
Laksh-(smiling sheepishly n scratching his head) ya …wo..actually ragini loves dog therefore…
Sanskaar-(murmmered) tabhi toh sochu tujhe kyun pasand kiya…(that’s why she choosed u)
Swara who was beside sanskaar heard it and gave him angry glare n in return sanskaar gave her ” m-sorry” look…
Sanskaar- laksh I know this all is done by u only ???
Now get out of my room plzzzz..???
Laksh-(teasingly) ohoo Bhabhi ke saath time bitane ki itni jaldi??(oho so much impatience to spent time with bhabhi)
Sans-(fake anger) LAKSH!!!???
Laksh ran from there as soon as possible n sanskaar again locked the door and again turned to swara with naughty smile…
Sanskar leaned to swara again…
Swara-(huskily) sanskaarrrrr
Sans-(in same voice) swaraaaa
Swara-(screaming) cockroach!!!???
Sans- what ttt?????
Swara- (scared n fumbles) cockroach… Under….bed. .behind….u???
Sanskaar-(now scared too) cockroach???where….(he too jumped on bed)
As swasan were jumping on bed by the fear of cockroach??? as a result the bed broke n now both are on floor n holding their waist….(in pain guys)
Sanskaar- (frustated)what the hell…my first night with my wife got spoiled…n now this bed also..
Swara-(calming him down) hey don’t worry sanskaar…well we can sleep on floor also…just wait n watch..
N she arranged the mattress on floor..
Swara- see..???
Sanskaar-(naughtily) ohooo Mrs maheshwari..u r too smart…well m thinking why not to do our incomplete work here also…
N before swara could say anything he placed his lips on her n they AHEM AHEM..
( oye u guys r underage…focus on ur studies???)

(I hope u haven’t seen this type of first night ever…hahahaha)
So this was the surprise…
No need for clapping….. I don’t like publicity..???
OK guys so bye n miss u all guys…
N yup I wanna dedicate it to my brother like figure ABHILASH coz this is his concept of love..
N ya about story of proposal..
Actually one of my friend wanted to propose a girl..so I gave him this idea n that poem was written that day only n he really proposed her with plate of pani puri …but that girl first asked him bout the poem n he immediately gave her n after taking the poem she said..” Thank u BHAIYA”???

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