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Time passed like this and kavita was becoming good in front of everyone,her every mistake was covered by swara which was not gone unnoticed by sanskaar…and day by day he was unknowingly falling for swara but has a mindset that he loves kavita that’s why he was not realising his love for swara….
One day when men’s were not at home as they went to office…swara found it to be great opportunity to talk to women’s about kavsan marriage so she gathered everyone in the hall except ragini…coz she knew that ragini is very sensitive about her…..so they send ragini out.
Everyone came to hall including lucky coz he did not went to office and doing work from home..
Ap- yes swara! Tell us why u call all of us here…
Swara- WO ma I wanna tell u something..
Sujju- ha chori bol..(yes say)
Swara- mom actually I wanna talk about sanskaar and kavita..
All were confused as what swara wants to say…
Ap- about kavita and sanskaar?????
Swara- yes maa actually (she tells everyone about kavsan and everything except her plan)
All were now shocked…suddenly environment become silent but was broked by lucky….
Lucky- (angry actually concern towards his Bhabhi) what are u saying bhabhi ???? Hv u thought what will be ur life after that….no naa….
Swara-but lucky suppose even if we will agree to live in this relationship what will be use if we will never be able to love each other….sure we can be friends but for how long….at the particular phase of life sanskaar will need the support of wife….just think will I ever be able to fulfill it ..no naa…and at some particular phase of life I also need the support of husband… Then ….have u ever thought…. There is no value of relationship which do not hv trust and LOVE….
Lucky-(smiles sadly) it means u don’t love bhai..
Swara- (avoiding eye contact and looking down) no!
Lucky observes that swara avoiding eye contact and he also saw her eyes welling up
Lucky-oh! So it means ur care..ur protectiveness..ur friendship ….everything was fake..right..
Swara(looked to him in jerk) what are u saying lucky…nothing was fake.. (By now her eyes are welled up by tears)
Lucky- (now more loudly) u don’t love him…right ..it means today if he dies also….
(Before he could say further he got a tight slap….and slapping hand was of none other than swara)
Now everybody are more shocked that the girl who was sometimes before saying that she doesn’t loves sanskaar is now slapping her most fav person for sanskaar…
(jis speed se main inko shock se rahi hu us speed se toh 4 din baad inka ye log mental hospital me liye prasthaan(depart) kar rage h..u all r cordially invited for seeing them off ???)
Swara- don’t u dare lucky how can u say this….he is ur brother dammit..
Lucky-(smiling crookedly)?? ha toh he is my brother naa…I can say anything to him why is it bothering u…u toh don’t love him na…
Now that was it for swara…she can’t take it more…she can’t hide her love anymore…
Swara-( shouted) enough…ya it bothers me…and I love him..I love sanskaar…
Now everyone is silent and lucky was smiling winningly…
Now this time AP broke the silence
AP- then why r u living him swara???
Swara-(lost and teary eyed) coz he loves kavita…
AP- but beta no one can be more better than u..
Laksh- has Bhabhi n I know even bhai loves u….I hv seen it..
Swara- no laksh(broken and teary eyed) kaash it could be true but..but..what u hv seen is just care and concern towards a friend …..nothing else???
(Gaining some courage and to lighten the moment forcing smile) or waise bhi I know that he loves kavita and kavita also loves him…..then how can I come between them…
Laksh- n what about ur love Bhabhi..
Swara-(smiles sadly) my love..my love is not that weak..that it will decrease if I will be not with him…I will always love him…till the eternity…. Or waise bhi I LOVE HIM ENOUGH TO LET HIM GO…(she smiles sadly) n what’s the issue if I don’t get him in this birth…I will book him for next other 6 births….
But badi maa plz maan jao ….let them marry and lemme give divorce to him….ur one permission will save three lives….maa plz do think about this….and(turning to all) plz don’t tell ragini about this matter… N plz do think about it…ummm….(holding her tears) ma m going in my room need to do something important.. (She ran from there coz she can’t hold tears anymore..)
After swara left from there..
AP- no swara…u are wrong…not three..but only two lives will change for good (her eyes welled up ) coz one life will be destroyed..
Laksh- don’t worry maa she said na LOVE SOME ONE ENOUGH TO LET THEM GO…but she forgot that the full rule of love isLOVE SOME ONE ENOUGH TO LET THEM GO IF THE PERSON WILL BE IN UR DESTINY HE WILL COME BACK…..
And I promise maa I will bring that person back to her life to whom her love deserves…
Soon the day turned into evening all men’s arrived at home…AP ,sujju,and pari told their respective husbands about this…all were overwhelmed by swara’s love and were proud of swara but feeling very bad about her…only two persons were not aware of this and they were ragini and sanskaar…
All were sitting on dining table ….meanwhile swara spoke
Swara- bade papa..
Dp-haa swara
Swara- bade papa I was thinking that tommorow is sunday …u all have day off soo…so why don’t we spend some time in our farm house..enjoying.
All liked her idea and insisted DP and DP too agreed…
DP- OK we will go …but swara how suddenly u got the idea of going out…
Swara-(thinking) bade papa how to say that I want to spend my last with u all..???
Swara to DP- wo badepapa I thought that u all always busy in work ….no one has time for family(pouts) (again bubbly) that’s why I thought that we should go out…that’s it …
Dp- good thought..so tommorow we will depart from here.
All became happy .???
Next day everyone except swasan raglak and kavita.
They all moved to car raglak sat on back seat and sanskaar on driving seat,swara was about to sit beside sanskaar but kavita reached first and sat beside him..
Laksh(angry on kavita but calm voice)- kavita this is bhabhi’s seat..
Swara- (interrupting) no.no..laksh…its all right ac..actually I came here to inform u all that u guys go..I will come in other car…
Sanskaar(highly concerned)- whattt?? No u r not going alone..
Swara- (assuring) no sanskaar m not alone…driver is with me…and we have so many important thing in that car that has to be taken care…
Now sanskaar get out of car and goes to swara in fury???
Sanskaar- u r not going in that car alone…u come and sit with me….lucky will go with driver….
Swara- arey buddhu(funnily) paida hote hi Dr. Ke haath se sar ke bal gir gaye the kya???(in short-PAGAL???)
Swara- arey buddhu…m giving u people such a long and good time of romance and u…u urself wanted To ruin it…
Sanskaar- no means no…I won’t allow u to go alone…
Now seeing that sans is not allowing he she was bound to use her only one weapon..
Swara- sanskaar tumhe meri kasam.(sanskaar my swear)
Now sanskaar can’t do anything meanwhile laksh was planning something else and he told his plan to driver…and gave him something…
Sanskaar-ok but I will also come with u..
Swara- no u will not…u go saying this she forcefully pushed him in car and after so much of convincing sanskaar was ready to go but unwillingly…after that swara also went in different car…
After 2 hours
Everyone reached to destination except swara and now sanskaar was hell worried..he was pacing from one to another corner..he was continuously trying her phone but it was unreachable….and by passing time he was becoming more worried..
Sanskaar to himself- shoot yaar! I should not have

allowed her…don’t know where she is!??
(Banging his hand on wall) plz pick up the phone swara..plzzz..
He was continuously trying his phone…after lots of try her phone connected..
Sanskaar-(highly concerned) swara…swara where r u swara…its been 2 hrs now we have reached here…where r u…and give the phone to driver…I want to talk to him..what the hell that man is doing….
Swara(interrupting) -(shouts) oyeeeeeeeeee take break my chicko…kitni baar kaha h take a break….n about driver u r talking to driver only…..
Sanskaar-(confused) what do u mean?????
Swara-wo actually driver got some important work..so he left and I saw no other way so I decided to driveeee…(she said being scared) and….
Sans-(now more worried and restless) and???
Swara-(in one breath) and I forgot the way..
Sans-(now anger coz of concern) WHAT????
Swara-(slowly) sorry chicko(innocently)???
Sans-(controlling himself) OK tell me where r u?
Swara- ummm…m near that jungle Ares after highway..
Sans- OK then be there…and don’t u dare to come out of car before I come there????
Swara-(innocently)OK..( After a sec) oh god..???
Sans(worried )-what happened?
Swara-(panickly) sanskar breaks are fail..
Now sanskaar was shaking in fear
“Whaa..t..swara..pl try to stop …stop the..the car..m..m..coming..n..swara keep ur phone on…m reaching there(he talked to her while running to his car) plz. ..plz keep talking to me..(in this whole he was crying)
Swara-(more panickly) sans..sans..sanskaar m trying …but..but its not working..(crying )
Sans- (tensed but calmed himself) se..swara(tears were flowing continuously flowing from his eyes) no..nothing will happen plz..plz be brave..
And before he could say anything he heard a sound of crash on phone and swara’s voice then phone line went dead
Sanskaar- swaraaaaaaaaaaa
And phone went dead and sanskars phone fell down from his hand and fell on his knees…..

What will this lead to….
Stay tuned ….
And thank u for soon many comments ..
And sorry…actually its 3rd last part..n yesterday one was 4th last part
And guys tommorow is my result so plzzzzzz pray for me …
And thank u for overwhelming support…
And sorry for this boring one ….

Credit to: Serena

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