Hi guys….sorry for late and here goes the 2nd last chappy of I Love u enough to let u go…

Sanskaar fell on his knees crying…his every moment spent with her…he was crying hardly…
Everyone was just shock as what had happened just in few minutes( when sans ws talking mf told him to put on speaker)
When suddenly laksh phone rang And laksh received it all lost..
Laksh-hello!….BHABHI!!!!.( everyone looked towards him in shock and happiness).(as soon as sanskaar heard swara’s name he ran to laksh)…. Where r u…..bhai..bhai is in front of him (turning to sanskaar)…ya..ya Bhabhi m giving my phone to him ……(laksh gave phone to sanskaar and sanskaar almost snatched his phone)
Sanskaar-(still in tears but of happiness) sw..swara ….swara where r u…are u fine,??? (Now concerned more and panicky) are u okay na??? Don’t u get hurt naa??no..no ..u..u tell me where r u? M coming there!!!
Swara-areyyyyyyy…let me speak also …. n m sorry..actually I thought that breaks are failed but in actual I was not pressing brake..I was pressing acceleter only and thought that car is not stopping but when accidentally I applied brake then I realised my mistake…(smiled sheepishly) m chorryyyyyyy(innocently) ….
Sanskaar-(now angry) what?? Jaan nikal Di thi tumne..(we were dead coz of u)
Swara- chorry!! Accha listen na my car has broke down..n m lost also…
Sanskaar(now more worried and shocked)(running to his car) I know that u r lost…so listen to me …be in car..don’t u DARE to get out of car me n lucky are coming..n keep talking to me….don’t cut the call…did u get that..(to lucky) lucky chal(lucky let’s go)
Laksh nods..and they both went from there to swara..in the whole way sanskaar kept talking to Swara and was becoming more worried and he was driving as fast as he can…and on other side laksh was smiling continuously which was noticed by sanskaar and he asked laksh in action as what happened and laksh just shook his head in negative… Soon sanlak reached to destination… And as soon as sanskaar reached there he get out of car and ran to swara And engulfed her into a bone crushing hug which was clearly reflecting his tension,his worriedness, his LOVE…
Swara- sanskaar m choking (swara said breaking sanskaar’s trance)
Sanskaar-(breaking hug hesitantly) m sorry… (Now he remembered something and glared at swara)
Swara became scared and asked laksh who was standing by her side …
Swara-(lil scared) laksh why ur brother is seeing me with so much of love…
Laksh-bhabhi have u heard about maa kaali..?
Swara-ha! But why..?
Laksh- coz now u will see baap Kali!???
Swara- what???
Laksh -wait n watch…
Sanskar-(interrupting) will u both plz stop ur so called ‘sweet devar Bhabhi’ session..(turning to swara) and u….I told u na to come with us but no , u wanted us to enjoy our Romance …what if today something would happened to u…hv u ever thought what would happen to me…no..why would u think ….u r really insane..(now sanskaar was breathing heavily)
Swara-(looking to him wierdly) done?
Sanskaar nods
Swara gave him the bottle of water…he drank it in one go…
Sanskaar was again going to stop but swara shouted…
Swara- (shout) ENOUGH! ENOUGH sanskaar
Both sanskar and laksha were shocked by this sudden action of swara.
Swara- SANSKAR bhook lagi hai (innocently)
Both sanlak were looking at her amazingly or u can say shockingly.( lol???)
Sanskaar- u r IMPOSSIBLE..??
Swara- he he that’s why m swara sanskaar maheshwari..
Saying this she laughed and lucky and sanskaar also joined her…
And they depart fro there…
Soon they reached to farm house n everyone was relieved seeing swara fine and hugged swara..
Now it was night
Swara was sitting in her room and was about to
Write in her diary but ragini called her so she went from there keeping her diary on bed….
Meanwhile on the other side sanlak was hanging with each other
Laksh- bhai! Why were u so worried when u got to know that bhabi’s car brakes are fail n she is driving alone on that road….
Sans- what do u mean by that?
Laksh- (casually) I just want to say that…see …don’t take me wrong…but u don’t love her na…even u don’t care about her…I know bhai u love kavita..
Sanskar- (looks at him shockingly) LAKSH!
Laksh – don’t be shock bhai..I know everything..n how cheap that swara is…after knowing also that u love kavita..she is at ur back…how shameless….
Before he could say anything he got a tight slap across his face and this time it was sanskaar..(bechara laksh..???)
Laksh- bhai why u slapped me ? For that lady!!
Sanskaar- just shut up laksh! Not a word against MY swara…how can u even say that…she is ur Bhabhi ….
Laksh- but bhai she has snatched ur love…how can u forgive her…
Sans- enough laksh! Sha has not done anything…even she is trying to make me and kavita married.. She is so innocent…as pure as ganga, as precious as diamond(he was saying it dreamingly)
Laksh-(looking at his dreaming face and smiling) so it means u love her….
Sanskaar-(dreamingly) hmmmm..(coming back into his senses) huh..what…no..
Laksh -(interrupting) DONT U DARE TO SAY NO….arey yaar aap dono ke chhakar me Maine apne dono gaalo ki band bajwa di..or aap ho ki..forget it…n plz bhai try to understand u love only Bhabhi n that is evident in ur eyes…(sans was looking at laksh confusingly)OK u tell me…if there is room which has caught fire n both kavita and Bhabhi are there in the room…to whom will u save??
Sanskar-(immediately) SWARA.
Laksh- sooooooo…….
Sanskar- (realised and happy) it means…I LOVE SWARA…???
How stupid I m ….she was with me from such a long time and me stupid, me fool, me…me..
Laksh-(interrupting) OK..OK stop praising urself …n go to Bhabhi…
Sanskaar- ya..ya m going to swara..I will tell her that how much I love her….. I will tell her…thank u bhai..thank u so much..
Saying this he kissed on laksh’s cheek and ran from there whereas laksh was shocked..???
Laksh-(shocked ) oh god what happened to me!???.
Ab main ragini ko kya muh dikhaunga…Kaise bataaunga use ki uske pati ke khud ke bhai ne uski izzat loot li..???????
Sanskaar happily went to swara’s room but there was no one in room..he was about to go from there but he spotted a diary on her bed so he took it and started to read it….it was swara’s diary…
He read everything…n was shocked, broken, full of guilt reading this…tears were continuously flowing from his eyes..he was not able to stop them…
Sanskaar-(teary eyed) why? Why she did this..she was always in pain ….but never try to tell me also…why u did this swara..why u love me so much…I don’t deserve this much of ur love but I promise now nothing can harm u…I will always be there for u by ur side and will never leave ur hand…Tommorow I will tell u that how much I love u…yes I have totally fallen for u Mrs.swara sanskaar maheshwari.. I hv fallen for u!
Suddenly someone called sanskaar from outside and he went from there wiping his tears and keeping that diary back to its place…
Everyone was talking when suddenly ragini came there with a guitar…
Ragini- maa ,Chachi Ji u know Di sings soooooo good..
AP- really..then we should surely listen it…what say sujata…
Sujju- haa jiji mahaare ko bhi gaana sunna bada chokha laage hai….manne bhi sunna hai..(yes jiji I also love to hear songs..I also wanna hear it)
Everyone were convincing swara but she was denying first but later on she accepted.
She held the guitar and sat on bench made by rock over there..she started to sing
By that time sanskaar also came there
Haa…ha ha ha
Hoo….ho ho ho
Main jaan ye vaar du
Har jeet bhi haar du
Kimat ho koi tujhe
Beintehaa pyaar du
She remember thier silly fights

Saari hadein meri..
Ab Maine tod Di..
Dekar mujhe pataa…
Awargi ban gaye..
Haa has I ban gaye..
Haa nami ban gaye..
Tum mere aasman..
Meri zameen ban gaye..
Kya khub ran ne kiya..
Bin mange itna diya ..
Varna hai milta kaha..
Him kaafeeron ko khuda..
Hasrate Ab meri
Tumse hai jaa mili
Tum dua meri
Aakhri ban gaye…
Haa hasi ban……
She was teary eyed and everyone was clapping for her whereas sanskaar was astonished by her voice and just wanted to hug her instantly but controlled himself as he has planned something else 4 her..
Next day everyone came home and swara requested the family members to convince kavsan to go out and spend some time together..(now sanskaar knows that family members know about this)and before sanskaar could say anything kavita dragged him outside and other side at MF….
Swara was coming downstairs with her bags…everyone was shocked seeing her like this with bag…raglak were not present at home.
DP- swara beta what is this..??
Swara- actually badepapa I hv got a job opportunity in California so m going..
DP- but swara what’s the need…u r our daughter..then why r u leaving us..
Swara- bade papa actually…I hv another reason also..
AP- what beta?
Swara- badi maa if I will stay here..then sanskaar and kavita will not be able to start their new life..that is why….
AP- but beta what’s the need to go to California..u can do the job here also..
Swara- I know badi maa…but I don’t want that kavita or sanskaar ever in their lifetime see me and feel guilty…..and don’t worry ma(going g to her back and putting her hands around her neck)( badi daring bandi hai…saas Ke kandhe par haath rakh rahi hai.???)
U know na ur daughter is very smart…so don’t take my tension …n (coming in front of her ) badi maa I want a favour from u..
AP- ha beta
Swara- badi don’t tell this all to ragini…
Dp- (putting his hand on her head) swara, thank u so much for doing this much for my son ….
Swara- bade papa…bad manners…there is no thank u and no sorry in …in..wait..ha..in baap beti ka rishta(father daughter relationship)…and waise bhi I will come every year to meet u all so no Rona dhona ….varna main yahi dub jaaungi…n ya aap log ko na bohot acche se kavita and sanskaar ki shaadi karwaani hai OK.!..(no crying or else i will drown here only and u guys plz..make kavsan married grandly)
Everyone was happy seeing swara smile and swara also bid them good bye and left for airport..

Uffff done with second last part and guys thank u for wishes…coz of ur wishes my result has been postponed to 30 may….n m very happy..m going to be mad by happiness and sorry for boring chappy…actually jab result aane wala hota hai toh humour bhi naani ke yaha chala jaata hai???
Thank u for bearing me..n next chapter will be last chapter of this ss..

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